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Prineville motorcyclist jailed after DUII crash on Juniper Canyon Road

Juniper Canyon motorcycle crash DAVIS, ROBERT 88
Crook County Sheriff's Office/Jail
Crook County sheriff's deputies arrested Robert Davis after motorcycle crash on Juniper Canyon Road

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Prineville motorcyclist crashed into a fence after illegally passing a motorist on Juniper Canyon Road Friday night, lost consciousness for a time and was taken to the hospital, then to jail on DUII and reckless driving charges, Crook County sheriff’s deputies said.

Deputies were dispatched around 9:35 p.m. to the reported injury crash near milepost 1 on Southeast Juniper Canyon Road, Sgt. Mitch Madden said. Initial calls to 911 dispatchers said the motorcyclist was unconscious, but as deputies responded, the caller said the driver had regained consciousness and was upright and walking.

Deputies and Prineville police arrived and contacted the rider, Robert Davis, 45, who had been operating a black 2007 Kawasaki motorcycle.

Madden said an investigation found that Davis was heading south on the road when he illegally passed another southbound motorist in a no-passing zone. He then left the road and crashed into a metal fence.

Davis was wearing a helmet, Madden said, but it came off during the crash.

Davis sustained several cuts on his head and body and was taken by law enforcement to St. Charles Prineville, where he was evaluated and released. He was then taken to the county jail and held on DUII and reckless driving charges.

Crook County Fire & Rescue also assisted at the scene, the sergeant said.

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        1. I’ve said it many times before- and many of those comments were deleted by the mod as being insensitive… so here’s the deal- Juniper Canyon has more than 100 electrical poles- but none of them have lights !

          this is a major roadway to the reservoir- a tourist destination- but the City Council and Mayor see no need to put lights anywhere over a five mile stretch of steep windy road.

          Car wrecks- deer strikes- motorcycle accidents by the dozens- yet the city elders sit on their thumbs and wonder what to do with all that Facebook and Apple data center money… like Duh !!!

          This is shear negligence by the Crook County Road Department- they need to insist on better lighting out there- even for the drunks !

  1. let’s hope the loss of consciousness is from substance and not head injury, because he does not belong in jail with a head injury that rendered him unconscious

    1. Wah- Poor PiLm0 !!!

      “Barney”- what happened to my comment- “Wahhhh” !

      Try dealing with that brand of self perceived injustice for years- then get back to us ya whiny sissy !

      Poor Barney ! Has to baby sit you brats like a buncha third graders !

        1. B- If you continue to rein in “both” sides in an impartial manner- I got yer back !

          Now excuse me- I got another Jack and Coke to tend to !

          1. You’ve NEVER proven your claim I don’t treat folks equally based solely on their words and not political viewpoint. After all, you don’t and can’t see the ones I don’t allow, except for your own – and you KNOW how rare that is! Relatively few deletions result in complaints (except for the King of Complainers;-)

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