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La Pine man, 21, faces DUII, other charges in Bend Parkway rear-end crash that seriously injured 2

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(Update: Details of crash; driver facing charges)

Other crashes reported in region on rainy start to weekend

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A 21-year-old La Pine man faces drunken driving, assault and reckless endangering charges in a four-vehicle rear-end crash Friday afternoon on the Bend Parkway that sent two people to St. Charles with serious injuries, police said.

Callers informed dispatch around 3:40 p.m. of the crash that occurred in the inside (left) northbound lane of the parkway (Highway 97) near the Highway 20 “loop” onramp (Exit 135A), Lieutenant Mike Landolt said.

An investigation determined that a white van and blue Toyota 4-Runner were stopped, as traffic was backed up, Landolt said.

The third vehicle, a gray Jeep Cherokee, was slowing down, when a fourth vehicle, a black Dodge pickup truck, crashed into the Jeep, which then hit the two vehicles stopped in front of it, the lieutenant said.

The pickup driver, who sustained minor injuries, faces charges of DUII-alcohol, two counts of second-degree assault, five counts of reckless endangering and reckless driving, Landolt said.

A woman, the front-seat passenger in the Jeep, and a child who was a rear-seat passenger in that vehicle were taken to St. Charles Bend with serious injuries. The Jeep’s male driver also was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Southbound lanes were closed for close to an hour, as they were being used to get emergency vehicles to the scene, ODOT Region 4 spokeswoman Kacey Davey said. The southbound parkway reopened around 4:30 p.m. and northbound lanes were cleared an hour later.

Bend police asked anyone who witnessed the crash to contact them through the Deschutes County dispatch non-emergency number, 541-693-6911.

It was one of several crashes reported, including two in the Redmond area, as the Memorial Day weekend travel period began amid rainfall over much of the region.

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  1. The “Parkway” should be reduced to 30mph, speeding controls done by cameras every 200’. 30.01mph, maximum fine imposed. Of course the fake law and order flag waver people will oppose that because they’re hypocrites.

        1. I suppose you also want those darn kids to stay off your lawn, too. We could probably eliminate most traffic injuries by mandating a 5 MPH speed limit under penalty of death, but few people other than you would want to live in such societies. If you’re not comfortable travelling on public roads with the existing speed limits, then by all means stay off those roadways.

          1. No, I don’t care about kids in my yard at all. Your 5mph comment is typical of someone that worships the odot speed “engineering” manual though. That idiotic thing is only about a century out of date

            1. A century ago, there were 22 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles travelled in the U.S. Last year there were 1.3; a 17X reduction. Sure seems like clear evidence that the engineering experts at the Federal FHWA and Oregon ODOT know what they’re doing.

              1. And also that despite what many believe, vehicles’ safety features have saved many lives. People pass what looks like a fatal crash and at times no one even had to be transported, thank goodness. Yes, there are tragedies, but it’s harder to quantify the lives saved, the tragedies avoided or made less severe.

      1. Darn those pesky facts!

        So funny how when a roadway is designed for safe travel at 65mph people will actually drive that speed – all the while the curmudgeons shake their fists and curse.

          1. I was here when the parkway was being planned and it was built right through my (then) neighborhood. I distinctly remember being told it was designed for safe travel at 65mph. Funny that as the years have gone by that information has disappeared from the public record.

            The 45mph speed is based on the incomplete (north and south) ends.

            For the majority of it the fact remains – people comfortably drive it at a higher speed every day so there is obvious proof of the inherent design intent.

            1. I’ve lived here over 30 years. I covered the parkway debate. (And yes, I suggested a bumper sticker that read, parkway spelled backwards is yaw-krap.) It was a compromise and the design was NOT for freeway speeds – narrower lanes, etc. People drive faster than speed limits in many places.

              1. People drive faster than speed limits in all places designed by the odot “engineering” design manual. Odot people are probably too lazy or underpaid to apply modern car and behavior reality to the design. If they really had their way, we’d only have highways in Oregon with no people deer or houses.

                1. Thanks. I have no perfect memory, and dang if my years at The Bulletin and don’t “live on” online (ah, tech) or we could talk more specifics.

            2. It was most definitely not designed for 65 MPH. I was here too. ODOT specifically stated at the time that the on/offramps could not be made large enough to support greater speeds. Some people do exceed the 45 limit, but it’s not comfortable for anyone trying to merge into traffic. Those same speeders are the ones cursing about someone merging in front of them when in reality the problem is that they are driving too fast.

              1. Every ramp on the parkway exceeds the length of some of the shorter ones on I-5 in Oregon. I’ve measured them using GIS data.

              2. The southbound Hawthorne exit and entrance, southbound Truman, Northbound Reed Lane, North- and South-bound Badger Road, North- and South-bound Pinebrook; none of these have any on- or off-ramps. Not to mention the traffic light at Powers. None of these are suitable on a roadway with a 65 MPH limit. If 65 was discussed as a possibility back then, it must have been before those intersections were finalized. I’m just glad we have it as an alternative to 3rd Street; that was bad then and it would be worse now.

              1. Everyone has heard you doing that. Your cinder and brake pad dust happens to build up in our gutters and lungs also. Glad to hear you’re getting some speed benefit at the expense of Bend’s livability.

                1. The whole county has to deal with the influx of transplants. Quit crying. You’re not special, so wear a mask

    1. @non-deplorable, it was a drunk driver, possibly one of your “buddies(?) from a local brewhouse. The driver needs to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and treat drunk/impaired drivers the same as a firearm violation.

    2. @non-deplorable – You ride a bike, what do you care about highway speeds anyway? Unless you lie and actually do drive a motor vehicle. Which is it?

      1. Noise, dust, ability to cross roads, roads stopped for hours to clean up accidents, another child in the hospital maybe living off the taxpayer for the rest of their life from disabilities. I almost always ride a bike, but if I drive I do stay at or below the speed limit as speed limits are far too high in neighborhoods including yours.

        1. @non-deplorable – grab your mask, if you think it was good enough for the rest of us, it is good enough for you. If you think we believe you were “stopped for hours” due to a car crash, try pulling the other one. So, you ARE the one in the ’69 Datsun doing 40 in the left lane on the parkway.

    3. 45 is a good speed for that road. the problem is some people try to go the actual speed limit while most other drivers want to go 65-75 mph. instead of the 1 or 2 day stings they do once a year the police need to camp on that road daily until they aren’t writing any tickets on a shift. now on their stings they give out tickets as fast as they can write them, so it will probably take folks a couple months to get used to driving 45 mph on that road. then the occasional stings would help to keep the speeds down

    4. Can we have similar draconian penalties for wrong-way cyclists, cyclists who blow through signals, or don’t have lights or reflectors on their bikes, or ride e-bikes in banned areas?

    5. People don’t even go that slow in neighborhood. I wish they would, but they don’t. 45 seems reasonable for most of the parkway. I live on the North side, so I drive that part of the parkway daily. And when it gets backed up at the light by Cascade Village, it’s pretty sketchy. I always have an eye on my rear view mirror when I’m stopping there because it does sneak up on you a bit and i dont want to get rear-ended. A flashing warning light that traffic is backed up would be an inexpensive and reasonable safety measure. Can’t really ignore the fact the guy was intoxicated. Speed limits are important, but intoxication would likely be a larger factor.

    6. “An investigation determined that a white van and blue Toyota 4-Runner were stopped, as traffic was backed up, Landolt said.

      The third vehicle, a gray Jeep Cherokee, was slowing down, when a fourth vehicle, a black Dodge pickup truck, crashed into the Jeep, which then hit the two vehicles stopped in front of it, the lieutenant said.”

      You missed the part where it says the vehicles that were hit were either stopped or slowing down. Perhaps the DUII was the primary problem and not the speed? Ticketing drunk drivers for speeding after the fact is kind of pointless.

  2. After thought. 30 mph is probably best. That means drivers will only go 55 or 60 mph instead of 70 or 75 mph like now. Also need to enforce this area everyday not just when they get some sort of special grants. Ridiculous!

    1. We just can’t expect people to go that slow we need real parkway reform. If we put speed bumps every 15 feet I think thatd be the best way to save lives.

    1. Remember the group called Stop The Parkway? Third street was a backed up mess much like it is now. Maybe we need another Parkway like a double decker ? Can’t imagine Bent 25 years from now!

      1. Olefloyd… I was just thinking about that the other day. Bend is back to pre 98′ traffic on 3rd, Bend sucks… again like 25 years ago but just more suckers

  3. People are careless/ reckless. In too much of a hurry. So many times~ I have witnessed vehicles running the light (red). Just today I saw a truck run a red light (97/126, Redmond). The vehicle veered to not get hit (the one running the light making a left turn) l and almost smacked us. So much easier and SAFE to slow down ~ drive responsible and be respectful.

    1. It’s called to many people packed like sardines in a small town embrace ur central Oregon the use to say about 20yrs ago. This place has turned into a liberal dump

          1. It’s funny you mention that. It’s mostly liberal run cities that have maintained the highest livability for the longest. Even still, Portland and Seattle are two of the nicest cities in the US even after four years of antagonist tactics by the very stable genius. He was able to certainly stir them up but they still didn’t destroy themselves because of that. They’re just not as nice as they were prior to the carnage inauguration speech of 2017.

            1. Yeah everything Trumps fault again. You people are sick with this man. Not one cross word about him UNTIL Killary got her butt handed to her. Wake up

  4. How did you all know this was a speed related accident? I didn’t read anything about speed being involved. Could it be distracted driving, impaired driving, improper lane change, following too closely, medical issues? I never did find out how the lady with the kids crossed over from the northbound lanes to the southbound lanes in the head on crash a month ago.

    1. Just posted an update, driver facing DUII-alcohol, other charges. Not all details about crashes come to light, until/unless charges go to court. Some people in such crashes want privacy and there are confidentiality laws that aim to protect them.

            1. That’s because police like to drive fast. And they only do speed enforcement when politicians force them to or as a reason to stop a car that probably has some warrants in it. Speed is always a factor if someone is intoxicated or distracted. The slower you go the less likely you are to crash with the exception of extreme ice on a cross slope in a banked turn. If you’re intoxicated and sitting in a stopped car you will not crash but someone moving at any speed might hit you.

              1. I – we – try to follow the facts and leave the judgment calls, assumptions and over-generalizations to others. And when it comes to local things like injury crashes, the sensitivity line is drawn somewhat higher, since some people are apparently unable to control themselves. Friends, family and loved ones are watching comments, whether one cares, “thinks they should” or not. They deserve a modicum of restraint and, dare I say, decency.

            2. Barney, if one hits a STOPPED CAR than they were driving faster than conditions allowed. But to you is was just another auto ‘accident’

      1. Thanks for the update. At that location, at that time of the day, you really need to keep your wits about you. Having an impaired driver injecting themselves into this traffic is liable to result in bad things happening.

      2. How come we get updates, such as whether alcohol was a factor and the like…. but nobody ever comes forth and says a cell phone was the distraction? It was bad enough they passed law, but now there’s none reported by any agencies and no media asks if it was a factor. Nobody answers these questions no matter to whom their asked

        1. You presume and assume wrongly. This is not a TV show where investigations are wrapped in minutes. Ask an officer sometime why all that info isn’t released hours after a crash, crime etc. Perhaps you’d be enlightened.

  5. That’s way to risky. Instead we should just ban all motor vehicles in bend they are just to big and heavy and fast.the parkway must be a automobile free zone. Pedel powered bicycles with a max speed of 15mph is our best chance for survival. If u disagree u are just selfish

    1. It’s “too”. too risky, too big. It’s also Pedal. If you want to make the Parkway a bike lane, then pony up the fees and taxes to pay for it.

    2. We’ve done that with guns sort of. You can own one, but you’ve got some explaining to do if you use it in the city. Bend streets are basically public firing ranges for cars. Would you rather be hit by a car or bullet? At least the person responsible for the bullet would face more serious punishment

  6. When somebody shoots another person, society blames the gun. When somebody gets loaded and crashes a car, society blames the person. Interesting world we live in.

    1. Let’s see, society/the media aren’t supposed to “glorify”/name the shooter or look at what led up to it, as that inspires copycats who want attention.
      So what does that leave for those seeking answers? Talk about “sensible” (yeah like ‘common sense’ is common) regulation of the weapon used.
      Or hardening schools (so a fallible human can’t prop open a door?) or the magic two word “mental health” that is very costly, complex and cannot 100% prevent bad things – our misguided goal.
      And so it goes.

    2. Often they blame the victim of the car for being a pedestrian and not wearing a helmet! Lots of implicit bias against car crime victims. One day we’ll blame school children for not wearing armor, just wait

  7. I want to know when the developers and their backers are gonna come up with an infrastructure plan. They have all these subdivision plans, and all these clowns that back Visit Bend and the travel industry NEVER focus on these things. Bend has become 100,000 pounds of crap in a 50,000 pound bag

  8. People drink and drive in spite of the law. We should just eliminate all drinking and driving laws. Isnt that the same logic pro gun people make against gun laws?

    1. That is such a disgusting and ignorant thing to say in this current situation. How insensitive and inhumane. People lost their babies by the hands of a murdering psychopath that legally purchased 2 AR-15 firearms just after his 18th birthday, which have ZERO other purpose than to kill people. It is not a hunting rifle. It is not a self protection weapon. It is made to kill a lot of people and fast. It is objectified by chidden and marketed in video games and war movies. All of us men grew up idolizing M-16’s in my generation and these are the same, but access to these types of weapons has never been easier and the idea of killing children in school in mass murderous situations is on the rise. You are too stupid to admit we need to change and that these particular types of guns are the problem, but most of us are beyond your feeble mental capacity. We need change and compromise. It is not your right to own such a weapon. That is not covered by the 2nd amendment, and you are a weak human being to think the government is infringing on your rights, or that it won’t make a different to enact smart gun legislation. I am a gun owner and raised in a military family and we need change. Now. Your insensitive comments that are so irrelevant are proof you are a weak minded coward.

      1. You clearly have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. You need to go read Heller. Start there and get back with us

      2. Wrong, ARs are used to hunt feral hogs, coyotes, and other varmints. An AR-15, however, was not used in the Parkway crash that is the subject of this news article.

  9. Would be nice if Bend PD EVER patrolled the parkway? Unless its a drug bust you never see them but thank goodness they have a multi million dollar facility with military grade vehicles. Bend is already starting to become a $#!^hole due to lack of driving enforcement.

  10. How about we build a true bypass around town instead of a half-assed one through town? Stop with all the band-aid fixes that will cost a lot for little benefit. From the high Bridge to Lava Butte is roughly 42 miles on the east side of Bend, crossing 28 miles of BLM and USFS lands. Make it a 4-lane freeway with off-ramps for Hwy 370, Hwy 126, Alfalfa Market road, China Hat Road, and Hwy 20. It is only “comments sense” to move the freeway out of town, and after all, “if it saves even one life”. (I think I included a couple of anti-gun catchphrases in there, how about that.)

    1. Ah, the old bypass argument. Worth a revisit. First, 50-year-old state land-use laws (which voters have supported in general when asked) haven’t really allowed one for decades (i.e., sprawl) – and between in-town businesses screaming about lost customers and rural folks not wanting that traffic/highway in their back/front yards… there are reasons these things don’t usually happen. Not calling them good or bad, just … reasons.

      1. ODOT did an origin and destination survey pre-Parkway design. Turned out majority of drivers wanted to go to Bend, not around it. Settled the bypass debate.

          1. Sounds like a lot of people with money reason to not bypass Bend are making comments. When the parkway scam was going on, one of the reasons for it was to get the semis off of 3rd street. In doing so, they failed to put in an on/off ramp at greenwood for those trucks coming from or going east on 20, so you only dropped off a portion of the semis in town. Since then, both big truck stops – The Tom-Tom and Jakes – in bend went out of business, and the intersection of Greenwood and 3rd had to be completely redone to deal with the trucks trying to get on or off Greenwood. Myself, I would like not to have all the semi-trucks going through town, as would, most of them like to skip around and go past as well. I guess it is all about getting all the tourist dollars and not about the livability in Bend, unlike the claims otherwise.

    2. This, and then ram it down people’s throats and don’t give them an inch. If they vote it down, do it anyway. If they can do it with things like illegals and driver licenses we should be able in reciprocate action. Force the landowners of the other 14 acres to sell thru eminent domain, and start pioneering the road

        1. Kinda like when Oregonians voted for the Death Penalty and then we had not one but two overlords not use it on moral grounds. (Like they have morals anyway.) When is that a democracy?

    3. It makes no sense to put a 4-lane highway where hardly anyone lives. Who would use it? Long haul truckers heading from Weed to the Gorge? Portland tourists heading to Sunriver in the summer? The few folks that that commute from La Pine to Redmond? Hardly seems worth it. This area with all the traffic lights that caused the slowdown is going away soon anyway; ODOT has already bought the property to extend the limited-access roadway from the U.S. 20 intersection to Cooley.

      1. Oh, kinda like having an Interstate freeway through northeast Oregon, Southern Idaho New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and such? Those kinda place’s where hardly anyone lives?As for the traffic lights that slow things down, get rid of the Badger road intersection and the lights at LaPine as well as all the lights in Redmond and Madras, and widen the road through Terrebonne while you are at it. Narrow-minded people only see now and how it will inconvenience them to make things better for the future generations, not the future. Kinda like the Grant and Wheeler county people who stopped the road improvement and realignment in those counties, now they want the roads and no money to build them. That mentality would still have 97 as a two-lane road from Terrebonne to LaPine.

  11. number one . if your driving and your in a hurry either stop being in a hurry or stop driving . number two , people who commit vehicular assault need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law . number three , people less than 18 or over 75 should not be allowed to have a valid drivers license in oregon . number four , people like me who drive in the right lane near the speed limit are not driving slow , we are driving correctly , and we are doing every one a favor by making sure there is at least one lane for safe drivers .

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