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C. Oregon golf courses still open, with social distancing policies in place

Many have created new rules to keep members safe

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- While many outdoor recreation areas have been closed to prevent groups of people from gathering, golf courses in Oregon are allowed to remain open.

Many golf courses have implemented changes to enforce social distancing. Courses like Tetherow Golf Course are only allowing members to access the course -- no outside guests.

The golf shops are closed, but guests will be assisted by staff if they need to purchase something. Rentals are no longer provided, so you must have your own clubs. No more than one person can ride in a golf cart, unless you're from the same household.

Tetherow has kept the driving range open, but the grass mats have been spread out farther from each other.

The golf course is also asking anyone who has been outside of.the area  to self-quarantine for 14 days before coming to the course to play.

Chris Van Der Velde, the managing partner of Tetherow Resort, said Monday the changes they've made help members adhere to the governor's orders while still allowing them to be active.

"I do think that this sport, because it is outside and you're only playing with four or less, you can keep social distancing," Van Der Velde said. "I've really implored my members and my staff to really pay attention to keeping each other safe and healthy. It is a crazy time, and we're just trying to get through it like everyone else."

Tetherow Golf Course is also asking that members not play with people they don't know. And if they don't follow the guidelines in place, they won't be allowed to return to play the course until the social distancing order is lifted.

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  1. Kate Brown approves of golf- but will sic the ODFW on yer hind end for anyone caught fishing the same stream ? Any family that gathers round the campfire to roast marshmallows ?? Will haul you in for sitting in the same canoe with your favorite gal ???

    Kate Brown is a disgrace !

  2. Wait, so we are forced to stay home, our kids are forced out of school, we can’t eat out, can’t get a haircut, all mountains and lifts are closed to skiers our small businesses are in ruins; but when it comes to golf, business as usual.
    I am speechless!

  3. Glad they are finally talking about social distancing in a golf course – now maybe all those people who have been getting hit by the clubs will be able to get far enough away for that to not happen as much….

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