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Cities of Bend, Redmond gather business input on reopening plans

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The cities of Bend and Redmond, in collaboration with the Bend Chamber and the Redmond Chamber, hosted five listening sessions with focus groups from various business sectors over the past week to gather feedback that could help inform the Deschutes County and state of Oregon on reopening plans.

“We wanted to hear from the experts – the business owners themselves – what they needed from their local governments to help them prepare for reopening their businesses as the state moves forward with a reopening plan,” said Bend Economic Development Director Carolyn Eagan.

“Feedback from the listening sessions is being shared with the County and State,” said Chuck Arnold, city of Redmond economic development manager.  “Our goal is to build local plans on how to reopen, so we are ready when the state provides guidance for reopening.”

Initial feedback from Deschutes County commissioners has been positive, as they want to support businesses across the County.

The purpose of the focus group listening sessions, with representatives from retail, restaurants, personal services, health care and childcare businesses, was to: share the Governor’s Reopen Oregon Plan; listen to what business owners need from local authorities to reopen; and allow business owners to share information with each other.

The cities said they will remain in alignment with the governor’s plans, but will "continue to collaborate to support businesses and employees with a localized community comeback plan."

Specifically, the cities said, businesses said a safe reopening should include:

  • Clear guidelines
  • Time between issuance of new guidelines and date for reopen to reconfigure physical space, bring employees back and train, and order inventory
  • Child care availability, so their employees can to return to work
  • Community confidence restored, with a clear message on new behaviors
  • Education and enforcement support from local governments

“Business owners are committed to the safety of their customers and employees in order to keep public health a top priority when considering reopening protocols and procedures,” said Katy Brooks, CEO of the Bend Chamber of Commerce. “These protocols will help those who are ready to get back out there feel comfortable doing it.”

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  1. So my questions are….. where is everyone going to get their cleaning supplies to properly clean their stores? Or give where are they getting PPE to their employees? None of those supplies are available as it is.

    We are supposed to trust that an 18 year old with no real training or concept of life and death is cleaning these locations?

    How about enforcing mask wearing and keeping people apart in the stores?

    1. There are cleaning supplies available at our local grocery stores. I just bought several different options yesterday that all kill over 99.9% of germs. Bleach was restocked as well. I’m sure the local business owners in this region want the reopening of their businesses to go smoothly without a spike in new cases. I’m sure most will be over vigilant with cleaning once they are allowed to reopen.

    2. “where is everyone going to get their cleaning supplies to properly clean their stores?”

      Probably from the same suppliers that they have been using for the past 20 years ! Come out of your spider hole everyone in awhile and take a peek at the modern world of industrial cleaning supply chains !

      C’mon “Bobbin-head”- this isn’t rocket science !

  2. Well I guess they don’t need any business input from Prineville. The virus don’t exist out there because the locals just shoot it with their guns!

  3. How many covid patients did St. Charles have in total? 7? 8? How many died? 0?

    This virus was a manufactured scare event. Move on already.

      1. This has been a hoax from day one ! Pumped out to the masses by the likes of CNN and their echoing parrots like you all at Z21- do you not feel any self- guilt- any remorse- and sense of responsibility for the unnecessary panic the never ending hysterics and the daily doses of gloom and doom as you all set out to convince Central Oregonians that the end was truly near ???

        You guys owe the region- the failed businesses- and the thousands of unemployed a huge apology… and needless to say- you should shut your doors and resign your broadcasting license !

        Take it out back in a shoe box- and bury it six feet under- then plant a huge weeping willow over the top of it- to remind all Oregonians of this sad chapter in your history !

        1. You are as ridiculous as always, “Owen.” I never get to ignore you, unlike so many, so I’ll join the others who laugh at your ridiculous assertions of our outsized impacts on the world.
          The only guilt I feel is when I fall victim to my human nature and respond to you. I should know better.
          We’re doing just fine, and so many kind folks tell us so and thank us for our efforts in this time of real crisis.
          I do find myself apologizing to others for having to let you go on and on with your … stuff. I guess that’s the price of free speech, used or abused at your leisure.
          To call it a hoax is a major disservice to the people near and far who have suffered as a result of this virus. It’s shameful for you to say it, but haters gonna hate – the folks who hated the governor etc. for climate change stuff etc. have just found a new easy target amid everyone’s legitimate fears and uncertainty. They are, in essence, making use of tragedy for their own gains. THAT’s the truly shameful thing.

          1. “We’re doing just fine, and so many kind folks tell us so…”

            Oh yeh- like Fester, DB, MeHgr, Martian, slobdobs, TioZoo… some real respectable company you’re keeping there !

            So aside from the personal attack you’ve levied my way- you have failed to address the charges- so go ahead- deny these facts all day- they still won’t change what you’ve done.

            True or False-

            *Daily hype on number of cases and deaths over negative tests and recoveries.
            *Have failed to ask any medical professional to explain the 50k negative tests.
            *Constant promotion of CNN misinformation about the President’s response to the virus.
            *Posted CNN stories saying the virus is not transferable between humans.
            *Repeated CNN articles that said face masks were ineffective.
            *Reversed position on human transfer and masks without admitting BGHW was right.
            *Have been a key source of negative information that promoted panic shopping.
            *Continue to promote this hoax- even as our Governor gives away our respirators and PPE.

            The charges here are pretty clear- and undeniable. yet you still want to lecture me about how this ‘tragedy” should be handled… well Barney- you certainly don’t put out a house fire by throwing more gasoline on it !

            history will not be kind to the CNN’s and Z21’s of our time. I’ve been right more often than I’ve been wrong- and this too will follow in the James Comey footsteps- you can only run so far- lie so often- but the truth and the facts will eventually catch up- and we’ll all just sit back and see how you make out then !

          2. “To call it a hoax is a major disservice to the people near and far who have suffered as a result of this virus.”

            And you are here to argue that nobody “near and far” has suffered from the deadly affects of the common seasonal flu virus A and B ??? Is that your “shameful” response ?

            You are in a no win situation here. You cannot state your position is that the Wuhan Corona virus is more deadly- important- or newsworthy than the regular flu- which has killed more Oregonians- more children- more elderly… “without” underlying conditions- than your Wuhan pandemic.

            The facts don’t lie- so why does KTVZ ??? Your station should take out ad time to apologize to the masses here in Central Oregon- for clearly over stating the Wuhan virus here in Central Oregon- for promoting Kate Brown’s irrational 20-12 mandate to shut down businesses and jeopardize the personal incomes of hundreds of thousands of people. You all need to step up to the podium and admit- you were conned just like the rest- but it all stops now- and then tell everyone to MuGuWu… and go back to work !

            If you don’t- if you fail to reach out to the public- and you honestly believe you have a soul- you will regret this for the rest of your life- you will take this unjust event to your grave- I guarantee it.

              1. “Unfair” ?

                I’ve given you plenty of wiggle room to confess your sins.

                “Untrue” ??

                I’ve given you eight specific questions above to deny or admit- you’ve done neither- so go ahead- have a crack- before the the rest of your peanutty half-wits chime in.

                “Personal attacks”

                I’ve not made any “attacks”- I’ve chosen my words carefully- based on all the evidence out there surrounding this Wuhan virus charade and your stations negative and biased coverage. In the end- you’ve got your rope all in knots.

                At one end you want us to believe that your little station hasn’t 1/2 the regional clout or influence towards the public to induce hysterics and panic- but on the other end you want to argue that the station has a broad reach- able to speak to thousands… as if all the negativity simply vanishes along the way ???

                Like I said B- you best fix this now- or yer gonna take this to your grave- one of your life’s big regrets… I know I would- that’s why I went back to work three weeks ago.

    1. They had 15 at one time at highest point…. Still not anywhere close to st Charles running out of beds. This is definitely a manufactured crisis, this kind of fearful response would NEVER of happened in the day and age without cellphones and social media that feeds into instant gratification of clickbait titles and feigned outrage by the media.

  4. Lots more talking about plans. All they do is talk. To scared to take any action. Might as well just sit home and collect your government cheese. Corona robots.

  5. How many physicians did they have as panelist? Next,will there be protocols for all public gatherings? Whst happens when everyone rushes out at once. Finally, to the people who think this is real go and be a essential worker in a major metropolitan not rural BFE and tell us it’s not real, then let’s see who’s a covid19 robot.

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