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Bend man shot, killed woman, then self, in motel parking lot, police say

Deschutes County Jail/March 2020
Antonio Martin Lopez
Holiday Motel parking lot Tyson 711
Tyson Beauchemin/KTVZ

(Update: Police release names; court records show dismissed strangulation charge; comments from family members)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Bend man accused earlier this year of strangling a woman called 911 to report he’d shot her late Friday night, then killed himself in a motel parking lot, police reported and court records showed.

Officers responded around 10:45 p.m. to the report of a shooting that had just occurred involving Room 28 at the Holiday Motel, at 800 Southeast Third Street, Lt. Robert Jones said.

Before officers got there, the 21-year-old Bend man, later identified as Antonio Martin Lopez, had called Deschutes County 911 dispatchers to report he’d shot a woman and asked for officers to respond right away.

Police officers, sheriff’s deputies and Oregon State Police troopers rushed to the scene, finding the man and a 20-year-old Bend woman, Jazarae Danielle Caubet, dead in the parking lot, along with a handgun, Jones said.

The Central Oregon Emergency Response Team (CERT) also responded to the scene to clear the room and check on the welfare of others at the motel, the lieutenant said.

Jones later said, “Based on information obtained during the investigation, it appears that Lopez shot and killed Caubet. Lopez then called 911 to report that he just shot Caubet, and then he ended his life by suicide.”

While it’s not known what led to the shooting, Jones said police confirmed “Lopez and Caubet knew each other.”

No one else was injured, Jones said, adding that “there is no safety threat to the community.”

District Attorney John Hummel told NewsChannel 21 that “no one else was involved in the events” of late Friday night.

“This is a tragedy,” Hummel added.

Court records show Martin was charged in March with strangulation constituting domestic violence and with harassment involving Caubet, and a judge issued a no-contact order. The case was dismissed in late May as the prosecutor cited insufficient evidence, the records show.

Caubet's older brother, Joe Caubet of Redmond, told NewsChannel 21 his little sister "was a loving, caring young lady. She changed her life around from poverty, since moving up here (from California)."

He said they were the closest members of their family: "Me and her were best friends."

Caubet said she was working at the Carl's Jr. on the south side of Bend.

"She bettered her life since" arriving here, Caubet said. "She just got wrapped around a guy who was verbally, mentally and physically abusive."

Lopez's grandmother, Josie Raphael, told NewsChannel 21 her grandson was a landscaper and the couple had been planning to move into their first apartment next Tuesday. He had saved money and was going to open his own landscaping business.

"My grandson was not a bad kid," she said. "He fell in love at a young age. He felt he was doing the right thing by helping this individual."

"They were both toxic to each other, but my grandson loved her," Raphael said. "They both had issues, they would argue like any normal couple."

"My family are going into shock, asking why? No one can give us answers."

"He was my first grandson," she said, in tears. "We just want answers. It's just sad. There's two people dead. That should never have happened."

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  1. Most people should keep their guns about 20 miles away from where they are. Then there’d be time to think or calm down before it turned tragic. Very sad.

    1. Most people? You seem to generalize a bit too much. Just like the name you choose on here “non”-deplorable doesn’t really suit you well. You are very deplorable. You should just own that deplorable. After all you are just another democretin

    2. sure, and if a mountain lion or a group of gangbangers tries to attack you just flash your nra card and tell them they aint got a chance. most people should learn how to get through a personal problem without a gun or violence. guns are a tool, they are for self defense and putting food on the table. they are not for waving around in traffic, or neighborhoods, used as a threat, and they are not for handling domestic disputes. if someone like that is set on killing someone all an hour drive is going to do is help them hatch a better plan

  2. There is a strip of motels along that section of 3rd street that are known for drugs, violence, prostitution and other nasty things. They have a reputation for a reason and it’s about time they were all bulldozed if you ask me

      1. They’d figure it out Barney. Also, you’re talking to somebody who has done more for the homeless population in the last 10 years than you have in your entire life.

              1. Contraire! And to JJHayes99’s point, the original “felony flats” in Bend used to be on the east side of the river right above where farewell Bend park is now. instead of million-dollar condos that used to be dilapidated shacks, trailers, and squatter camps. It was so bad, Dominos wouldn’t deliver to any address down there!

          1. Thank you! Eugene doesn’t need or want the homeless you drive out of Bend and we don’t need or want the over flow from Eugene over here on the coast.

              1. Barney, I moderate a website, I don’t envy your job here at all. I don’t like the fact we have to wait here sometimes for hours for a comment to post, but I completely understand the reasoning behind it. On the site I moderate, commenters can become “trusted users” so their comments post immediately, but I understand why that isn’t allowed here. My continued best wishes to you, this is not a job for the faint-at-heart.

          2. Barney, you are the “moderator” for the comment section on an old, outdated news website. Why are you engaging in an argument with me? You absolutely should not be getting paid to do what you do, which is going back and forth with people and misspelling words and completely screwing up facts in stories. It’s truly pathetic.

            1. I think you’re totally right, JJHayes99. Barney should not spend his time engaging with the likes of you. He should just ban you and move on. He has a lot more patience with idiots than I do.

        1. How much of that help is a hand up and how much is a hand out? If your help is a hand up, that can help resolve the issue . . . but, if your help is a hand out, you just perpetuate the problem.

    1. Says Never Trumper Liberal while calling to defund the police and driving gun sales through the roof! To be honest, ya’all are hurting me! I went to Cabella’s in Eugene to pick up another handgun and they were about sold out. What they did have, they had ridiculously high prices on. Ammo was priced higher than normal as well . . . if they had what you needed. On the bright side, it appears a new release of military surplus is now available . . . at some real nice low prices. Thankfully, the prices for bullets, primers, brass, and powder has stayed in decent prices for us reloaders.

      So, Never Trumper, while I’m a bit upset with your cause selling out firearms, I’m over joyed at the new release of military surplus at nice, inexpensive prices. Thank you!

  3. She tried to save her life. She tried to be free from him and it was our legal system that failed her. I am deeply saddened by this. She is truly free now while her family is robbed of her life. I’m disgusted at the comments that turn this into a platform for gun discussion. They should be ashamed at their lack of compassion. My condolences to both families.

  4. Contraire! And to JJHayes99’s point, the original “felony flats” in Bend used to be on the east side of the river right above where farewell Bend park is now. instead of million-dollar condos that used to be dilapidated shacks, trailers, and squatter camps. It was so bad, Dominos wouldn’t deliver to any address down there!

  5. This is so sad. And this is a perfect example of why I tell people who are the victims of domestic violence that getting a restraining order is not worth the paper it’s written on if someone really wants to harm you. My deepest condolences to both families, who have lost loved ones.

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