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Big upgrades (and, yes, more roundabouts) due on Bend’s Wilson Avenue

Roundabouts, better bike lanes and more are coming to Bend's Southeast Wilson Avenue, between Second and 15th streets.

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  1. You know what needs some kind of traffic control? The T intersection at 9th and Reed Market. Even Bend police think so. It is the most ridiculous intersection, especially if you are trying to make a left onto Reed Market from 9th. I just don’t do it anymore. And after my daughter was in an accident there, I’m telling everyone to avoid 9th and Reed Market like the plague. The huge Reed Market “upgrade” that happened a few years ago did little to improve traffic conditions there. I mean, the roundabout at Reed Market and 15th is nice, but we get the same backup we used to when it was a traffic signal. Personally? I think that intersection is in more dire need of traffic control than Wilson and 9th. At least that intersection has 4 way stop signs.

    1. That’s the sort of thing I’ve noticed about them. Do they increase traffic flow at intersections? Yes. The trade off is that the constant flow of traffic rather than the “stop and start” of signal lights makes it impossible to make a left turn and merge into traffic, cars are moving nonstop, as compared to “start stop”

  2. You are completely right, they should just take away the ability to take a left turn in and out of this street period. It was idiotic before they did the big beauty upgrade and it’s even worse now. Make it a “right turn only” both ways problem solved. Should do the same with pettigrew but that’s another story of its own.

  3. Another dangerous intersection is at Knott Road and China Hat. This intersection makes it almost impossible and very dangerous for anyone who lives in Woodside Ranch and other communities along Knott Road to get out of their streets safely. It doesn’t matter that the speed limit is 40 mph. Cars and semi’s scream down Knott Road with all of it’s hills and blind spots. This intersection just keeps on getting ignored by the City of Bend while they move their money to build new infrastructure for new housing going in along Knott Road. Follow the money! Meantime they just keep pushing back the construction of a roundabout on Knott and China Hat. We are talking about years here. Why? I guess they want to wait for more fatalities along Knot Road while traffic on China Hat backs all the way up the golf course each afternoon.

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