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Les Schwab Amphitheater to soon require proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test for all events


But venue doesn't plan mask requirement, noting enforcement issues

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Les Schwab Amphitheater will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test at all concerts "in short order," but still plans to only encourage, not require masks due to enforcement challenges, an official told Bend city councilors Wednesday night.

The venue, which this year joined the major concert promoter Live Nation, recently announced it would require vaccine or test proof for concertgoers for the last few concerts of a packed season, under Live Nation's requirements, starting Oct. 4. Some individual artists, such as the Dave Matthews Band, have announced such requirements for their tours, including Bend, as Live Nation gave them that option.

Amphitheater General Manager Marney Smith said there are "a number of moving parts to implement (the vaccine/testing requirement) safely and fairly, so we don't have a specific date we can announce, but as soon as reasonable."

Meanwhile, Smith said, all employees and vendors are required to be vaccinated, and staff when they arrive for a shift have a temperature check and a health questionnaire, and if symptomatic are sent home.

Other steps also have been taken to reduce COVID risks among concert attendees, such as going cashless, not having beer on tap and more points of sale for food and beverages.

Councilor Megan Perkins said she attended Tuesday night's concert (featuring Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats) and "saw all the back of the house stuff." She said her concern was that while her party was masked, many others were not, so she asked, "Has there been any talk about those, especially in front of the stage, requiring or highly encouraging masks?"

"Yes, we are encouraging masks," Smith said. "Operationally, I have concerns about requiring them. It's a bit difficult to enforce. Tempers are running pretty high in the community," and arguments could ensue involving the "nose out and nose in" mask-wearers.

"From managing large groups of people, we'd prefer not to have that," she said.

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Barney Lerten

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  1. Business owners can’t ask a potential employee if they’re a legal US citizen. Requiring an ID to vote is racist, but requiring proof of vaccination to attend an event… no hypocrisy here.
    Meanwhile Afghanistan has been taken over by the Taliban. Taliban are executing members of the Afghanistan military, Americans, and Christian missionaries and Joe does a press conference on Covid. Does Joe have a plan to the 10,000 Americans out of Afghanistan? Even CNN is frustrated with ol’ Joe. Makes you wonder…. With terrorists now in control of Afghanistan, China knocking on Taiwan’s door, Covid at record breaking levels, gas prices sky rocketing, inflation going through the roof, illegal immigrants pouring through the boarder, how does the MSM still prop up this administration??

    1. Trump didn’t win. Afghanistan has not lost a war in 2000 years. The Taliban are bad people but most are from Afghanistan. Do you eat vegetables, type, or drink coffee? If so, you are part of the immigration problem. We are approaching 700,000 deaths from Covid. That’s way more than all the lives we lost for nothing since Vietnam. If you think these wars in the Middle East protect your freedom, you are a fool. Biden inherited a mess created by Trump and hopefully he can fix it.

      1. One person dies every 36 seconds in the United States from cardiovascular disease. That’s over 800,000 people per year. So, where’s your band wagon for this and what Republican are you going to try to pin that on. Why don’t you have your liberal friends scream at your liberal politicians and make them shut down all food industry businesses until they get the heart disease death rate under control? It’s no different then what they’re doing with the masking nonsense. “Freedom of Choice” is why they won’t do it, along with big money and being hypocrites.

      2. And you are full of crap Trump did not have anything to do with Afghanastan but if uou believe that there is no help for you. Dimentia Joe is to blame for the fiasco but he doesn’t realize it because he is a sick man.

    2. You might want to look back 17 months to Trump working directly with the Taliban to hand the country over to them. He started the withdrawal and bragged that there was nothing Biden could do to stop it. So, stop acting like this was all on Biden. However, we need to get out of there. Two trillion dollars and hundreds of dead Americans are enough.

      1. Why do you people keep saying look back at when trump was president! He’s NOT PRESIDENT anymore!!!!!!!!! Do you people understand that get off the it’s all trump’s fault bandwagon and start realizing Biden is the president now and he is screwing everything up he got rid of all trump’s laws and now he is doing what he thinks is best. But obviously it’s not. covid us out of control inflation is skyrocketing gas prices are crazy afghanastan is a complete lawless crazy mess and it’s all because of bidens agenda not trump’s so quit being like 4 year olds and blaming someone else (like trump) for all of bidens doings. My god people grow up and use your eyesight and what brains you have left after hating and blaming trump for so long. Get over him he is not your leader anymore old crazy joe is

          1. President Trump got the US out of the Paris Accords- Biden returned the US- Trump said no to NATO mooching off the US- Joey said… no prob ! President DJ Trump ramped up the US oil and gas industry- Biden killed it ! Clearly- Biden runs his own show… as a three ring circus ! This debcle (like so many others) is clearly on Joey and Hunter Ho the artistic shmo !

          1. In the meantime- live it up with your four dollar a gallon gas- inflation- unsecured southern borders- massive increase in crime- covid cases exploding… gee- what else is there to enjoy right now ??? I mean besides watching the Demokant party completely implode !

    3. “Business owners can’t ask a potential employee if they’re a legal US citizen.”

      No, because citizens aren’t the only people legally allowed to work in the US. Employers can (and I’m pretty sure they must) ask if an employee is legally authorized to work in the US. That’s IRS form I9 and I’ve had to fill one out for every job I’ve had.

  2. They lost me with the “only a clear plastic bag for personal items” policy. At this point the entire Amphitheater could take a flying leap into the river for all I care.

    1. I asked about this and was told is security related. They said not only is the cost enormous for the metal detectors but they can’t get enough workers days/nights of events for all the bag scans and clear bags cut things down dramatically in getting people through the gate. Was told there are several security upgrades in the works (no dates given) but these are also hard to schedule out as a back log for them to be scheduled and installed.
      We both know it also is to keep some of the outside liquor out.

    2. Outside all .. yep me too… Will never spend my money there and support these musicians that require mask and the jab. Guess this town is becoming a communist dictatorship.

  3. Vaccine cards but no masks? Is it not a private venue? Then enforcement is not an issue. This is ridiculous.

    Vaccine card required but no mask is like saying “Cars cant drive at highway speeds in a school zone because its not sage. Instead there wont be any speed limit at all.”

  4. Well now that you liberals have killed the mom and pop business’, it’s time to kill the vender business’. Good luck on selling out those tickets.

  5. Live Nation is a concert promotion corporation headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Please call them at 800-653-8000 and strongly request that they immediately impose requirements for vaccinations and/or recent test and/or masking for attendance at their remaining concerts. Protecting the crowd (and the rest of us) at the Dave Matthews performance and the final four will be too little too late. We are already experiencing our highest daily case numbers of the pandemic; St. Charles is reeling; Oregon National Guard is at the hospital doing what they can to help. 8000 people per concert (times about 20 concerts) coming from all parts of the North West region is an extremely worrisome prospect. C’mon. Les Schwab, have some courage; your clientele will appreciate precautions–as will the rest of us.

    1. Except that the stats now show the vaxed can pass it and catch it as likely as an unvaxed so vaccine cards mean jack squat unless your intention is all about something else.

    2. Bill my friend, if you’ve been vaccinated why are you concerned about others around you that chose not to. The vaccine provides protections for those who’ve taken it right? Exactly how will someone else getting vaccinated “protect” you?

        1. Barney, you are correct – transmission of Covid by asymptomatic unvaccinated people is common. In fact, transmission of Covid by those who’ve been vaccinated is also quite possible. The question is, if you’ve been vaccinated yourself how are the unvaccinated a threat to you? You assumed I doubt the CDC and medical community regarding transmission. I’ll let that slide.

          1. That’s your question. Many others say it’s not about the threat to ME, but to the community at large due to the rapid spread. And nearly 15 percent as of now are “breakthrough cases” to people who ARE vaccinated, so there is ALSO the direct threat unvaccinated Oregonians pose to vaccinated residents. No vaccine is perfect, and no one has ever claimed they are.

            1. Barney, I appreciate your efforts at calling out disinformation. Obviously you have a certain passion for this important subject. The CDC has acknowledged that Covid can be transmitted by both vaccinated and unvaccinated people – transmitted primarily to those unvaccinated, although there have been breakthrough cases. Question remains, if you are vaccinated how is the unvaccinated a threat to your health??

              1. Because nearly 15 percent in Oregon today as our story says are “breakthrough cases” meaning someone vaccinated got infected!
                So whether you believe it’s for community good or not, it ALSO is a threat to EVERYONE’s health – vaccinated or not.

                1. Of those 15% of breakthrough cases how many were transmitted by someone already vaccinated? Clearly being vaccinated is a benefit to those getting the shot. My point remains, you can get Covid from people who are vaccinated as well as from those that aren’t. Your best protection is to avoid others altogether, get a shot, and hope for the best. Making those who choose not be vaccinated out to be villains doesn’t help the situation. You’re better than that Barney.

                2. I’m better than you claim, for sure. We quote reputable officials accurately, and THEY – not me, THEY – say from top to bottom that the unvaccinated are at great risk from this very contagious and more severe variant.

              2. All the more reason for everyone to still be wearing a mask. The vaccine is just one way to decrease chances of spreading the virus along with masks and social distancing. Not one mitigation practice is solely advised. We need to practice all of them. Breakthrough cases in the vaccinated are due to waning immunity and a more virulent Delta variant. The vaccine remains efficacious for minimizing severe covid disease — that means it decreases your risk for needing hospitalization and requiring a ventilator. Yes, you can still get and transmit covid if you’re vaccinated but symptoms are reduced; ie: less cough = less droplets in air = decrease in transmissibility. Keep our babies safe from this disease. As adults we have a duty to do so.
                Life first.
                Liberty second.
                Happinessness third.

  6. I have never been to the Amphitheater and now I never will go for sure. They do not have the right to pry into your personal life for any reason. However, is Les Schwab going to to show proof (not verbal) that all of their employees have been vaccinated?

    1. Oh no! It sounds like your really gonna hit them hard with your wallet considering you’ve admittedly spent $0 there so far. How will they survive?

        1. Guessing they won’t be sleeping well tonight knowing you won’t be spending your first nickel there. You sure showed them. Wow. The agony you inflicted is border line inhumane.

  7. The Communist Schwab Amphitheater. Why would anybody go there. I just saw the movie “The Circle” with Emma Watson & Tom Hanks. This is the direction the Demoncrats want to take this country. This is something to be very fearful of! It is down right terrifying.

      1. Bwahaaa… how many times have we seen B Lerten reject an argument because it was a year old… then he pulls this stunt- from 1964 !!! Whatta desperate attempt to sound relevant ! Well… yer not !

    1. Eventually these non vaccinated people are going to need “reeducation” so we should build camps and ship them off to the camps by the train car load. What could go wrong?

    2. Non-vaccinated people should also have separate dining sections and be limited to sitting only in designated seats on public transportation too. Amirite?

  8. This really makes me want to start going to concerts there again. I was worried about being in a crowd with the unvaxxed, but now I get four shows in, probably 3 as DMB is sold out I am sure.

  9. You have the right to stay home if you won’t get a safe and effective vaccine to protect yourself and those around you. I will gladly show my vaccine card to maintain my freedom to party!

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