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Mosaic Medical’s new NE Bend clinic, pharmacy to open below 47 low-income senior apartments

Mosaic Medical's new NE Bend clinic, community pharmacy on ground floor of 47-unit Legacy Landing apartments for low-income seniors
Mosaic Medical
Mosaic Medical's new NE Bend clinic, community pharmacy on ground floor of 47-unit Legacy Landing apartments for low-income seniors

 BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Mosaic Medical, a nonprofit community health center with 15 clinics across Central Oregon, held a ceremonial ribbon-cutting Monday to mark the opening of the Conners Health Center, located at 2065 NE Tucson Way on Bend’s eastside.

The new facility replaces the former clinic located across the street, and will begin seeing patients in person on Monday, Nov. 8. The retail pharmacy will be open to the community later this month, and will offer medication at a discounted rate due to Mosaic’s participation in the federal 340B medication assistance program, the organization said in its news release, which continues in full below.

“We are very proud and excited to be able to continue to provide excellent primary care to our Bend patients at our new location,” said Megan Haase, FNP and CEO of Mosaic Medical. “And to now offer a Mosaic Pharmacy site open to the community in Bend as well.”  

The Mosaic health center and pharmacy occupy the ground floor of the building, with “Legacy Landing”—a 47-unit apartment complex housing low-income seniors—on the upper three floors.

Legacy Landing is a Housing Works property. Six of the apartments have been set aside for qualifying patients of Mosaic Medical who have chronic medical conditions. This is the second joint project between Mosaic and Housing Works; a similar effort opened in Redmond in 2017.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Mosaic Medical on this development,” said Geoff Wall, chief financial officer of Housing Works. “By integrating Mosaic’s clinic on-site and providing a link to their proactive, team-based approach to coordinated care, we can greatly improve the health of the residents and the surrounding community.”

The ground floor occupied by Mosaic is 13,297 square feet, and was designed by GL3 Architects of Bend. R&H Construction was the construction contractor. An innovative DIRTT system featuring flexible wall and floor structures will allow for simplified renovations as needed in the future.

“The DIRTT flexible wall and flooring system will provide us with the ability to accommodate changes in the way healthcare is delivered in the future,” said Steve Strang, chief financial officer at Mosaic Medical.

The new site will accommodate on average a staff of 85, who will welcome up to 150 patients per day.

About Mosaic Medical:

Mosaic Medical is a nonprofit community health center that serves Central Oregonians from all walks of life. Through a network of 15 clinics, we offer integrated health services that address each patient’s medical, dental, behavioral health, nutrition and medication needs. Our care is never influenced by

how much money our patients make, what language they speak or the status of their insurance coverage. Mosaic Medical provides quality care for all.

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          2. You attacked me. I’ve been a patient of Mosaic’s for many years & you’re painting a poisonous picture with your ignorant words that don’t need to be seen or heard if all your intentions are is to continue to try and divide our city/county/state over & over & over continuously. What Mosaic’s accomplished here by collaboration with others & being strategic with resources should be embraced by all big & small, because they’ve cared enough to actually do something to bring our community together by offering more services to an undeserved part of the community & many others with the outcome of our community becoming healthier in many ways leading the way to a healthier more productive society here that works for all of us. More productive society, more people do & achieve. And it even gets more money spending in and around our towns. Helping us grow stronger together as a whole. I’ve been there & actually been part of Mosaic’s growth over the years as a patient & their help each time they expand has fueled me into being a better, smarter, stronger me building a better, smarter family & small business. Mosaic saved my life! Sounds like could help yours as well. 🙂

    1. Jesus Christ… Where is there mention of tax dollars going to this project? Healthcare is a waste? Or is it just housing low income seniors that’s the waste? Screw em@ let them push shopping carts down the streets and live under a bridge? But then that would add to the homeless Bendites problem people are up in arms about. There’s no solution good enough for you is there. You’d rather have this town just to yourself. How American of you.

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