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Oregon businesses threaten lawsuit over COVID-19 restrictions


(Update: Adding House Republican leader statement)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Several Oregon businesses have threatened a class-action lawsuit against the state over COVID-19 restrictions implemented by Gov. Kate Brown to slow the pandemic.

A lawyer representing the businesses argues that Oregon officials should draft a plan to compensate small business owners for financial hardship caused by those restrictions, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

The demand letter was filed on behalf of a Linn County salon, a Coos County bowling alley and the Wilsonville Family Fun Center, better known as Bullwinkle’s.

“As a result of your orders, my clients and many other businesses like theirs closed as ordered and thousands of workers found themselves without employment,” attorney John DiLorenzo wrote in a tort claim letter to the state Friday.

Brown’s office said Monday it doesn’t comment on pending or potential litigation.

DiLorenzo is one of the state’s most high-profile attorneys, having most recently won a $1 billion jury verdict against the state for failing to maximize timber harvests. The state has appealed.

DiLorenzo is zeroing in on one of many state laws Brown cited in March when she ordered the shuttering of many businesses to slow the coronavirus. The closures included amusement parks, gyms, spas, malls, theaters, tattoo parlors and yoga studios.

DiLorenzo is arguing that a related provision in state law calls for reasonable compensation when the government takes real or personal property during a declared emergency.

Brown lifted many of her business restrictions beginning in May.

House Republican Leader Statement on Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of Oregon Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Executive Orders

Salem, ORE. – Today, House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby) released a statement on the potential class action lawsuit on behalf of Oregon businesses who were closed by executive order.

“The governor has exercised her authority without moderation or consideration. While the governor has the authority to protect public health, Oregonians have the right to demand equal treatment and compensation for their losses.

Oregonians do not owe the governor their livelihoods, as she continues to move the goalposts in the fight against COVID-19. It’s past time for accountability. 

The governor has issued arbitrary, at times contradictory, standards for different communities and groups, handpicking winners and losers for who will be protected from devastating economic impacts, and who will bear the brunt of her orders. If she will not operate with an even-hand toward all Oregonians, then the citizens of Oregon will exercise their authority to call her to account.

This lawsuit would not be necessary and could still be averted if the Governor would treat all businesses fairly.”

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  1. Nothing says essential activity like a mini golf course named after a cartoon character, these owners should be ashamed of themselves and need to look in the mirror and see how much blood is already on their hands, before they add more

    1. It’s easy to watch people lose everything they made in a business isn’t it? This is why you progressives must be defeated and never allowed in positions of power.

      1. Comrade the grocery and hardware stores are doing just fine, its too bad ball pits and bowling alleys spread bat flu but thats also not a great reason to reopen them obviously, businesses that dont adapt die, thats why americans call it COMPETITION dear sweet rusky

  2. Why don’t they sue the Federal Government for neglecting to do anything about this pandemic BEFORE it got so far out of hand? Let me guess, these small business owners are still Trump supporters? They’re so embarrassingly short-sighted to see what the problem actually is, and want to just blame a Democrat. Pathetic, whiny snowflakes.

      1. 200000 deaths is not a lucky outcome, half that were unneccessary and caused by early
        roller rink reopenings, luck is pointless when we behave so stupidly like the russsians want

        1. By the CDC standards- that of all deaths- only 6% are due to “corona/covid virus “alone”… that would be a grand total of 30 individuals in the state of Oregon since January !

          Arghhh !!! “Russia-Russia-Russia” !

      2. How dare you even try to compare 12,000 deaths related to the swine flu in a year from 2009-2010 to over 200,000 deaths to COVID-19 in barely over 6 months.

      3. We were pretty ill-prepared, but we handled swine flu more adeptly than this.

        And Obama set up infrastructure to handle such things in the future.

        Which Trump dissolved last year because it cost too much.

        If we’d had widespread testing on Feb 1, we could have avoided this. But we didn’t.

          1. You have the same access to Google that I do. Type that question there and get to reading. Not that your type accepts facts… I can’t wait to be proven wrong, though.

  3. Well, seeing as how attorney John DiLorenzo and his firm, Davis Wright Tremaine in Portland made $159,000,000 in legal fees suing our great State over timber harvests, it’s not hard to see the motivation.

  4. Called it- Called it- Called it !!!

    More than a week ago BGHW boldly stated that Brown’s over-reach will result in a tidal wave of litigation- all ending in one enormous class action lawsuit… well here ya go… just the beginning !

    And for the record- this is why many of you follow my comments (whether you admit it or not)- it is also why the haters always demand I be silenced- because you don’t wanna hear it- you wanna live in your peaceful rabbit hole of denial- you simply don’t want to concede the fact that BGHW has a firm grasp of the region- the people- and the politics of the day !

    What says you ???

    1. Accounts like this that claim to not live in oregon or even the pacific time zone, attempting to influence local west coast elections, is the definition of kgb tactics folks 🐍🐍🐍

  5. This should be directed at President Trump, he is the one that knew in Feb and maybe even earlier that this was some bad stuff. He blew it off. People died because of him. Sure he did some things in March but not enough and way to late.

    He is a liar, we need to flush the turd on the 3rd!! GO BIDEN!! and I am a Republican, I voted for the lying, playground bully in 2015 and was happy he won. Stupid me and many others.

    1. Trump has done a great job. People died because of themselves, not because of one man far away. They could have died because of you no more than Trump. Clown.

      1. “Trump has done a great job.”
        At what, exactly? Cheating on his multiple wives? Paying for porn stars to have sex with him with campaign finance money? Surrounding himself with actual convicted criminals? Having over 30 sexual assault allegations? Lying nearly EVERY TIME he speaks or Tweets? How he is ACTIVELY aiding a hostile foreign government to interfere in our elections, AGAIN? That he installs such corrupt people in positions ILLEGALLY that our very democracy is at stake?
        This is a small list of INEXCUSABLE behaviors for a leader of a G7 country.
        You, sir, are an idiot.

        1. I can handle being called an idiot. You cling to a Democrat narrative of Russian collusion when it was based on a dossier that the dems paid for AND the whole thing was debunked. Stock up on kool aid and cheetos, go back to your moms basement and let the adults speak.

    2. I voted Republican once, not for this lying bastard though, never again will I. Going for Biden 2020 all the way. Not a single Republican will get my vote in Nov, going Democratic all the way

    3. President Trump didn’t sign the Executive Orders to shut down the Oregon economy- in fact it was the President who told you all to go back to work after Easter- we would have except “Hate Brown’s” boot on the throat of everyone’s throat prevented it.

      Let the lawyers have at it !

            1. 200k with 94% having an underlying condition. 6% died from covid alone. You are being lied to by your media. Are you this outraged in regards to flu deaths in the US during the flu season? Probably not. Please insult me more, I can take it. It pleasures me to know that you have no argument. I win.

              1. Speaking of flu deaths, how many had underlying conditions? Uh-huh, right, funny how “underlying conditions” is a phrase that only recently appeared…

  6. If anyone should be sued it’d be the Trump administration for the fornicator-in-chief intentionally downplaying the pandemic for his own personal benefit

  7. An enterprising legal firm should file a class-action lawsuit against DiLorenzo for his role in in allowing scofflaw business owners to foster the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and create and clear and present danger to public health and to profit from it.

    And then there is the matter of politicizing the public health threat posed by SARS-CoV-2.

  8. How does it feel, knowing you work for media that has caused the hate, discontent, and flat out re-printing of lies convincing people like the above commenters that RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA was true among other horse**** stories?

  9. I can’t believe I missed this! I’d hate to have my tax dollars spent on this, but it might be worth it to see KTVZ’s principled conservatives take a break from advocating for strict textualism in the judiciary to insist that ORS 401.192—which applies “[w]hen real or personal property is taken”—should be read to cover the effects of Governor Brown’s orders on these businesses.

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