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Supply chain issues also plaguing Central Oregon ski shops

(Update: Adding video, comment from Powder House owner)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Boots are being locked in, skis are being waxed and prepped, and the shelves appear to be stocked at Bend’s Powder House Ski & Snowboard -- but not like they usually are.

The supply chain problems plaguing the entire country are also having an impact at Central Oregon’s ski shops.

Powder House owner Todd McGee told NewsChannel 21 Friday, “Typically we’re 98% stocked up by Oct. 1, and right now we’re probably about 80%.”

McGee said he saw this coming last year.

“Typically, orders for next year’s gear are due March 1, we were getting our stuff in the end of January, the beginning of February,” he said.

That’s why the shop has 90 percent of its ski and snowboard boots, but services are also at the mercy of the supply chain.

“Getting things as simple as a file to do edges, and getting parts for machines,” McGee said.  “If something happens, it’s going to be difficult to get the part to repair it.”

All in all, though, McGee said Powder House is still in better shape than others in the shop's buying group.

“They put their orders in when they were due, and then typical ship date would be October, and they’re the ones not getting all of their product until closer to December,” he said.

And if you’re trying to use last year as a reference, don’t.

“Worse, we weren’t affected too bad last year in the ski industry,” McGee said.

And he has advice for anyone looking to get outdoor gear for this season.

“You do want to get it sooner rather than later, because once we run out, it’s going to be very hard to resupply it,” he said.

That will also make any custom orders difficult.

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



  1. Go to the ports and ask the guys there why there is a problem. Ask the major toy manufacturer who came out this week blaming Biden for this issue because port workers were getting paid more money to stay home than they make when working.

        1. Funny how we never experienced any massive wide scale market crippling “supply chain issues” when President Trump was in office. This Biden character- with his drugged out kid- is failing on all fronts- and it’s only going to get worse. The media can’t carry his water anymore- voters remorse should be the poll of the day !

  2. Weird…..Supply chain, border mess, skyrocketing gas prices, Americans left behind enemy lines. Can not wait for so many of you to spin this into TRUMPS FAULT!!!!

      1. And to think- the Dumbokrats have control of all three branches- and look what they’re doing with it- mucking up the planet- holding US citizens hostage- leadership MIA- replaced with lies- deception and one hoax after another… Obama was right – Americans are stupid- or at least 81 million are !

  3. That is what you get when these companies sell their behind to China. Politicians are getting rich off these people and they don’t care. Buy American and screw Biden and his cronies.

  4. This is not a country issue, this is a global issue. If you think Trump would of solved this, you are living inside a closet. Time to step out of it and wake up. We can not sustain ourselves. It’s a global community that trades commodities. If we were commodity independent, we would have to give up so much! Know where your stuff comes from.

    1. President Trump put America first and insisted that your Nike’s and Microsoft’s return their manufacturing bases to the US- Biden killed all that on day one when he signed mountains of Ex. orders without reading them ! Impeach Biden and get life back to normal.

      1. How much would Nike’s and Iphones cost then? You don’t understand the basic principles of economy. Biden has no grounds for impeachment unlike the crook you put in office.

        1. What crimes did this “crook” commit ? As for Nike and I-anything… you ever look at their profits ? I thought Joey and Hunter were all about the “little guy” ! Conned again I see.

        1. Nobody is “buying” anything- shelves are empty- this is about Biden’s botched supply chain debacle that has him once again looking for excuses as to why he can’t get all of Demokant controlled congress- and all 81 million of his supporters to help an old geezer out ! Your excuses are about as incoherent as Hunter trying to explain his artwork !

    2. Biden and liberals and communist countries is what caused this problem. They are the ones that wanted continual rolling lockdowns on everything because of the virus. You reap what you sow. The supply chain issue is all their fault. Republicans/conservatives knew that lockdowns would have wide ranging effects, which is why they were never for longer lockdowns. However, democrats and the people that think like them want continual lockdowns and only focused on the virus without thinking about the wider implications.

      1. Exactly, the global death rate has been flat…strange given that Covid 19 has been around for 2 years. If no one said a word about it and nothing shut down, we would have hardly noticed.

    3. Would of? LOL (Would have). Show’s how uneducated the left is. If we were commodities independent we would “not” have to give anything up. Independent means we rely on ourselves. Independent means we do it ourselves. Everything! Energy independent, commodities independent, Rare earth minerals independent, food independent, etc. I-N-D-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. There, I spelled it out for you. So, in your leftist mind, just what would we have to give up by being independent?

    4. well it’s funny you say that. given biden erased all trump policies/laws day #1, this is now what we have. last year, my tank cost $25 to fill. today – $70. you cannot blame that on trump, jonasty and it’s not a global issue either. this is all thanks to biden and you libs being so incredibly stupid when it comes to basic economics.

  5. The supply chain was developed and run by private business. And the pandemic crashed it. It’s working to recover. This is the GOP free market in action, on a global basis. As for rising prices, that’s Republican orthodoxy too. Scarce supply equals higher prices. Think oil producers aren’t looking to your wallet to make up for the fuel not sold last year when world economies nearly stopped? Welcome to the free market. And it’s not new. Fuel prices rise before each winter, each big holiday, each summer. Food prices go up before major holidays. Every year. News flash. Presidents don’t have much to do with these trends, no matter who is in that office.

    1. Wrong the pandemic didn’t crash it. Democrats, liberals, communist countries and other leaders that think like them and implemented extended lockdowns is what caused this problem. This is your ideaology in action.

    2. fuel prices rise before each winter due to the additives in the fuel for winter stabilization. As for the president not having much to do with the rising costs of energy, to include fuel, Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline, stopped fracking, ended land leasing for well drilling. No, he had nothing to do with the price increases. pftpftpftpft

      1. Modification = The Great Reset. They have to destroy the current system to install the new one. Nobody wants to hear or believe it, but all of this is on purpose…our governments would gladly watch us starve to achieve their goal.

      2. In the mean time- your kid’s “Ninbendo Switch” sits off shore creating a buying frenzy and jacked up prices just in time for the holidays… Merry Christmas Amerika- from the family Biden !

  6. Most of the trucks hauling containers out of l.a. ports were owner operator with older trucks.california pass a law that all trucks must be 2011 or newer.they also passed a law that all trucks hauling from l.a. ports be electric by 2035.These owner operator can not afford to buy a new truck.That will be obsolete in a few years and then buy a new not yet available electric truck

    1. The entire trucking industry is grossly over-regulated. and it continues
      to get worse, and California has been actively trying to destroy the trucking industry
      for years with their own ridiculous regulations.
      The independent owner/operators had a chance years ago to put a stop to the stupidity
      in California by boycotting the entire state but they wouldn’t do it. The owner/operators
      have always talked a big game, but when it comes down to it they never unite,
      and now they don’t have the leverage they once had because of the big truckload carriers
      that will haul the freight cheaper and play by their stupid rules…

  7. Fox told me that everything is Biden’s fault and if Trump had been re-elected we would all be smiling, holding hands, Covid free and the world would be at peace.

      1. @BGHW: was that Newsweek link supposed to support your claim that they (Newsweek) blame Biden for the supply chain issues? I see nothing in that article mentioning such. Perhaps you should be more careful when posting links.

      1. I would rather be a “Stoner” than a idiot who scoops up trash information from Fox like pathetic morons. Even if Trump was in his 2nd term (scary) I wouldn’t blame him for the shortages because of basic knowledge of civics and common sense. Instead of taking some responsibility Repukes blame all their shortcomings on others. I really hope Trump runs again to try and save his own skin while some Repukes with grey matter are starting to get tired of his stupidity and constant whining about 2020.

          1. You mean the response to an attack on him? Am I supposed to be the parent? Folks can defend themselves, and “offensive personal attacks” is a judgment call.
            Defining who are “Real Americans” is a really scary thing.

      1. The losers are those who believed Biden was a better pick. Not to mention the $419,000,000 Zuckerbucks pumped into the election offices in key swing states in favor of Democrat candidates. Oh wait! Isn’t that illegal tampering with elections, election interference, and a violation of campaign finance laws

  8. Fuel rices are exploding as Biden’s gift to OPEC is now coming home to roost- no other explanation-excuse-white wash of facts needed. As for the supply chain ? Part of the economy destroyed by the Demokrat’s scorched Earth strategy against President Trump and anyone who voted to end the never-ending incompetence of career politicians like Ron Wyden ! Make no mistake- Americans are under attack by Pelosi- Biden- the Clinton’s and a ghost shell government of Obama and the Squad… they are now trying to starve you out !

  9. A record 4.3 million Americans “quit their jobs” in August this year- many forced out by Biden’s mandates- many took early retirement instead of being forced to vax… Biden’s policies are a disaster… and he’s digging in to starve you out now- inflation at a 13 year high- fuel prices so bad that Joey is now begging the people in oil and gas to save his tail after he put them out of business- this is measurable incompetence that is destroying the planet ! But hey- ya got rid of the Orange haired meany who put money in your wallet- good work !

  10. Hmm. I have a file, a flat scraper and and iron but, I’m not sure I have a mask that will keep me safe on the mountain in sub-freezing temperatures where any aerosolized virus will freeze and drop to the ground.

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