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Police raid unlicensed NE Bend massage business, recommend owner be charged

Tips prompt 6-month investigation; no evidence of human, sex trafficking found

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Police raided a northeast Bend massage business Thursday after a six-month investigation determined it did not have a state license, and recommended its owner, a Washington state resident, be charged as a result.

Late last year, police received several tips from community members about possible human trafficking and sex trafficking at May Foot Spa & Massage on Northeast Bellevue Drive, Bend PD Communications Manager Sheila Miller said.

Detectives began an investigation of the business, also receiving a report of a female customer being the subject of unwanted sexual touching by a massage therapist there, Miller said.

Police determined during the six-month investigation that the massage business did not have a permit through the Oregon State Board of Massage Therapists. Miller said police will work with the city regarding its business registration.

The state board, meanwhile, conducted its own investigation, having received tips that clients had received improper massages from untrained therapists that caused physical injuries.

Police executed a search warrant at the business Thursday and said they found evidence the business does not have a state license to provide massages. However, Miller said, detectives found no evidence that human or sex trafficking was taking place there.

Police said a charge against the business owner, a 48-year-old Puyallup resident, of practicing massage without a license will be forwarded to the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office for consideration.

"Bend Police wants customers to be aware that May Foot Spa & Massage is not licensed by the state," the news release stated. "The Oregon State Board of Massage Therapists has a search tool on its website ( that allows users to check whether a massage therapist is properly licensed in Oregon.: 

There are no other charges being considered at this time, but the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with additional information about or experience with the business is asked to contact Det. Daniel Koehnke at

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  1. An out of state owner did not purchase the proper Business license, so they get a $1000 fine. All of the LMTs are currently licensed. Six months of Bend PD resources for this? Their time would of been better used enforcing the vagrancy laws we have on the books! It might drop the 35K being spent a year on vagrants by a buck or two.

      1. The point is we would all be better off if we did not have a liberal “cafeteria justice policy” like portland. Where laws are enforced when it is convenient and politically acceptable.

      2. What fact am I omitting? all the LMTs were licensed. The only license they didn’t have is a business license from the Massage therapy Board. The penalty for that is $1000. I never said it is an error. I am saying its a waste of resources to spend 6 months investigating a business when the only charge is a lack of a business license. And so what if I am A troll? The things I claim to know are from your station’s article and the police report. At least I know I am a troll. You just act like one. This is entertainment for the vast majority of us. You need to get a hobby, this job is consuming you.

        1. I simply asked how do you know this? Are you involved with this business? Or are you presuming from what’s not included that the workers there are all licensed? I have to read all of your stuff, and the other trolls – tell me that wouldn’t affect your treatment of then, 100s a day, 1,000s a month, nights and weekends. A little compassion would go a long way. I do get that from some, but not the trolls.

          1. Not a valid excuse Barney, but nice try… did not simply ask how he knows this, you threw down insults that violate your own TOS….if it weren’t for double standards Barney, you wouldn’t have any at all.

            1. We pretty much made the same observation- yet I get attacked from the man-child himself… just more proof that this guy has a serious chipper on the shoulder… and needs to just walk away from this forum- it’s eating him up- and we all can see it. Poor Sod !

              1. Your advice is duly noted and dismissed as always. I think most objective onlookers know who’s the “man-child” in this sad dialogue. I am a blessed, happy man who reads your stuff, sometimes fires back and then duly forgets about it, except perhaps to laugh, sadly. Such a waste of your oh-so-valuable time.

          2. WTH Barns ??? “I simply asked how do you know this”… NO YOU DIDN’T… You made a buncha angry accusations including name calling and false accusations. You really need to just walk away from the moderation position- you simply don’t have the temperament to handle such a cushy job !

            1. People who read your stuff – the minority, I believe – know everything I say about your attacks on me is true. And that we post factual, accurate, unbiased news.

              I am not leaving here, no one else would want to deal with the trolls and hate and blame. My temperament is fine. This is NOT my main job – that’s writing news, working with the young reporters to put out the best darn news we can, while also frequently thanking folks who make their points in far more civil fashion, no matter whether “I agree with them” or not. Feel free to move on if displeased.

                1. FALSE allegations as always. You will NEVER prove we purposely do what you allege because we DON’T.
                  Others are nice enough to just ask us to check the trash for the tech error. I’m sure you’ll find similar false allegations to make in our new platform. Hopefully the votes up/down on your comment will give it proper “community moderation.” You’ll probably claim we manipulate them, when we never will and I’ll never up/downvote.

      3. You should know Barney, you are the censor in Chief. Does it say anywhere in Hump’s comment that the business has a license? Come on Barney, stay on target. Self professed troll? Certainly a censor in chief can choose nicer words Barney….you just violated your own terns of use..shame, shame on you.

        1. No, I was simply noting he seems to be aware of things not in the article, that’s all. He has called himself a troll, was just stating a fact.
          I am not ashamed of my efforts to try to encourage civil discussion here and not personal attacks.

        2. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them. I would like to confirm though that Barney is correct regarding how I identify, its fluid but often I present as a troll. I would also add that When the new platform launches I will most likely start using my birth name and will encourage others to do the same. It is one of the few ways to inject some accountability.

        3. You are absolutely right- and many of us are sick and tired of Ol Barns double standards of “do as I say not as I do”- the liberal mantra ! Yup- lots of shame here !

        1. Because this mod suffers from a severe case of over-inflated ego. The one that holds the censor button in their hand without any oversight- usually has the biggest ego around- they think they are perfect- don’t need anyone to check their actions… this is exactly why Elon Musk will take over Twitter- to get rid of the single cell mod who takes everything personally. It’s been a joke since day one as no amount of education has seeped into the thick ones dome !

          1. And yet you have no better place to hang out day and night, weekends too. Changing no minds or none of what we do here. What does that say about you? (Oh I know, the answer will be full of … you.)

            1. You have no idea how many people I’ve influenced- to not believe everything you claim to be as fact- to challenge your opinions- to stand up for morals and ethics while you try to drag this site into the gutter with allowable vulgarities and obscenities ! I scare the dickens out of you because many now challenge your drivel- demand respect- that you stop telling everyone to love it or leave it- name calling- but most of all- stop pushing your liberal agenda on CO- where red-neck- white trash-blue collar folks call home… that’s our America home-fry- and don’t you forget it !

              1. LOL, you have such an inflated ego that I am not ever attempting to burst your bubble. Your “demands” fall on deaf ears as always. I’ve never had any issue with your opinions, only your crass, nasty, attacking ways of giving them. That and your false claims about me, this organization and everyone who disagrees with you. That’s NOT what America stands for.

  2. Six months seems like an awfully long time for this investigation. I think you could verify the licensing issue online, in a matter of minutes.

    Did officers pose as patrons of the biz to investigate for sex acts?? IF so – how many, how often???

  3. So Z21 will name a business that hasn’t been charged but wont name individuals who have been charged ! Hypocrite much ?

    1. Editorial judgment calls are numerous, such as re: individuals vs. businesses. Note we didn’t name the owner, though it was in the release easily findable elsewhere for those who want to know.

      1. There is no room for individual bias- bigotry- or political posturing- the things you call “judgement calls” ! Fix your policies- or face the fact that you are being hypocrites.

        1. Proud of every moderation call. I wear your slings and arrows like a badge of honor. Besides, it’s all an act. The person shouting “shameful” and “hypocrisy” – folks can judge by his own words, as they do mine.

          1. You’re a hypocrite and your station is guilty as well. This station has no problems trying to close business’ down which really doesn’t affect the average person much but wont release the names of charged individuals to help keep the community safe. Bravo Z21. Keep up the wokeness.

  4. Call it assuming or profiling if ya want but whenever law enforcement is investigating a “Massage Business” they are likely looking for some type of prostitution which is probably why they took 6 months and after finding nothing they had to make something stick to explain the 6 months of resources. Over 6 months they were likely looking for evidence of even just one “Happy Ending” but evidently no happy endings were found.

  5. Clearly editorial judgment has a lot of discretion. The real story here is the city’s cost for this boondoggled investigation. Maybe that’s where you can apply your investigative skills, otherwise this is a non-story.

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