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  1. Before Kovid Kate Brown shut down the state economy over a mild virus these stores had no problem finding staff- so now that “all” covid categories are surging above her original shut down data in March of 2020- why hasn’t Kalamity shut down the state again ? What happened to “stay home- stay safe- go broke” ? FACT- Brown was 100% wrong to destroy the Oregon economy- nothing she did for over a year worked- it was all a complete failure and she didn’t save a single life- data don’t lie ! These shops continue to suffer her stoopidity (sic)- these businesses need to lawyer up and sue the state for unfair business practices- fraud- and corruption. I say Sue this state for everything it’s worth so this never happens again.

    1. FACT: You’re still working. So am I. Very thankful to be. So… by definition, the economy is not “destroyed.” You have such a wide field of possible valid criticisms available, and yet so many critics here always go for the wild over-statements, and I can never figure out why they sabotage their own positions that way. It greatly lessens the chance of them convincing anyone to change their opinion, so clearly that’s not the goal. What is, I don’t know.
      Here’s a 91-year-old, the headline caught my eye. Just another opinion, for some balance/perspective. She quotes the same Worldometer stats you twist routinely. I wonder who to trust?

      1. Here’s your catch 22 Barney Lerten- if your opinion piece supports the idea that shutting down businesses- closing schools- and blocking access to social gatherings actually saved lives- reduced active cases- protected Oregonians… “ALL” claims made by Kovid Kate to justify her dictatorship… then why is Kate allowing Oregon to stay open now- even though the number of active cases (62000)- the seven day average for new cases (1000- which lead to deaths)- and the 7 day average for total deaths continues to fluctuate at levels higher than at anytime during the first 10 months under Trump- when Brown initiated her chaos- Does she now not care about covid19- the illnesses- the deaths ? That’s a fair question no matter how you spin it !

        1. It was a 91-year-old’s letter to the editor. And hospitals are not in similar crisis because this is thankfully a milder virus. And, according to the experts you dismiss, the vaccines greatly reduced the threat of serious illness and death. But critics will use and twist whatever stats are at hand to paint the grimmest picture possible and build the false mtns. of blame, when they COULD focus on the reality and find plenty to criticize, or even better – paint a true, reality-based mixed picture. Thus they remain far easier to ignore for those who know it’s not as awful as some say or wonderful as others say. The truth, as always, lies in the messy middle.

          1. Barney ! The death rates are the same right now with a vaccine that has a 52% failure rate- as they were when Brown shut down the state in March 2020 ! How can you argue that the vaccines are effective when the numbers are the same- so why hasn’t Brown shut down the State again ? Brown declared the state closed to save lives- stay safe… but now she won’t close the state because safety and lives are now not important to her ? The data don’t lie- the hoax does. Brown destroyed lives- businesses- and childhoods ! No one will ever forget what she did- and that is beyond messy- that is criminal !

            1. It’s pretty simple. Considering the lies you’ve said about me over and over, I don’t trust or believe anything you say and doubt you know what you are talking about. You are the only one with the “real info” or consistently misstate, twist or misunderstand the data? I fully believe the latter.

              1. His info should be easily debunked then, but not one single commenter here ever does it. You would think at least SOMEBODY. Of ALLLLLLLLLL the posts he makes, and allllllll the reactions from them…..none are ever refuted. It’s always about why you let him post, but nobody ever calls him out using correct cited sources and facts. In this instance, I can find nothing that says different

                1. Of course he’s been refuted, many times. He just spins it a different direction. And eventually everyone learns it’s not worth the time. Well, most wise ones do, anyway.

            2. As you can see some are too proud of their profession to actually admit they’ve been part of the hoax-the skam- the kon since day one… the data is clear- the current situation with this mild virus is (at times) worse than what it was way back in March of 2020 when Kate Brown insisted she was shutting down our lives- our schools- our businesses over a minor virus… 13,000 Oregon companies died within that first spring- these deaths continue today with Croutons being the latest victim- and your local media now wants no part of the accountability- because yer pickin’ on me ??? Pretty sad statement !

              1. Did businesses suffer? Yes. Did we turn away all these biz you say shut down and wanted to tell their story, in order to hold the “narrative”? No, because it never happened and as usual, you overstate and misstate.

  2. this location hasn’t been open for a few months. and there’s a for rent sign out front.
    love croutons.
    bummer to go all the way to the east side to get it, but it’s SOOOOO worth it!

        1. If they were paying enough than they would not have staffing issues and would still be open, duh, just pass the higher labor cost on to the customers

      1. Nobody will ever pay enough… whatever happened to doing a job because you had a passion- a drive- it was enjoyable- you needed to get out of the house… these people and their bloated sense of self worth are amazing !

    1. That’s what I did. And thank God too. I still have property family a house and two rentals in Bend. But my business was NOT shut down in my business friendly state like it would have been in Oregon. But I think the Croutons owner moved here from San Diego. Talk about from the frying pan in to the fire… I love Croutons. They have great food. I wish them well.

  3. All while we pass people begging for money on street corners. “Will work for food.” or the “God Bless, anything helps.” Yeah, sure buddy. It doesn’t help your cause when you’re begging under the banner of a “help wanted” sign.

  4. Love Croutons. Glad they finally opened a Redmond location several years ago. Now I do not have to drive all the way to Bend to get a great sandwich.

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