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Both drivers hurt, one cited in NW Redmond intersection crash

NW Way Coyner Avenue crash DCSO 1-5
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Both drivers were taken to Redmond hospital after Sunday crash; one was cited for dangerous left turn

Deputies say pickup's driver hit car while turning left

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Two injured drivers were taken to the hospital after a collision Sunday afternoon at a northwest Redmond intersection, authorities said, and one was cited for making a dangerous left turn.

Deschutes County sheriff's deputies and Redmond Fire medics were dispatched around 2:40 p.m. to the reported injury crash at the intersection of Northwest Way and Coyner Avenue, sheriff's Sgt. Troy Gotchy said.

Dispatchers told them both vehicles had major damage, both drivers were hurt and a female driver was trapped in her car.

Redmond firefighters cut the driver's side door from the 2008 Mazda and removed driver Vanessa Klingensmith, 38, of Redmond. The driver of a 1997 Ford F-150 pickup was identified as John Smith, 69, also of Redmond.

Both drivers were taken by ambulance to St. Charles Redmond with non-life-threatening injuries, Gotchy said, adding that a child in Klingensmith's car was unhurt.

An investigation found that Klingensmith was heading south on Northwest Way and Smith was heading north when he tried to turn west onto Coyner Avenue and struck Klingensmith's car on the driver's side, the sergeant said. Smith was cited for making a dangerous left turn.

The crash blocked the intersection for about an hour, until both vehicles could be removed.

Gotchy said alcohol was not a factor in the crash. Oregon State Police also assisted at the scene, he added.

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  1. This guy needs to be forced by court to go to driving school learn the laws He’s lucky he didn’t kill the woman or child What a dumb Snow Flake There are alot of people out there that are taught by bad drivers that are out there driving They don’t follow the laws or the speed limits Then they wonder why they pay such high insurance rates Hey dummies don’t speed don’t have accidents you’ll have a much lower insurance rate a good driving record Slow Down pay attention put the phone down it’s not worth your life or someone else’s It’s call ed COMMON SENSE

    1. There are many accidents there. I don’t know about every week, though. I go by there at least twice a day. The strange part is you can see a long way in every direction. People simply speeding and/or not paying attention….

  2. Hilarious. All the Trump hating Freaks and Democrat asshats have been clamoring on about Trump not notifying Congress…. well apparently it was a need-to-know basis. I wonder if this station will issue a retraction about reporting that Trump didn’t notify Congress? One thing is for sure though you can bet they’ll close all the comments and shut down the articles

    1. what are you talking about? How about taking some pride in your online community and try sticking to the relevance of the above mentioned article?

      Nothing wrong with political commentary but when you throw it around like feces to see what sticks you lose all credibility.

      1. I can clearly read about what the story is about. And I can clearly comment on whatever I want wherever I want. If they get to pick and choose what articles they close the comments on I get to pick what articles I post them on.

        1. We don’t ‘pick and choose what articles we close comments on.’ Whether you believe it or not, part of our CNN feed has a flaw that has comments turned off – and every time anyone points it out, I go into that story and turn them back on. It’s random, again, whether you believe it or not.

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