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Bend shelter seeks new home for dog who survived 4 gunshots

Bucky shot dog HSCO 1-9-1
Humane Society of Central Oregon
Humane Society of Central Oregon seeks a new home for Bucky, who's former owner is accused of shooting him at least 4 times

(Update: Adding DA's information)

Bucky's owner is charged with first-degree animal abuse

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Humane Society of Central Oregon said Thursday it is seeking a special person or family for a dog who has experienced the unthinkable. Bucky, a 3-year-old Australian shepherd, miraculously survived being shot four times in the head and shoulders.

The dog's previous owner, Dylan Breslin, 42, of Bend, was arrested by citation by Deschutes County sheriff's deputies Sunday on first-degree animal abuse charges, officials said.

On Dec. 11, two good Samaritans found Bucky off China Hat Road and brought him to the Bend Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Clinic. He was transferred the next day to HSCO.

Radiographs were taken to help diagnose a cause for reported limping. The radiographs revealed what appeared to be four bullets.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said Friday his office received the police reports Thursday and has not made a final charging decision. The case is set for arraignment on Feb. 18.

"The allegation is that the dog’s owner shot the dog in an effort to kill him, but the dog survived and ran away," Hummel said. "The dog was found near Horse Butte with bullet wounds."

Due to the trauma Bucky has experienced, the Humane Society of Central Oregon is looking for a compassionate person or family, with patience and the ability to provide the support he needs.

“Bucky’s future needs to be an adult-only home due to his past history and distressing experience. His new family should have experience in dog training and behavior modification,” said Karen Burns, vice president of operations at the shelter. 

Secure containment will ensure a safe transition for Bucky, Burns said, adding that HSCO will determine the best placement for the dog.

Interested adopters should complete an adoption questionnaire, which can be found at or at the Humane Society of Central Oregon (61170 SE 27th St in Bend).

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    1. They really do need to start getting a lot more serious about prosecuting animal abuse crimes. The new Federal animal abuse law allows for s fine and up to 7 years of prison time, but I have a feeling most cases like this one will use State and local guidelines.
      If this is true, people in Deschutes County don’t have much to worry about because our worthless DA Hummel thinks that even people that have brutally murdered someone shouldn’t have to spend life in prison, and should be given back their freedom, just because they have been on good behavior, so we know how seriously he is going to take animal abuse cases…

  1. It’s beyond disturbing to know that there are people that would do this to an animal.
    I truly believe that anyone that is screwed up in the head enough to shoot an innocent animal for no reason wouldn’t have any problem doing the same thing to a person…
    Dog are unconditional, loyal, and most would do anything to protect their family.
    Unfortunately the scumbag that did this will probably just get a small fine, and be able to continue their abusive ways. It’s probably not the first time that they abused an animal, and unfortunately it probably won’t be the last. This worthless piece of crap probably beats his wife or girlfriend too if he has one…

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