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Central Oregon
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Worthy Brewing teaming up with local musicians to help fight climate change

100% of proceeds go to the nonprofit Protect our Winters.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



    1. LOL… It should be a real life altering experience, and I’m sure it will make all of those in attendance feel warm and fuzzy about themselves. I hate to rain on their parade but it doesn’t matter if you clowns raise millions at the little love fest, you ain’t gonna change the world or the natural weather cycles that the world has had since day one…
      I don’t take any of these people serious, and guys that have a big knot ball of hair on top of their head are even further down the list.

        1. Too upsetting for leftists to see the tally of downvotes pile up against their delusions. A side benefit of KTVZ’s new and not improved format so that they are not seen as facilitating a forum decidedly conservative on most topics.

  1. Raise all of the money you want, but unless and until the earth’s human population cuts their reproduction rate, nothing will change. If the goal is to reduce human impact on global climate, the only effective solution is fewer humans.

  2. I had no idea that Worthy leaned that way. I new there was a bad vibe in the place when we were there on Saturday. I guess they didn’t like my American flag pins on my hat a jacket. Crappy food, crappy beer, and crappy beliefs. If you like socialism so much then move there. Don’t try to bring it here!!

  3. Send all the money to China in hopes they won’t use the ocean as their landfill. We can make our lives miserable here in the states fighting this, but until the rest of the world gets on board, not much change will happen.

  4. How much CO2 does fermenting wort release in their brew tanks??? Seems quite hypocritical a company that uses a process that releases tons of CO2 will host a climate change event. Oh wait. It’s OK when progressives do it.

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