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Central Oregon

FBI offers reward for shooters who damaged Midstate substation

Midstate Electric Mowich substation
Midstate Electric Co-Op's Mowich substation, scene of major damage from shooting vandalism.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The FBI offered a reward of up to $5,000 Friday for information leading to suspects in a shooting last year that caused more than $400,000 damage to a Midstate Electric Cooperative substation in northern Klamath County.

Around 2:30 a.m. last June 1, unknown suspects using high-caliber firearms shot at a transformer and power regulators at Midstate's Mowich substation, located off Highway 58, about three miles west of Highway 97, the FBI said.

About 1,000 members lost power due to the severe damage. To date, no group or person has claimed responsibility, the FBI said.

The FBI poster is at

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the FBI at (541) 773-2942 in Medford or at (503) 224-4181 in Portland.

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    1. Yes, guns are never ever used for enjoyment. It would be interesting to see how many bullets are sold each year, and how many of those bullets involve a crime. I’m thinking cars and steak knives would look horrifically dangerous in comparison.

      1. the really weird part is y’all can never just come right out and say that you like guns – y’all act like you possess them due to some moral obligation that is nothing but a burden on you but, being as you are so noble you must endure

        1. Wrong again… I do like them for many reasons, none of which you would understand.
          I will also admit that I could care less that other people don’t like them and are afraid of them. I also get a lot of satisfaction out of the fact that people like you get so worked up and pissed off about an inanimate object, and there is nothing you can do about it…

          1. couldn’t possibly understand, because you are so deep and complex – how is it that gun strokers like you foam at the mouth if anyone dare say anything about your precious inanimate objects, but you insist it is them who are angry and worked up – yea, you are deep and complex all right

            1. No I’m not deep and complex but your fear and hatred of guns is so deep rooted, it’s pointless trying to explain why I like guns… The thing that makes people mad is because you can’t pursue your true agenda without lies and misinformation. But the worst part is that liberals seem to think they can reinterpret our Constitution and change it to fit their needs. That’s what the problem is…
              People have been trying for many years to take away private ownership of guns,
              and they still continue to fail, but keep on spreadin the lies and don’t give up hope.

              1. You can bet the first person he calls demanding to protect him when he gets scared is a person with a gun. Hoplophobes like Tio love guns. But only when the government controls them and when his progressive masters are using them to control people he doesn’t like.

    2. Yes there is but the anti-gun kooks will never admit it because it would only further
      weaken their pathetic agenda. They find it easier to conveniently withhold facts, and
      spread misinformation. Fortunately for them, their loyal subjects are so ignorant that
      they believe everything they are told…

    1. oh look….the completely misinformed tantrum throwing broad showed up to be totally nothing but condescending and wrong. How typical. Don’t you have sandwiches to make or a house to clean?

  1. Unless it’s an IPSC target, if you shoot something that can’t shoot back then you are quite the Hillary lover. (except if you’re hunting for food on the table, then well done sir)

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