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Central Oregon

Dog found shot 4 times has happy reunion with Bend rescuer

Bucky Freddie Brandon Benoit HSCO 925
Humane Society of Central Oregon
Freddie led the way in a run with his rescuer, Brandon, during their weekend reunion

Rescuer's parents adopted Bucky, renamed Freddie; duo hit the trails for run

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Bend man who rescued a dog he found shot four times on a trail run southeast of Bend last December reunited with the dog this weekend when his parents, who adopted Bucky (and renamed him Freddie) paid a visit from Seattle.

The Humane Society of Central Oregon posted to Facebook some photos of the reunion with the 3-year-old Australian shepherd, whose previous owner faces a first-degree animal abuse charge.

Shelter officials also learned more about what happened that December day near Horse Butte. Brandon, the rescuer, said he had a usual running route, but missed the turnoff.

While on the wrong route, he found Bucky, who was limping. He stopped with the dog, thinking he'd gotten ahead of his owner on the trail, but no one showed up. He also ran the direction the dog came from and found no one.

Bucky followed Brandon to his car, so he loaded him in and took him to an emergency clinic, where they found a microchip; X-rays later at HSCO found he'd been shot four times in the head and shoulders.

Fittingly, when Brandon's parents, Jennifer and Richard, brought him down from Seattle, Freddie went on a run with Brandon, as well as some snuggle time on his lap.

"Freddie's new family loves him, and feels he fits in perfectly with their active lifestyle," the HSCO Facebook post said. "He adjusted quickly and surprisingly well, with loving guidance."

The suspect in the case, Dylan Breslin, is scheduled to enter a plea at a hearing on May 19, court records show.

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Barney Lerten

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  1. Love the dog story, but seriously questioning why folks from Seattle are visiting here.

    People, please stay home and in your own state/area. Our hospital can’t handle the influx of travelers in addition to us locals.

    We also don’t need any more of the germs and viruses you could be bringing with you.

    STAY AWAY and STAY HOME! There’s a Pandemic going on for God’s sake!

  2. I’m really glad the dog was rescued and survived. He was very lucky…
    That said, WTH is wrong with these people ? They just decided to take
    a little trip just because they felt like it ? A trip from one of the
    states that has been hit the hardest with this virus.
    This was beyond stupid, and even worse that Z21 printed the story, and
    didn’t bother mentioning this…
    It was really nice to finally read a story that wasn’t filled with doom and gloom
    about the virus but this really makes no sense.

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