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Erika McCalpine to lead new OSU-Cascades Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lab

Erika McCalpine OSU-Cascades
Erika McCalpine, a business faculty member at OSU-Cascades, will lead the Bend school's new Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Lab.

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon State University–Cascades announced Monday it is launching a new laboratory dedicated to advancing social equity and inclusion in Central Oregon by providing business owners and managers tools to foster diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

McCalpine, a business faculty member at OSU-Cascades, who has championed social justice issues within OSU and Bend, will lead the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Laboratory, the school announced in a news release, which continues below:

The lab will provide intensive diversity and inclusivity training for business owners and managers in Central Oregon, a region where an estimated 12% of the population is made up of people of color. McCalpine will lead two training sessions this summer.

“We’re fortunate to have a thoughtful and collaborative leader like Erika to lead the DEI Lab,” said Becky Johnson, vice president of OSU-Cascades. “I’m confident the lab will advance social justice in Central Oregon and help people of color find equal opportunity to succeed.”

The lab also will provide consulting services for area businesses, agencies and nonprofit organizations, advising employers on hiring practices, unconscious bias and other issues.

“The recent national social unrest has heightened awareness in our community of the systemic racism many people of color experience as a part of daily life,” McCalpine said. “The DEI lab will leverage the strong local desire to create more inclusive work environments and more welcoming communities, for current and future generations.”

McCalpine said she plans to engage undergraduate student interns in research and outreach at the DEI Lab.

She serves on the boards of directors of City Club of Central Oregon and Volunteers in Medicine, and on advisory boards of the Bend Chamber.

McCalpine is also a co-founder of Love Your Neighbor, a grassroots effort that encourages Central Oregon community members to appreciate and accept fellow residents from diverse backgrounds.

She received the OSU Frances Dancy Hooks Award in 2019 for building bridges across cultures and showing courage in promoting diversity.

The DEI Lab is funded in part by a gift from John Teller and Amy Tykeson.

About OSU-Cascades: Oregon State University’s campus in Bend, Ore. features outstanding faculty in degree programs that reflect Central Oregon’s vibrant economy and abundant natural resources. Nearly 20 undergraduate majors, 35 minors and options, and three graduate programs include computer science, energy systems engineering, kinesiology, hospitality management, and tourism, recreation and adventure leadership. OSU-Cascades expanded to a four-year university in 2015; its new campus opened in 2016.

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  1. I can think of a few who may benefit from these training sessions that happen to post quite regularly on this site… I wonder if they’ll sign up?

        1. Oh, the mysterious “white privilege” that nobody could explain or prove to exist so far. Please explain how a son of a, lets say Serbian immigrant family is somehow more privileged than a daughter of a wealthy African-American family.
          I also tried to use my white privilege card at the gas station the other day and it did not work, I had to pay like everybody else.

          1. Have you ever been denied lodging while on a road trip despite being an anesthesiologist, well groomed and clean? Have you ever been followed around by an employee in a busy hardware store even though you knew exactly what you were looking for and told the help you could find what you needed? Just curious and asking for a friend.

            1. “Have you ever been denied lodging while on a road trip despite being an anesthesiologist”

              Well… No… not as an anesthesiologist… but as a common Joe Shmo- sure ! It’s called “No Rooms Available”- and it’s why we make reservations before hand !

              But hey- here’s a new one… you ever been accused of stalking in a large scale department store- just because you had on a corona mask (I kid you not) sunglasses and happened to be only one of two people in an aisle !

              Yep- there some kwazy wabbits out there- doesn’t mean it’s “racism” !

    1. How? this is an entertainment site for trolls. We all know exactly what we are posting. Do you really think that this is a vehicle for thoughtful comments and discussion?
      Dang, you almost had me for a second, lil baby troll!

    2. I’d be willing to bet these sessions will be similar to a timeshare presentation. Where they confine you in a room for hours, mentality beating you down. But instead of selling you a percentage of a property attendees will be schooled in if they don’t already experience white guilt by the end of the sessions they will. Or be tagged a racist.

  2. i wonder what ethnicity they are talking about.. people of color” is such a racist term. its so racist to lump a bunch of ethnicities together as if they are the same. whats the difference between “POC” and calling non white people “colored people ” or “some sort of colored person ” its halilrous how accepted racist white liberals are. news flash for all you racist white liberals. no all whites are the same. not even close. not all Africans are the same. same goes for the Hispanics. white liberals are outrageously racist and divisive.

    1. Interesting observation- and correct-

      “people of color” is such a racist term. its so racist to lump a bunch of ethnicities together as if they are the same.”

      Go to the OHA website and you’ll see a complete break down of races- with a whole different category for “Hispanics”… who still dominate the races per population for positive corona cases- a real eye opener.

  3. “She received the OSU Frances Dancy Hooks Award in 2019 for building bridges across cultures and showing courage in promoting diversity.”

    Hey ! I once built a bridge out of popsicle sticks- connected it to my hot wheels track too ! And… I once stared down an angry turtle over a piece of iceberg lettuce at a family picnic… so where’s my “Fancy Dancy Hooks” Award ???

    Where’s the diversity in that ?

    1. Soooo much failing Betty!!! Go ahead have a little tantrum, its what your dear leader would do!! then of course go eat “tremndous” amounts at burger king!!! LOL!!!!!
      golf and a whore anyone!!! trump/putin2020!!!! LYING – DYING and DENYING!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Will this include training on how an employer will be able to get the same productivity out of an “equity” person as that employer could get out of a “qualified” person

    1. You will no doubt be extremely disappointed to learn that whips and chains are no longer aloud to get “productivity” out of an “equity” person. Now might be a good time for you to start saving up for a 1 way bus ticket to West Virginia!!!! LOL!!

      1. “West Virginia” ???

        Total number of deaths due to Corona Wuhan China Virus-
        New York- 32,847
        New Jersey- 16,000
        California- 10,500
        Oregon- 357

        West Virginia- 147 !!!

        Looks like the only thing they be “whippin” is Corona !

  5. People should be able to get a job or housing based on merit, not skin tone. To that effect, let us ban any mention of race, gender, or age on employment, housing, or loan applications. All applications will have to have a serial number assigned to them instead of a name, to bar guessing gender or skin tone. I would be insulted to find out I was the “token person of color or gender” in some business just for “diversity” in the workplace to meet some government threshold.

    1. Uhg…really? So you have a problem with a person making a living? Does she not deserve that wage in your eyes? You have no idea how much the college makes of what she is charging….even if she earned every dime and it went all to her income who are you to say she is not worthy?

        1. Then why did you go to the trouble of posting it? Because you enjoy walking backwards as much as your failed dear leader!!! Soooooooooo much looooooooosing!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!
          Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump/putin 2020 !!! LYING – DYING and DENYING!!!!

      1. Not sure if what she does qualifies for “making a living”. Another non-productive paid position that adds no value to the economy and only exists because of political BS.
        If she was teaching something valuable like math or biology I would have zero problem.

      2. “Uhg…really? So you have a problem with a person making a living?”

        You need to save the rest of your speech for Governor Kate Brown- who’s Executive Orders shut down schools- businesses- events- and life as we all know it.

        The Governor has threatened legitimate businesses with fines-criminal action- and loss of licence for not “obeying” her orders… so where is your tantrum addressing that violation of civil liberties and rights ?

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