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Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate faces lawsuit to be removed from ballot

GOP nominee sues secretary of state, candidate, claiming unlawful nomination

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- Cody Boswell of Bend served in the U.S. Marine Corps for over 20 years.

He said after Tuesday night's presidential debate, he followed reaction on social media and noticed a lot of people who are not happy with either of the two major party choices.

He explained how he feels the same frustration.

"I feel this is that tipping point where we as the American public need to let the political leaders know you know you're just not
representing our values any more," Boswell said.

He explained that the candidates have become too polarized: "You've gone way to far to the right or you've gone way to far to the left."

Cody said he's curious to know how many voters would be interested in somebody else, citing both write-in and third party candidates.

And he might not be the only person wondering that.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jo Rae Perkins recently sued the secretary of state and Libertarian Senate candidate Gary Dye, seeking to remove Dye from the ballot.

In court documents, she stated that Dye wasn't lawfully nominated because a nearly decade-long fight between Libertarian factions means Dye was not legally nominated by the party.

In her complaint, the GOP candidate stated, "As a candidate with considerable history and experience in Oregon politics, I am of the informed opinion that it is obvious that Mr. Dye's presence in the race will tend to take votes I would otherwise get."

The candidate explained what she was seeking: "I have no remedy for his unlawful participation in the race other than a ruling from this court that requires the secretary of state to remove him."

Ultimately, the Marion County Circuit Court judge denied the motion to remove Dye from the ballot, but the issue is still under review, according to Dye.

"So some time in the future -- a week from now, a month from now, after the election , I don't know -- it's quite possible that the judge could look at the merits of the other side's lawsuit and say, 'Okay, well, he's right,'" Dye said.

It's a move that Boswell said would set a dangerous precedent.

"Seeing how truly despicable it could be, with voter suppression and how systems can be rigged for a people, and there's no representation of the people, I'm very, very wary of anything where it takes away our rights to choose,"" he said.

Boswell said he has seen such examples in his time in the service, touring various parts of the world.

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    1. Oh, it gets better:
      “Perkins supports the QAnon conspiracy theory. Perkins has participated in the QAnon conspiracy theory since at least 2018. During Perkins’s victory speech for the Oregon Senate primary, she repeatedly invoked a catchphrase associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory and expressed appreciation for the QAnon supporters whom she met during her campaign. In this victory video, which was subsequently deleted, Perkins said, “I stand with President Trump. I stand with Q and the team. Thank you Anons, and thank you patriots. And together, we can save our republic.” In an interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting a few days after the video was taken down, Perkins said she had removed the video under advice from a campaign consultant, that she regretted the removal, and that she continues to view the QAnon forums as one source of information among many that she values. Larry McDonald, Perkins’s campaign manager, stated in May that Perkins only believed in certain facets of QAnon. In June, she took a ‘digital soldier oath’ inspired by QAnon promoter Michael Flynn”
      From her Wikipedia page

      1. Dude you are soooo lost. Q is reaL!!! didn’t you ever watch Star Trek the Next Generation!!!
        Hillbilly regressive trumpanzees will believe anything!!!
        golf and a whore anyone!!! Putin is buying!!! trump/Putin 2020!!!
        MORE LYING – DYING and DENYING!!! 2020!!!

        1. Ahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha! Of course you listen to Q. Better get yourself on down to the pizza parlor where Democrats are practicing pedophilia and Satanism. You need help son. Better vote D. Mental health is expensive and given your apparent education, you’re going to need some help paying for it.

        2. No, very, very few people read some Russian Intelligence operative on social media pretending to be some gov’t insider, and actually take it seriously.

      1. that would be the biggest mistake we could ever make if we want to continue to be a constitutional republic. But if you don’t like the system that got us to this level of success……

  1. Who cares if someone is a Marine!

    So Cody was trained and sanctioned to kill people

    How does that qualify him to serve and represent people

  2. Also if anyone wanted a Libertarian (Koch’s dogwhistle for his racists), the would have made sure he was on the ballot.

    This is just a feeble attempt to make Oregon more racist.

    1. person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

      Just so you understand the definition of racist. Guess I didn’t realize Oregon was the KKK capital of the world and growing…..

      SMH, grow up, please.

    1. The “middle”? Getting rid of public funding for education (only rich kids get to go to school), and Social Security and Medicare, is about as radical as you can get.

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