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Here’s directions from St. Charles on how to sew masks, help ease shortage

St. Charles mask directions
St. Charles Health System

(Update: New locations, times to drop off masks)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Amid several community and personal efforts to help fill a shortage of medical masks, St. Charles Health System has posted instructions on how to create them, what's needed and how to donate them.

In a posting to their website, the health system said:

"To all of our community members who so generously offered to donate hand-sewn masks to our caregivers, we’re happy to say we are ready and have a process in place to start accepting them!

"We are in most need of adult-sized masks. These will not be used in place of personal protective equipment, but rather to prolong our supply.

"We’ve included some instructions which call for a slit in the top so we may insert a disposable filter. However, if you’ve already made a few without the slit, we can still use them to cover our existing supply of masks.

"When donating, please place them in a sealed bag and drop them at any of the donation spots throughout Central Oregon (dates, times and locations are listed below). Please do not take them to the hospital, as we have restrictions in place at the entrances for your safety.

"Thank you all for your patience and for being so readily willing to help us. We can’t thank you enough," the statement concluded.

Please do not take donations to St. Charles hospitals or clinics. Starting Saturday, March 28, donations can be dropped during specified hours at the following sites:

Bend area

Albertsons North
1800 N.E. Third Street
Donations accepted during store hours

Albertsons South
61155 S. Highway 97
Donations accepted during store hours

Sisters area

St. Charles Family Care
630 N. Arrowleaf Trail
Donations accepted Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-noon and 1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Prineville area

Wagner's Market
930 N. Main Street
Donations accepted during store hours

Redmond area

Logan's Market
900 S.W. 23rd St.
Donations accepted during store hours

Madras area

Erickson's Thriftway
561 S.W. Fourth Street
Donations accepted during store hours

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  1. Oh ??? so now St Charles is eating crow pie and telling everyone the exact opposite of what medical professionals were saying here at the Z in February- that masks are worthless.

    And let’s just be clear- I’ve been accused of pushing “dangerous misinformation” for promoting these masks- gloves- and washing your hands.

    “Hello- FOX News ? Is Ann Coulter there ?? Can you get her for me- I have a story to share- one that proves that not all the President hating virus promoting hysteria is confined to New York and Atlanta” !

      1. Not sure who you are quoting- but advising “everyone” to mask up should have been the CDC’s battle cry from day one !

        Data out of Asia don’t lie- but your common sense seems to have sure failed you.

        1. That’s a great idea when you ignore the fact that there aren’t enough masks for everyone, and also when you ignore the fact that masks are far more useful in hospitals than out of hospitals, and when you ignore the fact that there aren’t even enough masks for hospitals.

          It’s a great idea.

          1. You seem to have your cart before your horse.

            If everyone had masked up on January 31 when the President shut down China air from reaching our shores- you would have prevented “thousands” of new cases. Immediately reducing the number of infected. To go even further- because of the 30,000 plus Americans that die every year from the common flu- why haven’t Americans gone to masks every November anyway ?

            Long story short- Americans willingly accept the deaths of thousands of it’s citizens every year to the common flu- no hysterics- no panic- just “gee that’s too bad” !

            The Wuhan Bat virus comes along- and the Democants (along with the angry media mob) politicize it to the point that Nancy Pelosi is able to grab 2 more days of screen time- while the nation shutters in fear- while she single handedly delays the stimulus package- a package that will mean life or death for many businesses. What gives her the right to play with the emotions of the US public like that ? Because that is the pure definition of todays Democrat party- Bitter- angry- vengeful fudge suckers who hate this President and all the great things he’s accomplished- President Trump will win the Nobel Prize for 2020- and this Wuhan debacle will secure his second term. This is one popular President right now !

      1. Trump said Secure our Borders
        The democrats objected and obstructed.
        Trump said Bring manufacturing back home.
        The democrats objected and obstructed.
        Trump said Stop China
        The democrats objected and obstructed.
        Trump said America First.
        The democrats squealed Russia, Russia, Russia.

    1. “Ann Coulter misread my chart on the dangers of the coronavirus, then tweeted about it — and it shows how easily misinformation can spread in a crisis” Business Insider

      Yep, I’d say that she exactly fits the criteria for your hero worship.

      1. Unlike the Democrat front-runner for the Presidential nomination- Joe Biden ? Who literally said that “the cure for the Wuhan virus is worse than the disease itself” !!!

        That’s your guy ? Your candidate to beat Trump ?? Your Hero ???

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