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Oregon is at critical moment: ‘We can’t afford to drop our guard’

Stay Home, Save Lives

Task force plan out amid signs stay-home, social distancing having impact

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The fight against the coronavirus depends on Oregon hospitals having enough beds to treat the coming surge in patients who will become seriously ill with the virus. Oregon health officials and hospitals announced Thursday a joint statewide action plan to dramatically bolster the state’s ability to treat people with COVID-19 illness who need hospital care.

The plan was developed by the Governor’s Joint Task Force for Health Care Systems Response to COVID-19, convened by the Oregon Health Authority. It includes a broad range of health systems, health care providers, human services organizations, public health and public safety agencies, insurers and other organizations needed in the battle.

The plan addresses four urgent actions necessary to expand the health care system’s capacity and maintain its capability as Oregon braces for a projected spike in new coronavirus cases:

  1. Procure and distribute critical medical supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers and ventilators.
  2. Optimize hospital capacity to be able to treat COVID-19 cases.
  3. Mobilize the health care workforce to respond to COVID-19.
  4. Maintain a unified, coordinated and transparent emergency response to COVID-19.

New projections of COVID-19 cases in Oregon show the state is at a critical moment in the fight against the disease. Social distancing measures could alter the trajectory of new infections, which gives Oregon’s health care system the chance to ramp up to meet the coming surge. But the state has little margin for error. A return to “business as usual” or slight differences in actual infection rates (compared to projected ones) could swamp hospitals with more coronavirus cases than they could treat.

Governor Brown said, “Hospital leaders and health officials are doing their part to find beds, secure supplies and protect health care workers. Oregonians can make a difference too: stay home and save lives. We all have a role to play in an unprecedented, unified effort across Oregon to stop the coronavirus from taking the tragic toll we’ve seen it claim elsewhere.”

State agencies, hospitals and health care providers have already begun to implement the plan.

  • The state is collecting PPE for re-distribution to facilities in need.
  • Regional hospitals have signed mutual aid agreements to shift equipment, workforce and patients from overburdened facilities to others with adequate capacity.
  • The state is working with providers to stand-up alternate care locations (such as the Oregon Medical Station), identify and develop new alternate care sites, enable ambulatory care centers to house patients and re-purpose long-term care facilities.
  • The state and hospitals are sharing hospital bed utilization data so hospitals can manage the use of beds and equipment across their region.
  • The state is developing childcare options for health care workers, so their work isn’t interrupted by school closings and family responsibilities. 

OHA Director Patrick Allen said, “Oregon’s health care system began preparing for a pandemic years ago, which gave us a head start on this plan. From expanding testing to securing more ventilators for Oregon hospitals, we are united by a set of common strategies to save lives in every corner of the state.”

The latest models state health officials released today forecast the following outcomes for three different scenarios: 

  • Return to business as usual: If Oregon lifted all the social distancing measures state leaders have instituted in recent weeks, there will be an estimated 15,000 cumulative infections by May 8th (within a range of 5,900-26,000). Approximately 1,100 people would need inpatient beds (850 AAC/250 ICU) across Oregon.
  • Maintain bans on large gatherings and indefinite school closures: There would be an estimated 6,100 cumulative infections by May 8th (within a range of 2,000-12,000) and 340 people will need inpatient beds (260 AAC/80 ICU).
  • Maintain aggressive interventions put into place on Monday, March 23rd (i.e.., Stay Home, Save Lives) with high public adherence: There will be an estimated 1,000 (within a possible range of 700-3,800) cumulative infections by May 8th. Under this scenario, hospitals would have to boost capacity by a smaller number of beds.

The models show that only aggressive interventions, like the Stay Home, Save Lives executive order Governor Brown issued on Monday, are predicted to decrease the number of active infections.  

The models state health officials released Thursday were prepared by the Institute for Disease Modeling. While similar to projections completed earlier by researchers at Oregon Health and Sciences University, these newer models from IDM take into account the impact of community-level social distancing interventions, which were not incorporated into the OHSU study. Researchers from OHSU and other hospitals are collaborating with OHA to forecast the COVID-19 burden for their specific hospitals based on this information.

Dr. Dean Sidelinger, state health officer at OHA, said: “These projections tell us the sacrifices Oregonians are making right now can save lives. At the same time, they paint a dark picture of what could happen.  We can’t afford to drop our guard.”

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  1. This article is in direct conflict with what Kate Brown has been saying- and what the Governor of the most negatively affected state has to say- Andrew Cuomo of New York:

    First- Kate Brown has been all over the airwaves ranting and raving like a lunatic about equipment- masks- blah-blah-blah… but then we get this quote here in the article:

    “OHA Director Patrick Allen said, “Oregon’s health care system began preparing for a pandemic years ago, which gave us a head start on this plan. From expanding testing to securing more ventilators for Oregon hospitals”

    So which is it Kate ? Yer either prepared as planned- you prepared but obviously not well enough- or- someones lying ! And then this from Cuomo in New York-

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that his stay-at-home order for the entirety of New York State was “probably not the best public health strategy.”

    WHAT ??? “stay home” is “probably not the best public health strategy” ???

    You mean the ongoing message from BiGgyHoWitzer- the Notorious BGHW for the past two weeks criticizing Kate Browns blatant destruction of our Oregon economy by shutting down schools- businesses, Parks, Buildings etcetera- now has legs- from all of people Andrew Cuomo of New York ???

    Blasphemy I tell you ! Sure would like to hear again from those people who were demanding my banishment into hell (on the grounds I was promoting “dangerous misinformation”)- those people who first mocked Ann Coulter- and then BGHW- that whole group of bullies- pile-ons- and knuckle draggin neanderthals who laughed- scoffed- paraded their ignorance like a peacock fans his feathers

    Read it and weep !

      1. Stay Home-Stay Stupid- Go Broke !

        “What we did was we closed everything down. That was our public health strategy. Just close everything, all businesses, old workers, young people, old people, short people, tall people,” said Cuomo. “Every school closed, everything.”
        “If you rethought that or had time to analyze that public health strategy, I don’t know that you would say quarantine everyone,” Cuomo admitted. “I don’t even know that that was the best public health policy. Young people then quarantined with older people was probably not the best public health strategy because the younger people could have been exposing the older people to an infection.“

        Hoaxing Baby- hookers and Golf for everyone !

          1. Social distancing is not the answer. Remember- Asia has no way to social distance- especially Japan and Korea- yet they flattened their curves in a couple of weeks.

            They did it through MuGuWu- and they sent everybody back to work while isolating their “at risk” population- I posted the FOX news story on this yesterday- and the Cuomo quote has come from FOX News… still don’t get it ? I bet you do !

            So you’ve gone all in to Kate’s response- for you there is no going back- you are invested.

            I decried this hoax from day one- I was clear- you shut down the economy- you will have created two crisis instead of one- now Cuomo is admitting to that mistake- Kate never will- and I doubt you will either- you all have a political agenda- I don’t. I call em as I see em- from a global and worldly perspective- and I’ve been spot on every time.

            1. I’ll blame Kate for the shutdown, if you blame Trump for not ramping up widespread testing in January. Deal? Let’s see if your loyalty lies with Trump or America.

                1. Oh, and if the Feds are to blame for something, the State can’t be blamed for anything else. I must have forgotten that law of nature.

              1. The widespread testing snafu in February was an issue between the FDA and the CDC-

                “As soon as Alex Azar, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, declared a public-health emergency, on February 4th, a new regulatory regime took effect. From that point on, any lab that wanted to conduct its own tests for the new coronavirus would first need to secure something called an Emergency Use Authorization from the F.D.A. (The C.D.C., which had been working closely with the F.D.A., received the first E.U.A. for a covid-19 test on the same day as Azar’s declaration.)”

                Attempts to secure this EUA required an application be sent through snail mail- and the problems between the FDA and damn near everybody escalated until the President stepped in and took control-

                Not sure who’s feeding you the baloney sandwich- but you can do your own homework- a clear exercise in bureaucratic bufoonery that the President eventually sorted out- and takes the criticism by folks like you who really don’t know the facts- because you rely on CNN and the Parrot for your high levels of hate and misinformation.


                1. Didn’t bother to read the link did you.

                  Ignorance at the expense of knowledge in full view- suit yerself !

                2. It’s trump’s fault! You named two agency’s that are under his control! face it he’s in charge, he failed and is still failing while Americans are dying! he has the blood of hundreds and soon to be thousands on his hands!

                3. Ironic statement of the year ! This is precious !!! Have at it ‘Never-Trumper” !

                  “Problem is… you people never place blame where it is due!”

                  Bwahahaaa !

                  Oh yeh- Like Hillary in a landslide !
                  Russian Collusion
                  Stormy Danials
                  Avenntti for President
                  Covington High Rioters
                  Impeachment without a crime


                  The Wuhan virus is not from China
                  The Wuhan Virus cannot be spread from human to human
                  The Wuhan virus is lethal on contact
                  The Wuhan virus will destroy the planet !

                  Where exactly do we ‘place blame” with all that fake news ? That proven dangerous information ?? All that political horse-hockey at the expense of national security and public safety ???

                  Gee- I dunno- but I’m pretty sure I read it all here at KTVZ !

                  MuGuWu-Sa !

            2. Wishy, the economy goes nowhere if the market is dead (literally). You whine about shutdowns and loss of freedom in one breath, but then advocate isolating (locking up?) “at risk” folks. Today’s answer is kinda like the Nazis rounding up the Jews to make Germany purer. Try figuring out what side of the argument you want to come down on, then educate yourself and come up with a consistent, coherent argument that’s based on facts and logic. Until then you’re little more than an ignorant, close-minded street corner preacher.

              1. Dumb Bunny- the vast majority of “at risk” folks are long retired, on disability or are rarely attached to the everyday workforce- they can afford to “stay home- stay alive”.

                I’ve been consistent from day one- you just can’t stand to see me with another “I told Ya So” badge on my sweater.

                Stay Home- Stay Stupid- Go Broke !

          2. The President’s 15 day timeline for self imposed quarantine ends on Monday. At which time he will address the nation as to how we will approach this Wuhan Chinese Virus going forward.

            We’ve had a serious hint about what’s to come. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo did more to alleviate stress and tension yesterday- by simply admitting he made a strategic mistake- remember this- from just a day ago ? Not sure why KTVZ insists on keeping it’s readers in the dark here-

            Cuomo: Not sure if closing all businesses, keeping everyone home was ‘the best public health strategy

            I clearly stated that data related to the Wuhan virus from China in the US will start to flatten in early April. But I’ve seen resistance from the media to properly educate the masses on how to effectively control this virus- by following Asia’s lead- which is what medical pundits on FOX clearly explained this morning- so read it again- look at the photos !


            The constant parroting of CNN talking points is both misleading and simply not healthy for those readers who are easily manipulated into a panic- Poor Martha had to leave for a few days-Tio just babbles on incoherently- and due to social distancing Tre-Hgr has stopped hugging trees !

            You have a relationship with FOX News- now is the time to reject CNN’s daily dose of fear and move your alliance over to the winning side !

  2. My faith lies in God. Always will. Watch your words; you may be sorry in your response to that. Seriously. It’s no time to be dead right. Make peace with Him. Now is a good time.

    1. You follow my advice- and “everyone” will be much better off- getting their lives back to normal- back in the churches for Sunday Mass !

      MuGuWu-Sa !

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