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State decides: No overnight summer camps this year

Summer camp MGN

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) – As Gov. Kate Brown’s office finishes work on Phase 2 reopening plans and guidelines, county officials received word Tuesday that one thing is off the table: Overnight summer camps.

“After much consideration, and in consultation with the Oregon Health Authority and local public health officials, our office will not be allowing overnight camps to operate this summer,” Alyssa Chatterjee, the governor’s deputy education policy advisor, said in Tuesday’s email.

“We are seeing increased cases in migrant housing and other settings involving overnight programming and, when it comes to Oregon’s children, we can’t take the risk of opening overnight summer camps,” Chatterjee went on to say.

“Our office will continue to work with the Oregon Health Authority to determine whether overnight camps and outdoor schools can operate under modified guidance in the fall,” she added.

“Organizations that typically rent their facilities to adults or families may continue to do so, as long as meals and other programming are not provided,” Chatterjee said. “Organizations should refer to the Outdoor Recreation Guidance for this level of operation.

“We apologize for this disruption in services and recognize the financial impact this has on your organizations, as well as the loss it may present to children and families,” Chatterjee said, concluding, “Thank you for your continued partnership as we work to determine what is best for Oregonians while living with COVID-19."

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  1. “State Decides”
    Hail the o powerfull State!
    We are your Tax paying subjects.
    Tell us what we can do and not do..Please..
    We are just your humble servants.
    I feel like going for a ride in My Subaru today by myself wearing my mask to protect me from myself…. kind of like laying alone in bed with a condom on….

      1. If that were the case, Barney, the mayors and governors would be limiting the size of the crowds allowed per block/square/park/parkway/interstate . . . but they aren’t. They also wouldn’t be using tear gas or smoke grenades, as those tend to be irritants to the lungs as well. On top of that, you have mayors like NYC’s that would have immediately moved NG in to break things up, instead of waiting for the Governor to order him to or the governor would.

        Truth be told, Liberals (all the major rioting and protesting is in heavily Liberal areas), would be screaming to stay indoors and not congregating in the streets. After all, that’s what the Democrat leadership is preaching and demanding.

      2. How come nobody questioned anybody about this? I KNOW there are state officials in Bend that you wouldn’t need to send a reporter out and about all over the state. I think that an outbreak of FIFTY ONE CASES is a big deal, But it happened to the illegals, so it was shoved away out of our view.

        “Late in the evening of May 28, the Oregon Health Authority announced a new state policy—that it would now disclose the names and locations of all businesses with significant workplace outbreaks of COVID-19.

        The agency made the sudden change one day after it announced an outbreak of 44 cases but, in keeping with its policy at the time, did not divulge the location.
        Between the two announcements, WW broke the news that the outbreak was at Townsend Farms, a 114-year-old fruit processor headquartered in Fairview. WW also revealed that Townsend had, several weeks earlier, experienced another large outbreak affecting 51 workers that had never been publicly disclosed by the state.”

  2. Yeah no….If the illegals are packing this crap around, then they can deal with it where they live. We’retired of you’re **** kate…you better get that thru your thick skull. Pass it on to your DHS OHA OSHA OSP goon squads as well

  3. Yes, that was intended with a heavy sarcasm font and eyeroll! I believe the concern is well founded but it’s extremely frustrating after all of the restrictions to have it become a free for all overnight because a particular cause is politically expedient for the people “in charge.”

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