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Gov. Brown extends COVID-19 emergency order another 60 days

Gov. Kate Brown wearing mask Facebook
Gov. Kate Brown wears mask in photo atop her Facebook page.

'What happens next is up to all of us'

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday extended her declaration of a state of emergency regarding COVID-19 for another 60 days, until Sept. 4.

She also issued the following statement:

“When I first declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, there were 14 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon. Today, there have been over 8,600 cases, with over a quarter of those cases identified in the previous two weeks of June.

"While hospitalizations remain relatively low, we have seen how rapidly those numbers can climb. And, sadly, 207 Oregonians have lost their lives to this disease.

"Without a doubt, COVID-19 continues to pose a real and present threat to Oregonians in communities across the state, from Malheur County to Umatilla to Lincoln.

“In the months since those first cases were discovered, we have shored up our supplies of personal protective equipment, worked with counties to hire contact tracers, and –– despite the failures of the federal government to supply Oregon with an equitable amount of testing materials –– we have expanded our statewide testing capability.

And, thanks to the tremendous sacrifices Oregonians made by staying home in the spring, we prevented 1,500 hospitalizations and over 70,000 COVID-19 infections.

“Now, we again find ourselves at a crossroads as a state. The individual choices each of us makes will decide whether Oregon either flattens the curve of new COVID-19 infections, or sees a devastating spike in cases that overwhelms our hospital capacity in the next month.

“If we all follow the advice of doctors –– if you wear a face covering in public, if you wash your hands, if you cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze, if you stay home when you are sick –– together, we can keep our friends and loved ones healthy and safe.

“If too many Oregonians continue to ignore these precautions, we could see an exponential growth in cases, and newly reopened communities and businesses could close again.

"We have a chance, now, before the Fourth of July weekend, to make sure that Oregon’s COVID-19 numbers don’t follow the same skyrocketing trajectory of states like Texas or Florida or Arizona.

“Oregon, you have a choice. You can help to save lives again. What happens next is up to all of us.”

The state of emergency declaration is the legal underpinning for the executive orders the governor has issued to keep Oregonians healthy and safe throughout this crisis, including her orders on reopening Oregon while maintaining essential health and safety protections, as well as orders around child care, schools and higher education operations.

Extending the state of emergency declaration allows those orders to stay in effect, her announcement said.

Moving forward, the governor said she will review and reevaluate each of her emergency orders every 60 days, to determine whether those orders should be continued, modified or rescinded.

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        1. Death, lying and denying seem to be the response and outcome “patriotic”,obese and poorly educated regressives approve of most. It reflects their own “winning” lives!!!cannot stop laughing!!!!!!
          Golf and a whore Anyone!!! Trump/Putin 2020!!! MAKE WHORES MINIMUM WAGE AGAIN!!!!

        1. No worries! She’s not eligible for re-election. We’re good after the election. Oh, you mean the presidential election. Yeah, as soon as we re-elect Trump this part of it will end. But then we will be on to the next flavor of the month. It won’t end until we abolish everything Confederate. Especially the Democretin Party. They are the Confederacy after all.

        2. Oregon has had mail in ballots since 1993 and fully mail in ballots since the year 2000. Democretins took over the Oregon offices in 1988. A mere 5 years later implemented partial mail in voting. It worked so well in their favor “wink” “wink” that they fully implemented mail in voting 7 years later. Democretins have controlled Oregon offices ever since. “wink” “wink” No voter fraud here. Riiiiiight. “Wink” “Wink”

          1. Yes, yet another excuse, oops conspiracy to explain total failure. LOL, better stock up on tin foil!!! Oh, wait, the “virus is dying and fading away and will be gone soon” djt. ROTFLMAO!!!! Soooooo much winning!!!
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      1. Mail in ballots and motor voter are great.
        You’re obviously not from around here.
        Jeffrey Epstein was a registered sex offender that was into 14 year old girls and even though he had the best legal defense money could buy ended up killing himself in a prison cell like the loser/degenerate he was. Thanks for bringing that up, it’s always good to remember Donald Trump’s good pals.

              1. Go look up the heritage foundations tracking of voter fraud cases…. They have over 1200 cases of voter fraud listed by state and by no means is it even a complete list either. And yes if you read thru it, there is quite a bit of mail in voter fraud.

  1. “A positive test result shows you might have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

    You read that right and straight from the CDC website. The common cold virus can trigger a positive covid-19 test.

    I’ll bluntly call you a moron if you still worry about this ‘pandemic’. Make no mistake, this is about the upcoming election.

    1. This nothing-to-worry-about global pandemic has claimed more than 500K lives. That number is small compared to what it might have been had it not been for extraordinary measures taken by leaders around the world, leaders who remained engaged until the situation appeared to be improving. But the virus hasn’t gone anywhere and is still as contagious. Do you want to roll the dice that your test result is only a cold? Maybe you or someone you care about will just be coughing up a little phlegm for a few days. But if the roll of the dice is unlucky, you or yours could be on a ventilator, gasping for breath as lungs fill with body fluids. Make no mistake, this is about saving as many people from this horrible disease as possible.

      1. How about you put that 500k number in context and you’ll see 500k is nothing. Here I’ll do it for you. 54-58 MILLION people die per year. 500k in that amount of time is but a drop in the bucket.

  2. Dems were starting to worry that the first Shutdown was not enough to put economic pressure on every American. Liberal state governments have come to rescue and have helpfully misidentified new cases caused by riots and protesting as being caused by evil businesses reopening and terrible awful people who frequent bars and restaurants.

    Me? Tossed my masks in the garbage this morning. Mandate THIS.

    1. Glad to see you’re part of the resistance!
      Also, if everyone wore a mask the virus wouldn’t have a chance, and the economy would rebound, and Trump would win. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your sacrifice. Fascists owning the libs by contracting a viral disease with no cure will never stop being morbidly hilarious. #MakeAmericaCoolAgain #TraitorTrump #Cult45

  3. When this panic was first declared it was under the disguise of trying to not overwhelm the hospitals. Now that has proven to not be an issue so it is being continued only as a means of control – now it has nothing to do with anyone’s health.

    1. Liberate Texas!
      Liberate Florida!
      Liberate Arizona!
      All of your comments are just marblemouth mumbojumbo now, get your head out of your back pocket.

  4. Lots of tin foil hats out there, seeing a conspiracy behind every rock. Thanks for the entertainment; it gives me a chuckle while I do my best to avoid unmasked fools.

  5. Its called cause and effect. Brown shut us down early enough (cause) and the effect is not as many people got sick? What part of that do right wing morons not get? My rights, government control, conspiracy for the election??? LOL! Guess idiots will have to blame someone or some made up dumb logic when the orange anus is booted out?

    1. And Florida, Texas, Arizona and now Georgia open it all up and the numbers start climbing. Oh and for the deniers that say only deaths count, guess what? Those numbers are now going up, too.

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