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Oregon reports 8 more COVID-19 deaths, 184 new cases

COVID-19 (Titled)

PORTLAND, Ore. — COVID-19 has claimed eight more lives in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 519, the Oregon Health Authority reported Tuesday.

Oregon Health Authority also reported 184 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. today, bringing the state total to 29,662 cases, along with 588,402 negative test results.

The new cases are in the following counties: Clackamas (11), Clatsop (1), Columbia (1), Crook (1), Deschutes (2), Douglas (1), Gilliam (2), Jackson (10), Jefferson (3), Josephine (2), Klamath (3), Lane (9), Linn (6), Malheur (25), Marion (31), Morrow (3), Multnomah (35), Polk (2), Tillamook (1), Umatilla (4), Union (1), Washington (25), and Yamhill (5).

Crook County has had 60 COVID-19 cases, one death and 2,411 negative test results. Deschutes County has had 728 cases, 12 deaths and 27,174 negative test results. Jefferson County has had 491 cases, eight deaths and 4,423 negative test results.

St. Charles Health System reported four COVID-19 patients as of 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, one of whom is in the ICU and on a ventilator.

Oregon’s 512th COVID-19 death is a 73-year-old woman in Washington County who died on Sept. 1, at Tuality Healthcare. The death certificate listed COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2 as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death.

Oregon’s 513th COVID-19 death is a 74-year-old woman in Malheur County who tested positive on Sept. 7 and died on Sept. 11, at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Idaho. Presence of underlying conditions is being confirmed.

Oregon’s 514th COVID-19 death is a 77-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on Aug. 30 and died on Sept. 14, at Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 515th COVID-19 death is a 66-year-old woman in Morrow County who tested positive on Aug.11 and died on Sept. 13, at OHSU. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 516th COVID-19 death is an 89-year-old woman in Clackamas County who tested positive on July 31 and died on Sept. 9, in her residence. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 517th COVID-19 death is a 58-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on Aug. 25 and died on Sept. 11, at Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 518th COVID-19 death is an 85-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on Aug. 26 and died on Sept. 11, in his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 519th COVID-19 death is an 80-year-old woman in Clackamas County who tested positive on Aug. 26 and died on Sept.10, at Providence Portland Medical Center. She had underlying conditions.

TESTING NOTE: Wildfires and hazardous air conditions have affected COVID-19 testing in Oregon. The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory (OSPHL) is closed again today, Tuesday, Sept. 15 due to indoor air safety issues.

Most specimens that the OSPHL cannot process are being re-routed to commercial laboratories. As such OHA, does not anticipate a large backlog of tests due to OSPHL’s closure.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response leads the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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    1. Well Douglas- thanks for askin’…

      Here’s how I see this playing out- right now Brown knows that parents statewide will not tolerate any more of this phantom illness that has completely spared the children- ruined everyone’s summer- and will have no effect on the Presidential elections (which is what this hokey idea was all about to begin with)- so it’s time for ol Kate to wrap it up… it will play out like this-

      As October rolls around- the reported new case numbers will suddenly start to dwindle- more due to a lack of testing than anything… what Kate didn’t count on- is that all the testing is working against her- the massive numbers of negative tests are watering down the infection rates- to the point now that only 1 in 19 million adults (50-64) are at risk from contracting and dying from this virus. So kate has to downsize the numbers fast.

      By election day in November- Kate will announce- one way or the other that Oregon schools are now safe to re-open in class schooling- that will free up parents to go back to work- which will be the start of the end of the great pandemic hoax of 2020- but will be the start of more sinister and social programming to control the state’s citizens… make no mistake- this has been a huge victory for Kate Brown’s attempts at a dictatorship ! She completely shut down schools- businesses- events- entertainment- the economy- the forests… all over a big lie !

      And we saw the most gullible of our people right here on this forum- the vast majority that need government to lead them by the nose- Martha- Fester-DB-Bozo-Fathersbaby… the whole lot who promoted Kate Brown’s plantation from hell- one really doesn’t have to think too hard about slavery- and how easy it is for mankind to fall into the traps and snares !

      My thoughts- in a nut shell- now wait for the fallout !

        1. Thanks for reading and being a “regular follower”. Now… all snarky and shallow freshman humor aside- do you have anything to add to my predictions- my vision- willingness to “go out on a limb”- while you sit at home and play armchair quarterback ?

          If not- you are free to follow my postings- many do- but do refrain from those lame attempts at high brow superiority… that kinda “stuff” may be neato in Turkey- but here in Oregon- it’s pretty weak- as in Bud Light weak !

          1. you are calling someone else “armchair quarterback” – that is beyond bizarre – do you really believe that your little keyboard “existence” is of any significance to anyone besides you? – that you get pissy about someone calling you out on your vacuous self-importance would be laughable, if it wasn’t so pathetic – get a mirror dude

            1. As I stated before-“Thanks for reading and being a “regular follower”.

              You and your alter ego “Keiser Snorze” spend all your time here trying to be glib- making whiny complaints- attacking individuals- instead of addressing the articles- the stories- the debate at hand… and once again you’ve not failed with your predictable response- how everyone else is so pathetic. Boring !

              All you’re really demonstrating- is that you follow my comments- you read them (even though you deny both)- and those comments are so spot on- that all yer left with is …

              Nadda-finga ! Yup- nonsense !!!

              So again- thanks for proving the Martha’s- the DB’s- and all the rest wrong… that BGHW is clearly not a troll- and that loud booming voice from the keyboard is indeed…

              “Duly noted” !

    1. Earlier in the year I heard lots of radio songs promoting the benefits of Bud Light- so I actually tried one… Blaah !

      Now I don’t consider myself a serious beer aficionado- a simple full bodied Hefeweizen (German style meaning Yeast and wheat) works just fine at the end of one of our hot (now smoky) summer days… of which we now have officially only five more of… Cheers !

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