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Oregon Health Authority reports 2 more COVID-19 deaths, 331 new cases

COVID-19 coronavirus MGN

(Update: Adding OHA weekly report)

Deschutes has 9 new cases Wednesday, Crook County 2

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed two more lives in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 635, along with 331 new cases, the Oregon Health Authority reported Wednesday.

OHA reported 331 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Saturday bringing the state total to 40,443 cases, along with 759,492 negative test results.

The new cases reported Wednesday are in the following counties: Baker (1), Clackamas (27), Columbia (2), Coos (4), Crook (2), Deschutes (9), Douglas (7), Harney (2), Hood River (3), Jackson (36), Josephine (1), Lane (40), Linn (6), Malheur (8), Marion (43), Multnomah (56), Polk (2), Tillamook (1), Umatilla (19), Union (2), Wasco (1), Washington (55) and Yamhill (4).

Crook County has had 87 COVID-19 cases, two deaths and 2,991 negative test results, OHA reported. Deschutes County has had 1,074 cases, 13 deaths and 35,533 cases. Jefferson County has had 597 cases, nine deaths and 5,449 negative test results.

St. Charles Health System reported having five COVID-19 patients as of 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, with two of them in the ICU but not on a ventilator.

Oregon’s 634th COVID-19 death is a 70-year-old woman in Multnomah County who tested positive on Oct. 10 and died on Oct. 16 at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 635th COVID-19 death is a 60-year-old woman in Washington County who tested positive on Sept. 26 and died on Oct.17 at Tuality Community Hospital. She had underlying conditions.

OHA reports slight drop in weekly cases

The Oregon Health Authority released its COVID-19 Weekly Report today.

For the week of Monday, Oct.12 through Sunday, Oct.18, OHA recorded 2,327 new daily cases, a 4% decline from the previous week’s pandemic high of 2,418.

The number of newly tested Oregonians rose to 28,960, as did those who tested positively, to 6.5%.

Twenty-seven COVID-19 associated deaths were reported during the week—compared to 25 during the previous week. And people hospitalized with the virus remained the same at 143.

The age group with the highest incidence of reported infection has been in persons aged 20 to 49. They represent 39% of Oregon’s population and they account for 56% of COVID-19 cases.

Hospitalization and death rates increase with age, with persons 80 or older accounting for 51% of COVID-19 associated deaths.

Oregon long-term care facilities can get no-cost COVID-19 vaccines when they become available

The Oregon Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority are notifying long-term care facilities and small congregate settings that their residents and employees can get no-cost COVID-19 vaccinations when a vaccine becomes available, as part of a partnership between the federal government and two large, commercial pharmacies.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Oct. 16 that it was partnering with CVS and Walgreens to provide on-site COVID-19 vaccinations for residents of long-term care facilities — nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, adult foster care homes and other community-based care facilities, such as group homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Employees also could get the vaccine through this program, but the CDC says they likely would receive it earlier than residents based on a recommendation to prioritize vaccination for health care personnel; any employee who did not already receive the vaccine could be vaccinated through the on-site clinics.

Registration (deadline) to participate is 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Oct. 29. Long-term care facilities that opt out of or don’t register for the clinics must provide an alternate plan, such as using their own on-site pharmacy to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and employees, although these facilities would be responsible for all “end-to-end” processes and equipment, such as on-site storage, vaccination and reporting.

“This HHS program will be important in building our state’s vaccination capacity once a vaccine is approved, and it will help facilitate efficient vaccination of the long-term care population,” said Paul Cieslak, M.D., medical director for communicable diseases and immunizations at the OHA Public Health Division. “As a result, it will ease the burden on long-term care facilities for administering the vaccine to protect our most vulnerable population, and on local public health authorities that would otherwise be heavily involved in this process.”

Cieslak noted that 44% of the state’s COVID-19 deaths have been among residents of long-term care facilities.

Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities can sign up for the on-site clinics at the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) website, but they must first be enrolled in the NHSN COVID-19 Module for Long Term Care Facilities, All other facilities will sign up via this online sign up form. Facilities that opt out of the program may be able to opt in later by emailing

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority leads the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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  1. Awesome!!!! New coronavirus graphic to scare KTVZ viewers. Much appreciated, the other one was quite dated. Over 7 months old, no one is scared anymore. This one is sure to make more people muzzle up…..btw…why are people still getting covid if there is a mask mandate and people are wearing masks? Any current journalistic endeavors planned to show that masks are a joke?

        1. I personally know two people who died from it, one was an acquaintance in their 70s who was otherwise healthy. He contracted COVID and died in the hospital from the ensuing pneumonia. The other was a friend’s daughter, 30 years old. She had a weak immune system because of a chronic auto-immune disease (lupus,) which, under normal circumstances, is perfectly manageable and does not significantly shorten one’s life. Her COVID progressed to a severe stage within about a week from her diagnosis, and she died on a ventilator last month.

          To add insult to an already horrifically tragic situation, there were ******** like you piling comments onto her mother’s Facebook page insisting that the poor girl didn’t die OF COVID, but rather WITH COVID.

    1. Numerous outbreaks linked to gatherings across the country. I get it, I’m a victim of this pandemic fatigue as well. I want to go to a pub and have a beer with friends. I want to have holiday meals with extended family. I would love to be able to smile and converse with my customers without a mask on… but I won’t, because the longer people don’t play it safe, the longer we have to do this crap. I’m doing my part, what are you doing?

        1. I appreciate the invite. I am overdue for a range trip, but we’ve got plans for this weekend. Please be safe and practice your Golden Rules! I don’t want to read about a negligent discharge on KTVZ come Monday morning…

  2. Not sure where you are going, but pretty much anywhere I’ve been everyone has a mask on. If they refuse, good for them, there is no law. Also, maybe I am part of the problem. What are you gonna do about it? I personally think there is a lot of science that says masks offer very little, false sense of security. But, since you are a disrespectful little twit, I will ask again, majority of people are wearing masks, why are there still positives? Aren’t masks supposed to stop the transmission? What the hell is going on then? Maybe someone needs to man up and admit that masks don’t work and are way to see who they can muzzle without much complaints.

    1. In the past 3 weeks I’ve had 7 house painters arrive to do estimates. Four were unmasked and, when requested to do so, either argued about it or flat out refused to wear one IN. MY. HOME. They didn’t need to waste their time with estimates. So… not everyone is masking up to help protect those around them, even when around those considered high risk.

      1. Sounds like you should put a mask on and go to the hardware store. Not everyone is duped like you. Good for them, they don’t need your snarky remarks or money.

    2. The majority of people in grocery stores may be wearing masks and of course at long term care facilities, yes covid can still seep in because it is highly contagious! Where the virus is spreading is at bars,restaurants and family gatherings. This is why true scientists, PH.D’s, Epidemiologists and Public Health experts all expect a major spike due to the holidays. In most of the country, outdoor, socially distanced celebrations will be almost impossible. Quit complaining about your small slice of this big world and do what is best for everybody. Wear a mask, socially distance, wash your hands and listen to those that know more than you about a novel virus.

      1. “quit complaining, socially distance, and wash your hands”……spoken like a true sheep. Haven’t ever heard that a million times by Kate Brown. We are doing this crap and it is always going to be here.

        BUT WAIT!!!! Did you just say you actually know where the virus is spreading? You KNOW it is only in Bars, restaurants, and family gatherings????? Wow, what are your credentials? Are you working on a vaccine?

        I’ll let you know a secret…..masks don’t work, cloth makes it worse. Shopping in Costco for TV’s and Walmart for toilet paper spreads it too. Also, 6 feet of social distancing is a fake number, you think standing 6 feet from someone is a saving number??? I do agree on washing hands.

        You quit making up fake science in your little world of false narratives. If people can go to bars, play video poker, shop at Costco, my kids should be in school.

        One more idea….try having your own thoughts instead of what KTVZ and cnn tell you.

  3. Almost half of all deaths (44%) in patients living in a nursing facility. Simple statistics but keep being afraid of the bogeyman. If your scared, stay home. Why do the rest of us have to live in obligation to your fear?

    1. You are talking to the brainwashed my friend. They actually believe KTVZ and CNN. They think putting a bandana on their face is somehow ok but you not wearing a mask is bad. They actually believe the numbers!!!! They think it’s fine to go play video poker in a bar but not to let your kids go to school. They think playing a outdoors sport, like baseball and letting families watch, will be super spreading events, all the while they go to Walmart shopping for lightbulbs. They actually believe masks are something that will save us all while the boxes literally say not safe for prevention of viral transmission (facts don’t matter). If they believed everything they are saying, then all box stores would be shut down except some minor essential food items. Our governor would not leave her house. All government offices would be closed. I commend you for showing numbers, but they will not believe you…ever. sadly

    2. It is not the flu and you have been spoon fed this information many times. Just wait until preexisting coverage disappears and all these people that had COVID can’t get affordable health insurance. I very clearly remember getting individual insurance pre-ACA. If you didn’t sign over your medical records they wouldn’t cover you. Nor would they cover any preexisting condition. Our insurance was over $2,000 a month for a family of five.

  4. Someone should do an investigative piece on the Mt. Bachelor Memory Care outbreak. All staff wore masks and observed strict protocols, yet dozens of people tested positive. Was it spread through touching surfaces? Why is there no mandate or even suggestion that people should wear disposable gloves? Is there a journalist in Bend who would undertake to find out as much as possible about this VERY pertinent topic?

    1. Initially there WAS advice to wear gloves and wash surfaces, but as more has been learned about the virus, we now know that the VAST majority of infections come from inhalation, not surfaces. Thus the mask mandates (and no one talking about gloves or surface wipe-downs anymore.)

    2. The Memory Care outbreak was largely due to the patients that have severe dementia or Alzheimer’s. Trying to get those patients to wear a mask and keep it on is like trying to get a toddler to wear one. It is a difficult patient population to work with.

  5. Johnjibber, do you wear a mask when you go out? Do your friends? If you don’t wear a mask then you are part of the problem. If you do wear a mask are you a sheep?.
    The top ten states, according to John Hopkins, with the highest infection rates per 1000, 9 of the 10 are Red states. The exception is Nevada.
    Where has Barney been? Is he OK?

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