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Prineville mayor-elect seeks Jan. 1 biz reopening; Redmond mayor disagrees

(Update: Redmond Mayor George Endicott disagrees with defying governor's order)

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- At least a dozen mayors and mayors-elect across the state, including Prineville's mayor-elect, have joined in a coalition that is urging small businesses to reopen Jan. 1, despite state COVID-19 restrictions.

The Main Street Mayors said the organization and its political action committee represent communities whose business owners are ready to reopen safely.

They are urging business owners in the 29 counties labeled by the state as "Extreme Risk" due to high COVID-19 case counts and positivity rates to follow the somewhat looser guidelines in the "High Risk" category, which would let restaurants and gyms reopen for dining in and working out, at a reduced capacity.

"Not a lot of big box stores in Prineville," Mayor-Elect Jason Beebe said Wednesday. "So it's very important for our small business to fight and stay open."

"A lot of families are going to unfortunately lose their business if this doesn't change quickly," he added. "I don't want to see that.

"I have friends that have businesses, I want to see them stay open. I don't want to see anybody lose everything they have over this."

Redmond Mayor George Endicott said he could not attend the video meeting, but understood what the mayors who signed on were trying to achieve -- and did not agree with it.

 "I wholeheartedly agree that our businesses should be given the option of making their own decisions on whether to open, and our citizens should be able to make a personal decision on what their risk level is, and whether or not to frequent those businesses," the mayor said in an email to NewsChannel 21.

"My wife and I do visit local establishments for 'outside' dining.  (You have to be pretty intrepid to do it in Central Oregon!)  I have heard stories of local establishments having a 'whistleblower' turn them in, and subsequently get a visit from either OSHA or OLCC," Endicott said.

But he added, "Local governments have no control over the actions of the governor or state agencies (OLCC, OHA, OSHA).  I think that defying state-mandated restrictions comes with risk. 

"If businesses keep defying the state, they are susceptible to fines, the loss of their business licenses or liquor licenses.  If I condone this practice, and the state comes down on the businesses, the reaction can be, 'Well, the mayor said we could open.' I do not want to put our community in a worse situation then we have currently.  The vaccines are the light at the end of the tunnel, and no one wants this to be over more than I do!"

Here's the news release issued Wednesday by the group:

Main Street Mayors Coalition Forms
United Effort Will Fight to Keep Local Small Businesses from Forced Closure

SANDY, OR – Yesterday afternoon, Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam hosted a virtual meeting of Main Street Mayors across Oregon who represent communities whose business owners are ready to open safely in a way that strikes a balance between slowing the spread of COVID and preventing irreversible economic destruction of Main Street.

“People are packing into malls and grocery chains supporting corporate America, and yet we can’t sit down at a locally owned restaurant to support a local business owner and their employees while enjoying a meal with our families in a safe and responsible way,” stated Mayor Pulliam. “The double standards must end.”

The coalition is a peaceful, non-partisan organization with a political action committee dedicated to supporting candidates and measures that stand up for the Main Street small businesses threatened by government overreach.

“A sales tax on gross sales, huge increases in the minimum wage, excessive wage & hour requirements and now a full stoppage of work are decimating community Main Streets around Oregon,” said Bess Wills, Director of Main Street Mayors PAC. “As someone who has dedicated my life to propping up my local community, I’m proud to be part of this effort to give these communities a voice to fight back.”

Main Street Mayors is supporting members of the coalition operating in counties labeled “Extreme Risk” who will voluntarily comply with state requirements for “High Risk” counties starting on January 1, 2021. This will allow restaurants and gyms to open at significantly reduced capacity.

In yesterday’s meeting, Oregon mayors discussed their roles in this environment and brainstormed solutions to assist small businesses that may soon close permanently. Such pending economic devastation will greatly harm Oregon’s cities smaller than those the size of Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Bend.

Main Street Mayors will have more information on the January 1st business opening at

Beebe provided NewsChannel 21 with a list of the mayors and mayors-elect who are currently willing to be identified in the coalition:

Paul Aziz, Lebanon Mayor
Jason Beebe, Prineville Mayor-Elect
Brian Cooper, Fairview Mayor  
Rod Cross, Toledo Mayor
Sean Drinkwine, Estacada Mayor 
Kelly Grassman, Mt. Angel Mayor
Brian Hodson, Canby Mayor
Scott Keyser, Molalla Mayor-Elect
Randy Lauer, Troutdale Mayor-Elect
Rich Mays, The Dalles Mayor
Stan Pulliam, Sandy Mayor
Mary Schamehorn, Bandon Mayor

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  1. Prineville certainly only has chain supermarkets, their mayor elect seems pretty confused and like hes talking about a different place, in fact some of the cities on this list are CRAWLING with big box stores (Sandy? THE DALLES???)… no surprise that a bat flu denier press release is full of lies and mischaracterizations of course, its a helpful reminder of why we can only beat this with science not wishes
    Even if our loser ex president lives his life with gimmes and do-overs, prineville is held to a higher standard like the rest of the country, and they need to start acting like it

        1. Anyone who voted for some old cronie with Alzheimer’s obviously has a few screws loose themselves.

          A real president is smart enough to close the border and not let illegals in. This new idiot wants to open the borders and raise taxes so us republicans can feed them while you and your fellow cronies keep sucking the welfare coffers.

      1. Trump LOST the election in 2016, he was never a legitimate President.It was sissified faithless electors that gave him the presidency. No wonder why you support him, you’re Clueless.

    1. Oh My- a whole lotta hate being spewed their from a local Doosh County half-wit who thinks that all of CO is infected with ebola ! So let’s stop the hysterics and look at the science. That says- the current flu season has nearly vanished- so it must be because of masks- social distancing- closed everything and financial ruin- I mean it’s a miracle because the seasonal flu followed the same patter in 2019-2020 that it has for the past 5 years ! But not now- the OHA Flu Bites Data declared back in April that Influenza Like Illness would be changed to Covid Like Illness because they share the same properties… So why has the China Virus surged since October- record numbers- record fatalities- record everything… but not the seasonal flu ? Could it be the number are being doctored to fuel your pandemic- fund hospitals- put more Americans back onto the Obama/Biden lantations ? go ahead sparky- dazzle me with some twisted logic- cause the data don’t lie ! You been hoaxed !

    2. Well said. But if big fat lyin donnie’s base of poorly educated losers have to blame the Govenor for all of donnie’s failures and their own. Its the failed regressive way!! Blame evryone else and use conspiracy theories as exscuses for total failure. LOL!! Sooo much losing!!!!!!!

    3. I’m OK with this as long as Jason Beebe and the rest certify that neither they nor any of their towns’ residents will use an ICU bed as a result, given that they are now in short supply, they think money is more important than public health, and the beds should be reserved for those willing to do the right thing to reduce the burden on our health care systems.

      1. CODude- is more like CODumb ! Yeh-I’m sure Jason Beebe and the resident’s of Prineville will gladly forego ICU bed usage if all you “Fiberal Fibbin’ Fib*****” (FFF) in Doosh County will stick by your China Joe and Kommie Halfwit promise to refuse to take part in the President Trump anti-China Flu Vaccine- because the data is clear- statewide- ICU bed use for China Virus patients is down to 9 for the week of December 6-12th- the most recent update- according to the Kate Brown Gospel OHA ! These numbers are now the same as they were back at the last week in May ! so what happened to Brown’s strategic response o combat the China Flu ??? read it and weep !!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19CaseDemographicsandDiseaseSeverityStatewide/DemographicData

    4. You obviously have never been to Prineville. Do you think Thriftway is a chain? Also, why are you calling Obama a loser? You prove your racist roots again! This time disparaging the only locally owned market left that serves primarily Native American families, along with calling the first Black President a loser!

      1. When did I ever talk about Thriftway? I was born and raised in Pville, lol. Also, yes, Thriftway is a chain. Obama IS a loser, he didn’t do anything for the black community so quit the race talk, bone head.

      2. Thriftway actually is a chain. Same as any fast food restaurant, they’re privately owned and you live up to some minimal standards and pay a licensing fee. You’re saying Madras Thriftway primarily serves the res, and everyone else in Madras all shops at Safeway? The Warm Springs Market at Hollywood and Warm Springs must be so bummed to hear that.

  2. I say wait until the xmas covid increase which should result in the last bout of record cases and hospitalizations then reopen on February 1st. With restrictions. I think this will save lives as well as allow us to get back to normal operations by April. That’s common sense sustainability thinking about our economy and human well-being.

    1. Unfortunately, the “get well” date keeps moving. An easy solution for small businesses/sit-down restaurants: temporary 3% excise tax on grocery chains and big box stores and online large businesses (which are making record profits) / money goes strictly to loans/grants to non-chain grocery stores, sit down restaurants without drive-up windows and small storefront business in cities of less than 105, 000 population. Obviously no tax on EBT food purchases. That way those in large communities in Portland Metro area, Eugene and Salem who have the infrastructure and political clout can finally show they really care about small town and rural Oregon. The tax would need to be re-authorized by 60% of the State Legislature every 60 days with that requirement but to exceed 1 year in total.

    2. Unfortunately, the “get well” date keeps moving. An easy solution for small businesses/sit-down restaurants: temporary 3% excise tax on grocery chains and big box stores and online large businesses (which are making record profits) / money goes strictly to loans/grants to non-chain grocery stores, sit down restaurants without drive-up windows and small storefront business in cities of less than 105, 000 population. Obviously no tax on EBT food purchases. That way those in large communities in Portland Metro area, Eugene and Salem who have the infrastructure and political clout can finally show they really care about small town and rural Oregon. The tax would need to be re-authorized by 60% of the State Legislature every 60 days with that requirement but not to exceed 1 year in total.

    3. Gee Nasty- why are you predicting such gloom and doom ? According to the OHA Flu Bites data (that I’m sure you follow religiously)- regular seasonal flu cases have flat-lined since peaking in early October… Surely a sign that masks-social distancing-closed schools- bankrupt businesses- and increased social ills are all now having an effect- but then again… there’s them record high China Virus numbers during the same time period ! How is this all possible ? That wearing your mask and everything else can affect the flu- but not the China virus- both of which are airborne-body fluid dispersed viruses ! It Just Don’t Make Sense- or does it ? Go ahead- you all have the floor to explain this scientific impossibility ! Or just admit- you been hoaxed !!!

      1. This Sars is much more contagious than the seasonal flu, hence, masks work. Hoax is believing in lies like Jesus, Allah, and Hanukkah Harry. Hoax is believing our climate and ecosystems are healthy. Reality is we are reaching 8 billion humans, a number that could be defined as Carrying Capacity. Thankfully we have technology that helps us cope with our population problems.

        1. Sorry Jodummie ! “Contagious” does not equate fatalities. More children die from the seasonal flu- Yet Obama and Biden allowed Halloween- Thanksgiving- and Christmas to all take place without lock-downs, school closures, or OSHA thugs threatening to shut down legal businesses for 8 years ! “What about the Children ???” How do you all justify your selective outrage ?

      2. We don’t know how many more cases of COVID-19 there would be in the absence of the mask, social-distancing, occupancy-limiting, etc. measures that we’ve taken. Acknowledging the record-low flu cases doesn’t logically justify a dismissal of those measures with respect to COVID. Data since early on has suggested that the R0 for COVID is higher than any flu, and much higher than a typical seasonal flu. It’s entirely possible that the impact of the COVID safety measures on flu cases is also indicative of its impact in COVID cases, but because it’s a more transmittable disease, the numbers are going to be higher. We don’t know. As usual, swish can’t see the limitations of its own ignorance and, whether erroneously or intentionally, pushes false conclusions that suit a political purpose.

        1. Ooopsie there 1861 Family !!! “Acknowledging the record-low flu cases doesn’t logically justify a dismissal of those measures with respect to COVID.”…. Sorry- but from the start of the 2019 flue season in October- until now- there has been no- repeat “NO”- record-low number of flu cases ! Where are you getting your data- the OHA Flu Bites yearly log has stated that between Oct 2019 and Oct 2020- the seasonal flu maintained the same patterns of peaks and valleys- but at times proved more severe that recorded flu seasons over the past five years- your comment is completely wrong. Study the numbers- then try to come back with something that might make sense- cause right now- the only thing that makes sense is that medical professionals state-wide have doctored their books ! Here’s your link- try not to choke on the information- it’s the OHA/Hate Brown Gospel for 2020 ! Take a good hard look at that yellow line !

          1. When you switch between feigned ignorance and outright lies, it may reveal your total lack of credibility to even the people who want to believe in the world you wish existed.

            First, a couple of overview pieces regarding the record-low flu season not just in the US, but around the world:

            Second, you seem to (1) be focused on a comparison of the percentage of ER visits for “influenza-like illnesses” to claim something else and (2) be ignoring the fact that even that comparison is wildly divergent from last year to this year over the past several weeks. In reality, as an example, in Oregon there were literally more than 200 times as many flu positives in the second week of December last year as this year. Go compare that number from Table I in your cite to the December 8-14 week last year:

            1. I love how you skipped over a “whole year” of data and jumped right to…. “the past several weeks”… Anyone looking at the data with unbiased eyes sees that for the whole calendar year of 2020 (From January to October) your “record low numbers of the seasonal flu is a clear lie ! So let’s just move on to your next conundrum- That on October 17th there was some kind of “miracle”… as the seasonal flu suddenly dropped and flat-lined… all of this while the China Virus surged out of control to new records ??? FACT … These (the seasonal flu and the China virus) are both airborne illnesses that will see numbers drop with preventative measures… if that wasn’t true- then toss yer mask- stop distancing- go back to playing with your lower lip- and get back to work- but that didn’t happen with your fake global pandemic ! As for “Hospital Visits”- the EPI curve- has been provided by the OHA from day one- it is how you measure the “severity” of the virus- and to date… It Aint Ebola !!! Your constant urge to lie is truly pathetic- anyone wishing to know the facts can judge for themselves…………..!/vizhome/OregonHealthAuthorityCOVID-19DataDashboard/COVID-19EPICases

              1. You either really don’t understand the data or you’re simply misleading people. Anybody can look at the actual data about the number of flu cases and see you’re wrong, so I’ll leave them to it. Flu numbers are way down. For all we know, COVID numbers are also much lower than they would have been if not for the breviai è leadership of Kate Brown.

                1. You know… I really find it hard to believe your “family came here in 1861”- cause it appears none of them passed on the “reading gene” ! So let me quote from myself- maybe you can get someone to read it for you… “the OHA Flu Bites yearly log has stated that between Oct 2019 and Oct 2020- the seasonal flu maintained the same patterns of peaks and valleys- but at times proved more severe that recorded flu seasons over the past five years- your comment is completely wrong.”… Now I’m gonna pile on even more- like the fat guy at the Kings Table buffet that just lays under the soft cream dispenser- I’m gonna gorge till I pop ! I urge one and all to follow my link to the OHA Flu Bites page and notice the bright orange line indicating the most recent flu season- from October 2020- onward. According to this prairie Sooner and his family- there are record “low cases” of the seasonal flu this year… to which I call BS ! The line opens on October 3rd- at “record high” recordings for the past five years ! On 10-17-2020 we are still at “record highs” for the past five years ! The seasonal flu data then goes “normal-to-average” for the next Month- before finally dipping- on December 12th ! Data don’t lie dumbkoff ! You show up here day after day to rail on the US President with false accusations of lying- then you try to pull this stunt ??? You and your like are disgusting inbred buffalo dung chewin’ losers ! Can’t wait to have a crack at you under a Biden administration- as I’m just warmin’up ! Here’s yer link folks- the data don’t lie- Kovid Kate has been lying to you all for 10 months- and the proof is in the suspect numbers coming out of the OHA’s website !

                2. You can repeat yourself all you want, but it’s still all the product of either your inability to underhand what you’re looking or your disregard of truth (or both). You are wrong, the numbers prove it. You are an intentional liar, your posts prove it. You’re looking to the flu season that preceded the implementation of current social distancing, mask, etc. rules to try to make your claim about the current season.
                  I’ll just quote from an article already shared: “There were just 56 people diagnosed with the flu out of almost 40,000 tests conducted at public health and clinical laboratories across the U.S. in the week ended Dec. 5, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”
                  Give up.

                3. Your fixation on Table 1 in those OHA releases to mean something completely different from what they describe is truly comical. Try reading the words instead of just looking at all the pretty colors.

                4. Bwahahaa- The halfwit’s family from 1861 was probably headed for California- but couldn’t read the sign posts and ended up in Oregon- probably “Burns” ! So if I may…And I Quote- “You are wrong, the numbers prove it.”… My “numbers” come directly off the OHA Flu Bites website for the Seasonal Flu year from 2019-2020. A time period when Kovid Kate demanded we all wear masks- close our schools- and go bankrupt ! What you refuse to admit- is that the little yellow line for that season clearly shows a pattern similar to the past five years- but with higher peaks at times. You said there was no flu- and that the flu is at record lows. So moving on to the flu season 2020-2021- that little Orange line- starts off with record high numbers of the flu- and does so for more than a month before someone decided to “adjust” the data ! In the meantime- with all them masks on and social distancing- no school- businesses still closed…. The China Flu Hit Record Highs !!! So stop lying ! Nobody believes your family came here in 1861- they probably headed out west- with the Donner party- the rest is (burp) history !

                5. The 2019-2020 flu season was generally like the preceding ones—meaning it was all but concluded by the time and COVID-related orders were implemented by Governor Brown. She didn’t pass an executive order to travel back in time, so of course those measures couldn’t have affected that earlier flu season. As for the current flu season, you continue to think that figure 1 in the OHA reports—showing the percentage of ER visits for “ILI”—says something about the number of flu cases that it just doesn’t say. All you have to do is look back at table 1 in the OHA reports from this season to see that the number of influenza positives in any week was tiny; the biggest *week* has been ten cases, and that’s twice the next-biggest total. That’s fact, and it’s simple, no disputing it.

                6. At this point 1861 Family- you have hundreds of readers completely confused with garbage like this… “The 2019-2020 flu season was generally like the preceding ones—meaning it was all but concluded by the time and COVID-related orders were implemented by Governor Brown.” ??? WTH are you talking about ??? Browns 20-12 Executive order was signed March 23rd- (Stay Home-Save Lives-Go Broke) ! That little yellow 2019-2020 line you keep ignoring clearly shows that the seasonal flu followed the same ebb and flow as the past five years- until it got to September 4th 2020- when it suddenly surged upward and started the new seasonal flu season 2020-2021 at a five year high level on October 3rd ! The seasonal flu for the 2020-2021 season remained at the five year high until the end of October- at which point it went “average” for the next month (11/28) ! No-where does your argument that the seasonal flu is at record lows hold any water ! But I digress- I would now like you to scroll down to “Figure Two”- (% tests positive) and explain the discrepancies in the two graphs. The % of ED visits for ILI show record levels in September and October- but the actual tests have come back negative ! So what’s going on here ??? Lemme help you ! ILI and CLI are the same- that is according to “The National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System (NREVSS)”… You can follow the link provided. It is clear- that the OHA is taking seasonal flu and lumping it in to China Virus data- and that’s another smoking gun that should have you furious- the hoax is real- deal with it !


                7. You’re still wrong, and still lying. Keep digging.
                  The “little yellow line” has nothing to do with flu cases. Have you even read these reports? It just reports the percentage of people who visited the ER citing certain symptoms. The actual cases of the flu are then reported in table I. Take a look at the reports from last year—within less than two weeks after Governor Brown’s March 23rd order, there were 2, counts ‘me, 2, flu positives statewide.
                  Just keep making things up, I’m sure people enjoy debating whether you’re mostly a liar or mostly an idiot.

                8. So here comes the knock-out blow to that inbred Family from 1861- And I quote: “Take a look at the reports from last year—within less than two weeks after Governor Brown’s March 23rd order, there were 2, counts em, 2, flu positives statewide.” Really ??? That’s yer hammer ? Yer uppercut ?? Yer down fer the counter ??? Try and block this… If you look at those little colored lines and your time frame which is about the first two weeks of April. You will see that the Yellow (2019-2020) line is well above the other four… what does that tell you ??? It tells me that the regular flu season (measured by the NREVSS) was at a four year high ! But how is that possible ? When Kate Brown did not demand masks- social distancing- school closures- or business shutdowns during the flu seasons from 2016- 2019 ! And that puts an official end to your nonsense- your lies- your never ending girly hysterics ! Now… hit the showers- and put some ice on that lip- it’s starting to swell (Bill Clinton to Anita Broderick) !


                9. Again, for anyone who wants to be honest about this, the “yellow line” (and figure 1) has absolutely nothing to do with flu cases. It only reports on the percentage of people who came to the ER complaining of flu-like symptoms. You are looking at an irrelevancy to make your case. Hmm, what would have driven people to the ER with (unfounded) concerns about symptoms of influenza-like illnesses? The actual flu positives are reported, and they don’t in any way support your claim. The numbers are tiny. The summary articles I’ve quoted above also clearly refute your claim. You are wrong in every way. You can continue to believe whatever you want, but it’s clear that you’re at odds with reality in a profound way on this, as with so many issues.

                10. “the “yellow line” (and figure 1) has absolutely nothing to do with flu cases.”… Wrong again- and at this point you need to take your argument up with the OHA- because they believe that this information- titled for years as “Influenza Like Illness” is an accurate measure of the NREVSS- But that’s beside the point… you are trying to argue that the little yellow line of 2019-2020 proves that Brown’s EO’s have been effective in controlling ILI/NREVSS… which is clearly not true- because the 2019-2020 flu season mimics every other flu season ILI/NREVSS from 2016 onward- “proving without a doubt”- that masks- social distancing- closing schools- and businesses- and ruining 10 months of the calendar year 2020 has been an absolute failure. You can twist yer bundies in as many knots as you want- the hard data out there proves that this hoax has been orchestrated to misinform the weaker minds (like yours) and the easily confused (like you) to the point of running in circles claiming the sky is falling ! You been duped- conned and swatted by Kalamity Kate- put that on your gravestone one day- cause that’s your legacy !

                11. Sorry to quote those other guys,
                  Barney L., but:

                  “This time last year, Deschutes County Public Health was reporting an early spike of influenza cases and was preparing for a bad flu season.

                  That’s not the case this year.

                  “In the time that Deschutes County Health Services has been doing the Weekly Flu Report, this is the lowest year of flu cases on record,” Morgan Emerson, with Deschutes County Public Health, said.

                  Statewide and across the country, reported cases of influenza are also incredibly low. Emerson says we can chalk it up to a positive side effect of the pandemic.”


                  This of course is just what I’ve been saying and what is actually demonstrated by the OHA reports, despite Swishy’s shameless lying about what is reported in Table I.

                12. I believe we also have reported that the COVID-19 precautions are believed to have had a major impact on flu cases, and Heather did a good job of trying to refute that whole “they are counting flu as COVID” stuff.

                13. For Lerten and 1861- “the COVID-19 precautions are believed to have had a major impact on flu cases”… Please be specific as to what data you are using to make this statement. I will say it again- That Brown’s irrational Ex. Orders to shut down the state began in March- for the next 9 months the seasonal flu- as measured by the OHA and their understanding of the NREVSS- and as graphed and charted accordingly in relation to the past 4-5 years shows absolutely no change in flu patterns- with the 2019-2020 season charted as more severe than any year since 2016- only to see a sudden drop off in late October of 2020… For the two of you to completely ignore 9 months of record high levels- and then focus your comments on a couple of suspicious weeks is what we call denying the facts ! So let’s be clear- I’m not going down your rabbit hole conspiracy theories about switching flu and china virus data- I’ve focused my comments on the lack of evidence to support Brown’s complete lockdown of the state- you can argue that for the past month the flu data has dropped- but then how do you explain the record high new cases of China Virus after Halloween ??? Stop pushing Brown’s failed strategies- the data doesn’t line up ! Poor Heather- being dragged into your nonsense !

                14. I’ll leave it to Barney to decide whether he wants to defend his statement, but having absolutely and unequivocally proven you wrong about your flu claim, I’m not going to take up any new dispute with you; you’ll just pivot to some new preposterous claim, and then claim a conspiracy when the facts don’t support you. How does it feel to be so wrong, so consistently? About so many topics! Everything from flu data to the governor’s authority for responding to the virus. It’s really amazing that you can be wrong so regularly and yet be so confident in expressing opinions about subjects that are clearly outside your understanding.

                15. The only thing you’ve proven 1861- is that you clearly can’t read or comprehend a line chart- a bar graph- or any of the data coming out of the OHA- Your nonsense about seeing some kind of dramatic reduction in the seasonal flu is absurd. You and Barney eventually backed yerselves into a corner- finally declaring that the seasonal flu is seeing results of mask wearing- social distancing- closed lives… but somehow the China Virus didn’t get the message- as the Month of October and November saw “record high levels of new cases” ! Both of you need to move on- you’ve proven my point- that this is a hoax- a media driven attempt to misinform the masses over a mild virus with 99% survival rates. No wonder yer angry all the time- trying to keep up all the lies must be exhausting !

  3. You all are a bunch of scared little dimwitted lib****** drinking the governors control cool-aid. I wear a mask, I have been social distancing, I rarely get to be around any of my family or friends and I have been working from home for months now and guess what? I still some how got the damn virus! By lib**** logic it should not be possible if I have followed all of the guide lines which I have but here I am stuck at home fighting off the gnarly virus and I have been quite sick. The lock downs are not working, the shuttering of our businesses is not working people are still getting sick following all these rules, I AM ONE OF THEM!! The virus is serious, I can now speak from first hand knowledge, that being said we need to protect the most at risk, and get our businesses back open. If you are sick stay home, practice good hygiene stop being a nasty human being and get on with your life. This virus is doing what viruses do during virus season it is spreading…

    1. “You all are a bunch of scared little dimwitted lib******”…. I agree ! And it is why I will not patronize any “curbside delivery only” establishment- that wants to split the fence rail on the Guvs property ! I say open yer damn business- Prineville is ! Flood them Nazi thugs at OSHA with phone calls from whiny stay at home Karens and Hubby Jeff ! Oregonians have yet to make a collective stand- it must be because there hasn’t been enough pain at the cash register ! All those shops need to open January 1- Ignore that idiot in Salem and force her hand. She’s failed as a leader as the China Virus has quadrupled it’s numbers since June while she blames working folks. The only common denominator in every single death by covid case month after month is… underlying conditions. Proving that 99% of people infected survive- it’s the UC that is causing these deaths- not the virus- and even attempts to associate this virus to any ILI comes to 18,000 deaths nationwide- when the flu kills an average of 60,000 ! This has been a scam of historical proportions from day one- and Kate Brown must be held accountable- I for one know what this years pinata will look like !

    2. scared – what a hoot! – all that science stuff – i don’t understand it so it must be liberal sorcery – conclusions conjured from data and empirical information – it’s commie witchcraft i tells ya

    3. have been hearing more instances like this-people masking, taking precautions, and still becoming infected. I honestly wonder if we are now seeing the same covid variant in the UK they are finding to be 50-70% more infectious. Logic says if they were seeing their first cases in September it is likely here already… I agree we need relief for our businesses but don’t forget the potential for long term complications for people of all ages, it doesn’t work to just leave at risk folks at home, unfortunately. Hope you heal up well.

      1. your math ignorance is absolutely staggering… that you choose to flaunt it in public even more so – you really should have paid at least a little attention in school for simple things not to baffle you the way they do – no wonder you are so easily manipulated to repeat stupid shtuff for those who profit from it

      1. You obviously did not read my whole comment “DUDE…” you can piss off with your self righteous holier than thou “it’s not about you” rhetoric. I have no clue how I have gotten it. All I know is I have a positive test and have been very sick, and I am recovering…. and I’m still saying screw Kate brown and her lock down orders they have not worked! I plan ahead and shop for a couple of weeks at a time and have barely left my house since before I got COVID thankfully I am on the mend.

    4. LOL!! Thanks DR.101 IQ!!!!!!! You’re just now finally figuring out that nothing big fat lyin donnie did worked!!! Not even the constant lying and denial worked!!! Soooo much losing!! That’s why he is FIRED!!!! He couldn’t even hold a “fair” election!! LMAO!!!

      1. “Lying Donnie” promised, and came through with a vaccine(s) before the end of the year, you know where your yourself said he was a liar then…… oh wait, I forgot, now that he came through you shifted the bar to it was not him….lol.

      1. The vast majority of those liberal crybabies- at least here in Oregon- died of “old age” and some kind of unidentified- undeclared- secret underlying condition. The CDC has stated that only 6% of all deaths are caused solely by the China Virus- I would say that in Oregon- it’s lower. Finding a notification here at KTVZ that doesn’t declare “underlying conditions” is damn near impossible- an anomaly- as in… “ya better check again” ! Now…. What’s “Oh No Biden” gonna do about it ? I mean- we all have heard Gov Brown pull a complete reversal of strategy by declaring that “schools” will decide for themselves when to open- WHY ??? The China Virus is surging- Children are carriers- they will infect Grandma and Grandpa- schools will become playgrounds of death ! There’s your hoax Tiobozo- you fell for it- you got suckered- you wasted a whole year believing in something that wasn’t real- You Been Tricked !

    1. A super-funded central government in order to keep the money rolling in needs to create problems only it can “solve” to justify its existence. People want a womb to the tomb, thumb sucking nanny state so price you pay 🤠

    2. Everything we don’t want to believe is a hoax. Only what we believe is real is, whatever we don’t isn’t.

      Life is so much more comfortable down the rabbit hole where reality is whatever we want it to be and we are always right about everything.

    1. You think?
      Endicott is a spineless joke and willing to sell Redmond for pennies on the dollar. Just look at the new cell tower across from McDonald’s and Logan’s market. Right in the back yard of an established neighborhood, shame on you Endicott.

  4. Let’s keep everything closed, give me a tax free 20k check every 6 mos and when I die I will call it even. I have 20-30 years left and this sounds good….except when I realize I am the person paying for it….geez.
    Teach farming, metalwork, candlemaking, woodworking etc. to your kids now. Useful skills in the next 40 years under a Biden admin…Also learn how to make an animal like a horse or cow that emits 0 emissions to own the new world.

  5. I wear a mask, even though I can read and understand the data that has never supported the actions taken. Should be no surprise how this has played out, our first play as a country, we file out of Costco with toilet paper, nevermind we actually need food and water to live, but we choose toilet paper. That’s not what upsets me, is what does is this fear being crammed down my throat by the fearful.
    I don’t tell people not to wear a mask, so don’t tell me I have to.
    If your going to believe everything from the media that’s your choice.
    But to pick and choose what to believe from the doctors so it fits your agenda, clearly defines you!
    The professional doctors have said that this is not spread in the schools, so why are they closed, because of the fearful and their cause, its a fail for the kids, but who cares about them right?! Doesnt matter who the president was, they would still be told that they handled it wrong, if the democrats knew how to handle covid then why didn’t they hand over the handbook. Which is worse, hating a president because others do,or believing a career politician who has made a living by saying what you want to hear?
    So we believe whatever the media is selling? Hopefully that works out for you, but I wouldn’t count on it, ask 3-4 generations before you about the media.
    One other item has really bothered me, equity! If we were profiling then I am a privileged white person. Only through the eyes of racist would I be considered that.Far from privileged, parents couldn’t afford to send me to college, so I have done skilled labor all my life. No one to blame, its just life. I wasn’t gifted with athletic ability, no blame there either, just didn’t have the right genes.
    So by today’s standards, I should consider that anyone who gets a scholarship because of their athletic ability, they have an unfair advantage over me, and laws should be made to fix that. Let me be clear, im not a racist, never have been, not wired that way, we are all people. But here is my question- Did the college coach who offered you a scholarship tell you that your life didn’t matter??? Did the owner of a professional ball team that offered you a multi million dollar contract tell you that your life didn’t matter?? You want racism, you will see it shortly in this community. An individual will have all the credentials and experience and clearly the best individual for the position, but not get the position because he is white, period. Because its about public perception not about who is really the most qualified. How is that not racism?? Because he is white so it can’t be racism, because he is a privileged white man.
    One last thing, barneygetshiswish, is actually spot on with what he posts, I don’t know him, but I know he brings facts, and not liberals filled with fear and hate, you trustfund morons.

    1. Oh My- Lots to dissect there- some I agree with… Your point about “athletic privilege” is duly noted… The NBA spent years re-designing their game to favor the black athlete. Dribbling came about as players argued that they were “passing the ball to themselves”- Other rule changes to allow dunking created a need to raise the basket- the “lane” was narrowed to help bigger- stronger- taller athletes closer to the rim. Meanwhile over in Europe FIBA widened their lane- forcing larger players away from the rim (three second rule)- they went to a lighter and smaller ball-the game focused on “shooting”- not high flying dunkers ! And every year for decades- NBA players got their tails whipped at the FIBA World Championships. America has gifted professional sports to the black community- who has over-run the NBA and NFL with black players. This is an unhealthy imbalance and social issue that reeks of racism. There are millions of White-Hispanic, and Asian Americans who’s talents have been ignored. Anyone wishing to argue the merits of this comment should spend time looking at how the New England Patriots have built their franchise- with a clear balance of White-Black-and Hispanic players in key positions… it’s what we used to see in the 70’s… way before Colin Kaepernick !

  6. So with businesses re-opening on this 1st day of January in Prineville… is KTVZ going to have a news crew on hand to snit….. errr… I mean “report” on the historic events ?

    1. This story first posted December 24th- led to an additional story- and between the two have garnered about 100 comments. So with plenty of time to prepare- bigly regional interest- and a storyline mimicking Aesop’s- “The Lion and the Mouse”… I find it extremely disappointing that there was no Z21 news crew on site yesterday to talk to the “resistance”- the members of the community- shop owners- the city elders and leaders ! Prineville is showing the state how this is done by opening their schools- refusing to send the police into homes gestapo style- and sneering down Kovid Kate’s fury and tantrums… So how is this not “local news” ??? Has Kalamity Kate specifically told the Z to stand down ? Is there a story in the works that needs editing- to soften the blow for the hard line blue-hoo-hoo bloods in Doosh County- who are not only leading the region in covid new cases- but also have a pathetic record when it comes to contact tracing- Crook and Jefferson have nearly 100% participation rates- Doosh a miserable 60%- Yet the Tio’s Kuyas Marthas 1861s all wanna blame everyone else for the statewide failures to control the China Virus- But Themselves ! No surprise- posters like 1861 simply can’t read the bar charts coming out of the OHA- this clown sees record low flu rates in a year (2019-2020) that mirrored every flu season since 2016- but had higher peaks in the spring ! You point this out- you get- “masks work for the flu- but not for the China virus- and oh yeh- Kate Brown is doing an excellent job” ! Like WTH ??? Talk about total disconnect ! Again- many of you are a product of what you read and how you live- Z21 is clearly a part of that equation- and explains a lot- buncha spoon fed ignorant dummies with a tendency to “LIE” !!!

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