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Gov. Brown warns businesses not to reopen, defy COVID-19 orders

Gov, Kate Brown COVID-19 1204
Gov. Kate Brown, Oregon Health Authority officials spoke about COVID-19 status Dec. 4.

Vows enforcement, up to 'Red Warning Notice' closure; says politicians urging quicker reopening 'irresponsible'

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown issued a stern warning Thursday that Oregon businesses who defy her executive orders, which she said have reduced the spread of COVID-19, will face enforcement through fines or even 'Red Warning' closure notices.

Red Warning Notices apply to businesses that appear to be in willful violation of the governor’s executive orders or who refuse to take corrective measures, the governor's office said.

Such businesses are closed until the hazardous condition is remedied. Violation of a Red Warning Notice results in stiff penalties, they added.

Under Oregon OSHA rules, a Red Warning Notice can close a business under the Oregon Safe Employment Act until "the condition has been made safe and healthful."

Some businesses in Central Oregon and elsewhere have vowed to reopen as soon as Friday, Jan. 1, despite the state COVID-19 risk levels prohibiting such a move, claiming they have been treated unfairly, as other large businesses remain open, and can do so safely with planned measures in place.

Here's Governor Brown's full statement:

“Oregon’s health and safety measures are in place to protect Oregonians, save lives, and keep our hospitals and health care workers from becoming overwhelmed by COVID-19. Oregonians have made incredible sacrifices throughout this pandemic and, now, many communities across Oregon are reducing the spread of COVID-19 and moving into risk levels that allow restaurants and businesses to reopen to at least some indoor service.

“If businesses reopen too early and instead create new spikes in COVID-19 cases, the actions of a few business owners could set entire communities back and keep them in the Extreme Risk category for even longer.

“It’s unfortunate and irresponsible that some local politicians are choosing to willfully mislead business owners into jeopardizing public health and risking fines, instead of working with their communities to help stop the spread of COVID-19 so that we can reopen businesses, schools, and more quickly return to normal life.

“Let me be clear: Local elected officials do not have the authority under Oregon law to disregard my emergency orders or to authorize anyone else to do so. Any businesses that reopen in violation of state risk level requirements for their county will be subject to fines and enforcement.

"Undoubtedly, those same local elected officials who are encouraging businesses to fully reopen and flagrantly disregard public health are unlikely to have the backs of businesses when faced with fines and penalties, nor are they likely to be willing to be held responsible for the public health impacts their actions create.

“I am urging all Oregon businesses to put the health of their communities first by following the guidance we have in place for their counties. A large majority of businesses continue to do the right thing to protect their communities. However, when Oregonians don’t take COVID-19 seriously, and don’t take steps to reduce the spread of the disease, they put all of us at risk.

“I have directed Oregon OSHA and the OLCC to deploy all available resources to ensure businesses are in compliance. I expect enforcement agencies to continue to use an education-first approach, but Oregonians need to understand that these rules are enforceable under law. For businesses that refuse to comply, OSHA and OLCC staff are empowered to take administrative action including issuing citations, fines, and Red Warning Notices if necessary.

“Oregon has led in our response to COVID-19, and help is on the way for struggling businesses. I proposed new resources for rent relief for businesses in the third special session, and I expect a new round of federal aid to be delivered soon. We can’t waver in our response to the virus now, when the end is finally in sight and resources are on the way. We are better than this. As we head into the new year, I am asking all Oregonians, yet again, to commit to making smart choices and to take seriously their individual responsibilities during a public health emergency.” 

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      1. Guv Kovid Kate in Sunriver ? Of course- which is why she’s taking this spit wad shot across the bow of Crook County and Prineville Oregon CO- with this passive aggressive threat against the little City that Could ! Could successfully open their schools- could blatantly defy her law enforcement orders to enter homes over the holidays- could dare to declare that businesses will no longer suffer under her irrational and illogical unscientific Ex. Orders to close ! Prineville and other small communities are clearly the target of this tantrum- when she should be focusing her attention on larger Blue counties that continue their resistance ! The OHA data remains clear- Doosh County (for the most recent weeks of Dec 6-20) have failed to reach the State’s goal of 95% success in contact tracing efforts- while Crook and Jefferson knocked it outta the park with damn near 100% cooperation- while Doosh hid their virus- refused to cooperate- but still wagged their bony fingers at others- to the tune of an embarrassing 60% average ! Where’s KTVZ’s fair and righteous coverage of this bigly story ??? Is the Z afraid of offending their big time customer- fearful of what Hate Brown might think- or are they just a willing enabler ? I know Mr. BL will accuse me of twisting the facts- once again- I call Buck Snort- here’s your link-!/vizhome/shared/SSZMGR77Z

      2. That is correct. She has a home here in Central Oregon, one in Olympia Washington and the Governors mansion in Salem. She bounces around between the three all the time. I was told by someone that moved some items to her place in Olympia that she is bouncing around because people are out for her.

  1. Painful to digest, punishing and killing off small business while rewarding the giant chains store who’ve made billions over this pandemic. Ms Brown, you let the City of Portland burn and become a wasteland while you and your crew ignore criminals, legalize drugs, help the new demographic of the professional homeless, and now encourage businesses to close or move out of this state. I get it, you think is is progress.

    1. Commie Kate makes no sense. First school mandates – NO SCHOOL, now when numbers are up, it’s a suggestion. Kill small business, can’t go into a restaurant with 20 people (even with no evidence of transmission), but you can go into Costco/walmart etc with hundreds of people. Question – ever see the debit card machines get wiped down between customers? If so, how often? Looking forward to local restaurants opening up soon, with or without her approval. Schools can technically open after the 1st, why can’t restaurants?

      1. It’s not just Brown- But also OSHA- “Red Warning Notice can close a business under the Oregon Safe Employment Act until “the condition has been made safe and healthful.”…. I would ask Michael Wood at Oregon OSHA to first prove that “unsafe condition” ! This is a two way street ! If OSHA can prove that I have the China Virus on my job site- then you might have a legitimate complaint… no different than proving I have a natural gas leak- or have poured contaminants into the water. Simply saying that you think there’s a possible hazard- then can’t prove it ??? Then screw you- you keep hassling me and my company- I’ll see you in court. Sooo… what says the one time Z21 regular legal Eagle and personal friend of Barney L… Eddy B… about this ? My position is clear- Guv Kovid Kte has you all runnin’ scared- I say lawyer up and prepare to fight back. Oregonians failed to toss her out of office way back in the Spring- she’s done nothing positive to address the China Virus but shut down the state in random acts of stupidity- she has no logical or rational strategy- she defies the CDC- ignores the science- and doesn’t even want to talk about Phylagen testing ! If yer about to lose your business- at this point- it’s on you !

      2. Funny on the one hand she wants to appear gracious in allowing school districts to make their own re-opening decisions knowing full well the teachers union will play the heavy and remain locked down.
        Small business though are not in bed with her central planning agenda and must be put in line.
        If you choose a socialist ideologue drone to call the shots then you get socialism. Buckle up for 2021 🤠

    1. She has missed zero paychecks that are paid by our tax dollars. Ironically the Oregon residents that she is crushing are currently paying her to kill their livelihood.

    2. Agreed! Democrat or republican it doesn’t matter. The politicians are corrupt. They cannot relate to the average person. Most are silver spoon babies that never had to work for a living. They live off of their inheritance and kick backs from lobbyists and big corporations. No morals or ethics. Just “me, me, me and give me more money!” They’re the scum of the planet and may they rot in a special place. Believe it or not, I love this country, but I despise most of our politicians.

  2. Maybe the clowns in Redmond at Westside Local restaurant and owner Amber Amos will get a clue. Armed guards dressed up with secret service type earpieces, and the “god fearing” patriots can take their shtick elsewhere. BTW Amber, the restaurant right accross the street is booming with a line of cars waiting to order every day. If you can’t wear a mask for public safety what unsafe food prep are you doing behind the grill?

    1. Just a question for you, do you own a restaurant? If the answer is NO, then what do you do? Will you allow someone to take all you have from you today? If so where do you live so you can give with all of your “caring heart” to those

      1. I wouldn’t alienate 3/4 of my potential customers by becoming a gathering place for antii-maskers. I wouldn’t scare people off by posting armed guards. I wouldn’t associate with a group of armed troublemakers and militia.
        In this country, POS, if you have a problem with the law, go to court. BTW, the restaurant in question is new and has been 4 or 5 different places in the last few years . The last time I was in there were like 6 tables but plenty of room for a drive thru/ pick up.

        1. “if you have a problem with the law, go to court”. What law are you referring to? There is no such law dimwit. If you are afraid, stay home, simple. Expect a lot more of these businesses to do the same thing. Props to the locals that support these small businesses.

        2. Based on the fact we had to wait 45 minutes for a table to open up I would suspect your 3/4 number is substantially off. And for your other worry – you can see into the kitchen and see the overall cleanliness. A little interesting side bar – if you aren’t comfortable going in there, just don’t go, then you can be safe.

        3. idiot! They aren’t new! All they did was expand from their cart. You need to get a grip on the reality of life in Central Oregon or go back to Seattle!

    2. ???? what restaurant across the street? If you are talking about the fast food drive thru mexican joint you are a moron! Totally different food, not to mention the fact they have always done the majority of their business drive thru.

    3. You’re a racist. It is a restaurant owned by a “Female Person of Color.” You’re a filthy degenerate low down racist misogynist. Why do you hate business owners “of color?” You should be ashamed you hater!!!

    1. You guys really need to get together and decide whether she’s a ‘commie’ or a fascist but then I guess you really need to be smart enough to know the difference. LOL

          1. In many mays they are quite similar, maybe not in philosophy but in practical application. The Nazis took many cues from the Bolsheviks on structural suppression for example. Vladimir Lenin created the concentration camp forced labor camp concept, Hitler admired and copied it. It’s all authoritarianism, who cares what the flavor is, call it what you like.

      1. She’s an authoritarian fascist who aligns herself with communistic values. Cut side deals with China. She’s a dictatorial tyrant who hasn’t a heart within her to actually try and do good for the state of Oregon.

  3. Yes, small businesses need support. It is our government’s failures, both at a state and federal level, that have resulted in this massive push-back against common sense for the health of the general public. Rent forgiveness and bans on evictions need to apply to commercial and residential properties. I know a lot of the covidiots want to cry “what about the landlords!!” Well, they should be getting assistance too. NO AMERICAN should have to suffer financially, physically or emotionally due to this pandemic. The US is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet; we can afford to take care of our own. Who is holding up the funding? Why are Senate Republicans so against helping Americans in need? Even the most incompetent President in American history agrees that people need more help than the GOP approved in the latest of TWO stimulus bills.
    Yes, small businesses need support. People also need to live. Businesses can reopen, lives lost are gone forever.

    1. Are you referring to the $900 Billion dollar coronavirus package that the dems tried to sneak through? $600 to US residents, $1800 to illegal immigrants, and millions upon millions to other countries, including $15 million to Pakistan for gender training. Maybe that’s why it’s being held up.

    2. Do you really want to support small business- any of you ??? Then walk into their place of business over the next 48 hours and tell them to start Phylagen testing protocols- to prove to “Hate Brown” that their business is China Virus free ! The technology is out there- it is free (Brown must pay for it) This is no different then testing for air quality- water contamination- toxic gas ! Document it- show it to any OSHA thug- and tell Brown- Biden- and that hater out in Redmond- to stuff it ! if they come back- sue them for last dime the Oregon Government is worth ! I’ve yet to hear a single rebuttal to this plan and I’ve approached OSHA with the details and a test kit… they shivered in their boots ! So everyone stop the whining- the complaining- the stoopidity ! Get off yer duff- order the kits and get to work proving that the China Virus is non-existent !

    3. Spoken like a true tyrant. Government closes your shop, then beg the government for relief. Just get on your knees and grovel to the government for everything you need. Polish those boots while you’re at it.

  4. I think people stopped listing to this crazy woman while back and now it’s just delusional entertainment for most. Happy New Years to all…I believe that most are looking forward to flipping the calendar tomorrow. We should all extend a very warm thanks to Mr. Barney Lerten for sorting through our piles of comments throughout the year and dealing with opinions both nice and otherwise. Thank you! Cheers. Be safe and good to all.

  5. What you don’t get, Kate, is that nobody wants your handouts. We all want you do get off our neck and let us support ourselves. If the big box stores can be open then all of us should be able to be open. Was in Wal Mart the other day, most, if not all, of the shoppers were handling product and putting it back on the shelf at some point – how does that fit your criteria????

  6. Look at her barking out orders and threats like she is someone important…
    She never did have any credibility, but if she did, she lost it when she sat on
    her butt doing nothing, watching the dirt bag anarchists in Portland continue
    destroying the property of innocent, law abiding people…
    People are finally realizing that she is a clueless idiot, and that her orders that
    pertain to restaurants is lopsided and meaningless.. She has no way to prove that the
    restrictions, or closure of restaurants has slowed the spread of the virus.
    If that were the case, why do we have record numbers of cases, and hospitals that
    supposedly have full ICU’s ?

  7. Brown is such an idiot and doesn’t follow science. Saying it’s to keep people safe and prevents the virus spreading IS NOT TRUE. The data shows the majority of infections around the country IS NOT FROM SMALL BUSINESSES. The only conclusion you can make from this is that either she is really dumb or wants to keep people on government assistance.

    1. i know people have said what does she care about what the mayor elect in prineville said about wanting businesses to open back up on the 1st but i feel this was her direct response to him. I’d like to see if she would send the state guard into cities here and go gestapo on everyone there or if she’d enact martial law and have police on the streets making sure businesses are closed by 10 and workers off the streets by 11 or they will be arrested. It’d wouldnt fly if she did i bet. Waiting to see if Barney comes to her defense here

  8. ‘Oregonians have sacrificed’, but I pass so many out of state plates all over Bend. Why is it easier to fine businesses than to pull over out of state plates?
    I grew up all over Oregon, even went on field trips downtown portland to study history and architecture. Who would let their kids go downtown now, if they were even allowed to be educated.
    What have you done to our state Kate? You say no one else has authority to override your choices under Oregon Law but you blame everyone else for what’s happening.

  9. The nonsensical tyrant raises her head in another power mongering statement. All you progressives who live the liberal Democrat take a look at this sorry excuse for a governor who has destroyed Portland, put thousands on unemployment, and destroyed small business thus the middle class while Amazon, google, and Facebook cash in. Resign governor. You are terrible

  10. Good point there bghw do wish Barney a happy new year this last one tested everybody and even though 2021 sounds like 2020 won in ways it did. If do come back on here in say 4 hours may not be as coherent its a heads up lol

  11. The more restaurants, gyms, and small businesses that refuse to bow to Kate Brown’s unconstitutional orders the more difficult it will be for her to enforce them. These businesses will have my full support.

  12. Do not dare to challenge the orders of our dear leader Comrade Brown. She is all knowing and her power is not to be tested. If you defy, you will be collected and sent for reeducation.

  13. Besides public health mandates, how many other things should we remove from government regulation ?

    How about everything?
    Except for the things we want it to regulated, of course.

  14. This woman needs to be removed from office! Not surprising the recalls have not worked with the way the Democrat’s count and there’s no other party representation in Salem.

  15. California lawsuits are demanding the state show the science behind the illegal laws and guess what, the state can NOT provide any, they are losing in the courts. This is very important, please take note, demand to see the science from the people claiming to follow the science and the this whole fraud falls apart.

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