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Crook County among 15 moving to ‘Extreme Risk’; weekly vaccination clinics continue

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Due to an increase in local cases in Crook County and an increase in hospitalizations across the state, Crook County has been identified as one of 15 counties across Oregon moving back up to Extreme-Risk Category starting at midnight Friday morning. 

Crook County will remain at this level for one week, at which time the data will be reevaluated and if necessary, remain at this level for up to a maximum of 3 weeks, followed by a state re-evaluation of the situation. 

The increase in cases in Crook County has been identified mostly as local social gatherings, health officials said.  There have been very few workplace outbreaks or travel related cases. 

Since the end of February, cases have continued to go up, with the total number of cases the week of April 18th – 24th being 66.  This is the second-highest number of cases in Crook County since the beginning of the pandemic.

This risk level change comes with the existing guidance for Extreme Risk, with one exception – restaurants, bars and outside venues may now have up to 100 people served outdoors, instead of the previous maximum of 50.  It has been identified that spread is not happening outdoors as much as indoors.  The county will be required to follow the guidance for Extreme Risk, which can be found on the Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 website at:

What this means for local business, such as restaurants and bars is that indoor dining will be prohibited and outdoor dining will close at 11 p.m.  Restrictions still apply around social distancing, mask wearing and capacity for business such as retail sales and indoor and outdoor entertainment.

The increase in cases is not isolated to Crook County; there has been an increase seen across the state. This makes it even more important for the Crook County community to continue to consider getting vaccinated, which will continue to make the community a safer place for everyone, officials said. 

The Crook County Health Department is still actively holding public vaccination clinics at the Crook County Fairgrounds every Tuesday for the COVID vaccine and at this time everyone 16 and older is eligible to receive the vaccine.  Please be aware that Pfizer is the only approved vaccine for 16–17-year-olds.  The clinic is mostly by appointment only, with one exception, Tuesday May 4th from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm the Pfizer vaccine will be available for a walk-in clinic for youths over the age of 16.  The clinic will not be open to the general public during this time. 

The schedule is opened on Thursday each week for the following Tuesday.  This is to ensure enough vaccine is available.  To schedule your appointment please visit our online scheduler at:

Where else can I get my vaccination in Oregon?

                Contact your medical provider and schedule an appointment

                Contact the local Crook County Pharmacies

BiMart Pharmacy

Clinic Pharmacy

Rite Aid Pharmacy

                Visit the Crook County Health Department web site for other options

Please visit the Crook County Health Department website for regular updates.  What’s available on the website?

                Link to the online schedule and other vaccination sites around Central Oregon

                Links to State, Local and Federal sites for more information about COVID-19

For more information or general questions, the Crook County Health Department is here to refer you to the right place to get answers - Office:  541-447-5165

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  1. I see all the discussion about the homeless camps – if this virus was as dangerous as she, and others in the media and governments, are trying to portray how are there still any homeless to worry about? They should have been the first type of group to be wiped out if so….

    1. they are outside, safer than being inside, and who knows maybe they are washing their hands and wearing masks? How many million have to die world wide before you consider it dangerous? your background in infectious diseases and microbiology is what ?

  2. If vaccines are so great why was Biden’s address nearly empty with people all wearing masks? Everyone in that room had been vaccinated. Biden, Harris, and Pelosi have all been vaccinated. So what’s that tell us?

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