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Gov. Brown: All 15 counties in ‘Extreme Risk’ will return to ‘High Risk’ on Friday

But she says despite slower rise in COVID-19 cases, 'Oregon is not out of the woods yet'

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) — Gov. Kate Brown announced late Tuesday that an improvement in one metric -- a slower rise in hospitalized COVID-19 patients -- means the 15 counties, including Deschutes and Crook, that moved to Extreme Risk restrictions last Friday will move back to High Risk this Friday.

Brown issued a weekly update to county risk levels under the state's public health framework to reduce transmission and protect Oregonians from COVID-19.

With the statewide seven-day average increase for hospitalized COVID-19 positive patients dropping below 15 percent, Oregon no longer meets the statewide metrics for the Extreme Risk level, she said.

Effective Friday, 15 counties will return to High Risk. In total, 24 counties will be at High Risk, four at Moderate Risk, and eight at Lower Risk. A complete list of counties and their risk levels is available here.

Brown issued the following statement:

“Let me be clear: across the state, COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are still high, and Oregon is not out of the woods yet. However, we have met the hospitalization metric established by our health experts for counties to return to High Risk. From the beginning, I have said that returning counties to the Extreme Risk level was about preserving hospital capacity and saving lives. With our statewide hospitalization rate stabilizing, our hospitals should have the capacity to continue treating patients with severe cases of COVID-19 and other serious medical conditions in the coming weeks.

“Based on today’s numbers, I am keeping my commitment to Oregonians. Beginning Friday, all counties in Extreme Risk will return to High Risk. With Oregonians continuing to get vaccinated each week, my expectation is that we will not return to Extreme Risk again for the duration of this pandemic.

“I know this will bring relief to many across the state. However, the lifting of Extreme Risk health and safety measures comes with great personal responsibility for us all. If Oregonians continue to keep up their guard, follow High Risk health and safety measures, and get vaccinated as fast as possible, we should see our COVID-19 case and hospitalization rates decline. I’d like to thank Oregonians for taking this surge seriously for the last several weeks. It’s because of you that our hospitals have not been overwhelmed.

“Today, we also received the welcome news from the Biden-Harris administration that they will be reallocating unused vaccines to the states that need them. Oregon will ask for the maximum allowed, which will help us to get shots in arms faster. Vaccinations are still our best path to protecting our loved ones, and staying on track to fully reopen our economy by the end of June.”

For the Sector Risk Level Guidance Chart, updated in late April, click here.

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    1. Spot on ! Kovid Kate has no rhyme nor reason to her decisions anymore- she’s just making up this BS as she goes- and she’s no longer even trying to hide it ! She must resign- be removed- she’s killing Oregonians with her constant irrational girly hysterics ! WTH Oregon- toss her out !

      1. You mad little Eric? Your queen has changed course and I bet you silly little libs are just so angry. This is going to be really bad for your TDS. You may need to see your psychiatrist for a refill soon little man.

  1. $5 says she will one again change the goal post and follows pennsylvania and makes the mask mandate permanent until 70-80% of people are vaccinated to remove the mandate (effectively making it permanent)

          1. Eric, your intelligent responses are beyond amazing. They go straight to the point and very clearly explain the “Science” behind all this to those who know so much less than you. Perhaps you have read these comments from those at the New England Journal of Medicine or The Lancet?
            “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as editor of The New England Journal of Medicine” (1).

            More recently, Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, wrote that “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness”

    1. If only the sissified Losers on the right weren’t so petrified of needles we would have opened up a long time ago. Thanks for nothing, ya whiny crybabies..

      1. You sure do throw around a lot about other people being sissies which is laughable while you sit in your mommies basement hiding behind a computer. You have no standards or morals which makes you a worthless human. Go put yourself in a dumpster where you belong you little scared weasel!

  2. Yes, the one week shutdown, saved us all, OH I my bad, it’s only been four days, now we may only need to shut down every month or so, for a day or two? Queen Kate sure has a lot of people fooled, others, not so much. Are you one of her subjects? Come on man, I know you’re out there, say something. Just think you may have to return to work soon, no more freebies.

  3. Kate, if you are so worried about going out then stay home and let someone else do your job. People.. if you want to stay home because you are afraid of COVID, then please do, BUT if you need/want to work or open your business then I think it should be ones choice to do so. Kate, I imagine your not financially struggling so you see absolutely no need for no one to work or run a business… quit being selfish and quit choosing for anyone else!!

  4. The Marxist Trolls will snap out of their cannabis coma here shortly and tell us why she is the best Governor on the face of the Earth in 3…2….1…

  5. Kovid Kate at her very worst… “despite slower rise in COVID-19 cases, ‘Oregon is not out of the woods yet”… Gee Kate… WHY ? After more then a year of lock-downs- school closures- social distancing- dozens of regulations at work… we’re still… “not out of the woods yet” ??? Then you must resign ! Admit complete and absolute failure to lead the state to successful levels seen in more populated and congested countries like Japan Korea- Malaysia ! Brown’s constant defiance of CDC recommendations must be revealed by the local media- but it’s not… WHY ??? What’s in it for KTVZ to ignore this catastrophic element that is killing Oregonians- what’s in it for Lee and Bob to just stay quiet ? This is a crime- and I’m not happy about it- what says you ?

    1. I says if your ilk would have changed out of your dresses and into some big boy pants and got vaccinated this whole mess would have been done with a long time ago.

      1. Get rid of the mask mandate once fully vaccinated and you’ll see the rates go up. The issue is the goal posts keep moving, Eric. You’re now seeing mask mandates in areas around the country that don’t align with CDC recommendations. Once the science doesn’t agree with your opinion the rules change, right?

      2. Funny how a spike in cases coincides with people getting vaccinated isn’t it? And the states with the worst spikes are the ones that have been the most restricted?

  6. I have worked the entire time. I have the good fortune to work from home. I enjoy what I do. And I’m making a difference in other people’s lives. Can you say the same?

    And, I’m not a fool nor has Ms. Brown fooled me. That said, I know folks and have seen those affected by C19. It’s not a fun virus. Long term affects for some (think pre-existing conditions in a few years).

    Lastly, your arrogance and ignorance are not becoming.

    1. If you work from home… then you have no right to comment on those of us who are actually out there in the working world forced to abide by OSHA and Kovid Kate’s Ex. Orders- mandates- and restrictions on a daily basis… You have no idea what large scale corporations with more than 200 employees are subject to- and you should admit as much ! But you don’t ! You show up here without even a kernel of knowledge and lecture the locals on how things “should be”… all the time- you have no overhead- no production targets- no insurance costs… you worry (selfishly) about yourself- and that’s it. If I didn’t know better- I’d say that you and Nevertrumper are the same person- as you both brag about your good fortune- how smart you are- yet never once admit that President Trump provided a wonderful environment where small businesses could flourish- while “resident” Biden is currently attacking your every day existence ! Makes me wonder how ignorant-arrogant- and downright stoopid you really are ! If you are what you say- then go ahead and explain how President Trump harmed your business and resident Biden has turned that all around… this should be interesting !

      1. BGHW ~ you are the clueless one. Yes, I work from home, but am not self employed. I do not therefore have the ability to write off ANY overhead, or supplies, mileage (should I have to go out for an appointment). All of which are ~ because of your idiot hero DT, changing tax laws a few years back.

        My partner has been out of work for a year, thanks to the “covid is a hoax” fools who refuse to practice prevention. And frankly he’d rather be working. But the industry he’s in seems to sport fools who don’t care about others.

        Once again you are off base with your toxic spew.

        Frankly ~ I’m so tired of all of the hate tossed out by so many of you. As to you stating I have no right to comment ~ last I checked the First Amendment represents freedom of speech. Which allows me the right to comment.

        1. “changing tax laws a few years back”… Why don’t you explain exactly what tax laws President Trump changed that did your small enterprise so much damage- I call BS ! According to one of President Trump’s most hated adversaries… “Bloomberg’t-just-for-the-rich…. “The Trump Tax Cut Wasn’t Just for the Rich- It was far from perfect, but it did boost middle-class incomes.” ! Whaaaat ??? Wait hater- here’s more… “the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017… cut taxes on the middle class and fueled the economic growth that brought unemployment rates to half-century lows before the pandemic.”… NEXT- I won’t elaborate- but here’s another way President Trump was praised for helping small businesses out of the evil clutches of doom and despair brought on by Obama and Biden… which you now gleefully return to and support…… In the end… not much of a business pro are ya !

    2. Why are you posting this comment regarding the article? It makes no sense. My guess is the only difference you are making is the one you find in your toilet bowl.

  7. She threw in there that her being generous and doing this not to lose our collective 💩 and go 👹less everywhere and get randy like wild animals or she’ll have to punish us again. Restaurant people are shaking their heads thinking so in 4 days we could be told to shut down again.

  8. Thanks again for not allowing my comment, even though I blanked out the parts that tend to hurt your feelings. It wasn’t even against your TOS, unreal.

  9. Say all you want Kate haters (got know what you are against, when you don’t stand for anything), but there’s a reason Covid deaths per capita are 1/3 and 1/4 of states like Florida, Texas and Arizona. We have the 5th least deaths per capita of all 50 states. Thanks Oregonians (at least the ones that care) and Kate Brown. Thankfully, the vast majority of views on this comment board only represent a small fraction of Oregonians (even though they whine the loudest and most often)!

    1. You need to try to think more scientifically. Per capita doesn’t work with something like a virus it spreads with close human contact. The population of the state of Oregon is about the same as the population of LA. But oregon is about 200 times the size of LA. so do you see how the spread would be slower in oregon? Therefore per capita doesn’t really work scientifically but you can throw out hogwash all you want

    2. “Say all you want Kate haters”… Yeh- I will ! Minnesota Brown has been at the helm of more then 2500 deaths- the complete destruction of the state economy- thousands of school children losing a year of life and education- thousands more losing jobs- careers- dreams- tax revenue devastated… all of which will take at least two decades to recover from- while she refuses to have China held accountable (gee- wonder why) … yet blames every single Oregonian for her failed leadership ! She is an abomination- a failure- a complete imbecile- and the state will never recover as long as she is in office… deal with those facts in your own way- but they are undeniable !

      1. Yeh- I will ! Minnesota Brown has been at the helm of more then 2500 deaths- the complete destruction of the state economy- thousands of school children losing a year of life and education- thousands more losing jobs- careers- dreams- tax revenue devastated… All because of sissified childish LOSERS like YOU.

    3. We are all dumber for have listened to your incoherent, ignorant rant. You are completely clueless to what going on in the world today!

  10. This Pandemic has changed the landscape of the world forever and the power grab by countries down to the Kate Brown’s who thrive on the fear they instill in people. I don’t waste my time with the news other than to watch the boring weather rather, than another video of sticking a needle in someone’s arm. Ktvz, as someone mentioned…start making a difference by promoting change!

    1. You don’t have to watch the weather on the Z- COD does just as well- and Dorrell Wenninger can be heard on radio KBND- Don’t think I’ve heard Katie on the radio… Sigh !

  11. Big red flag! If it’s so extreme why is she waiting until Friday? Kate is committing Treason and she will go down with Biden and the rest of the terrorists! Watch Arizona and the rest of the swing States forensic audit!!! Boom! Treason and Sedition! Bye Bye Kate Brown 👋

    1. TREASON: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family. SEDITION: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority. So…nope, nope and nope.

  12. Everyone can now get the shot, a lot of us just don’t want it.

    Why would we ask everyone to get it yet not ask everyone eligible to carry a concealed weapon to prevent mass shootings?? It’s not MY job to protect YOU.

    1. We’ve all been asked, no one is forcing you. Stop acting like a victim. A lot of us who did get the vaccine did so to protect others. I don’t even know you but I’ve got your back when it comes to COVID. But apparently, well, weak link and all that. Wouldn’t expect much from narcissists in a mass shooting situation, either.

      1. No one is forcing you….yet. the other shoe will drop soon enough. OSU is requiring it. All other schools will quickly follow. Employers won’t be far behind. From a management standpoint, you get more flies with honey than vinegar. Sadly, our “leadership” has successfully divided us. It is now a political statement whether or not to mask, distance,.or vaccinate. Both parties are to blame. Lots of missteps the whole way. Kate Brown flip-flops and grandstands while real people suffer. I won’t miss her a bit. I got vaccinated relatively long ago. I have your back Covid wise, and despite the democrats best efforts, mass shooting wise as well.

  13. At least we were under 500 cases in a week this last time albeit barely. Who knows what she will say cinco de mayo will bring but we will see how the goalposts move again by memorial day weekend and if fauci is spreading doom and gloom as wasnt too long ago sniffles was threatening to ban the fourth of july if majority isnt vaccinated.

  14. Wow barney and ktvz who are you going to tattle on now that your going back to high instead of extreme in less than a week I still haven’t seen the report on liquor stores yet hurry you still have time before kate takes it from you. She is such a joke that’s the story you should report on.

  15. I suspect the amount of pushback she is getting “altered” the science enough that she could see her way clear to relax things.

  16. The sucky thing about this whole mess is having to put up with sissified crybabies coming on here whining about the shutdowns, are the very same MORONS keeping the shutdowns in place by not wearing masks, little girls too scared to get vaccinated to get the numbers down. Uneducated, whiny children in Adult suits.

    1. No Eric, the sucky thing is those claiming to follow the “science” do not understand what “science” means. Science means questioning the claims and verifying those claims independently. Maybe you do not have that capability so you just throw names at people without really understanding where they come from. I am in communication with those in the medical field every day. Are you? A pretty good percentage of medical professionals are refusing the Covid vaccines. Why would they be doing this? I will tell you why. These vaccines are experimental. They are not FDA-approved. I challenge you to read some papers from Harvard which is certainly not a maga place and I am not either. So drop that attack and just read some papers from someone who has actually looked into big pharma and FDA corruption.
      Once you have read those papers, then come back and tell me how much you trust big pharma.

  17. Barney was saying how Facebook allow hate spewed posts. Their more all over the landscape there. You never know when something’s gonna be deleted. Something innocuous like how media picks and chooses it’s battles and fact checkers pop up getting angry

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