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OSU to require COVID-19 vaccination for on-campus students, staff this fall, including Bend

Mass vaccination clinic at OSU's Reser Stadium
Christian Jimenez/Oregon State Universit
Mass vaccination clinic at OSU's Reser Stadium

CORVALLIS, Ore. (KTVZ) – Oregon State University announced Tuesday that it is planning to require COVID-19 vaccinations beginning in the fall term for students and employees who study and work onsite at OSU locations, including OSU-Cascades in Bend.

“As we advance our plans to resume traditional on-site and in-person activities for the 2021-22 academic year, high rates of vaccination among our students, faculty and staff are needed to help improve the safety and well-being of our community,” said Interim President Becky Johnson. “This vaccination requirement is intended for students and university employees so that we mutually contribute to the greatest level of population protection possible from COVID-19.”

Students enrolled exclusively in online courses through OSU’s online education provider Ecampus – and those who do not come to on-site OSU locations – are not required to be vaccinated, but university leaders strongly encourage all members of the university community to be vaccinated.

OSU’s vaccination requirement plans were informed by state and federal guidance related to vaccines, advice from public health experts, and guidance from other organizations, such as the American College Health Association.

The first steps in implementing the vaccination program are already underway, with ongoing education and promotion of vaccine availability. Discussions with students, employees, Faculty Senate leadership and unions will continue through the summer.

As the vaccine requirement policy is finalized, university leaders will share further details, including how students and employees will be able to confirm that they have been fully vaccinated or request an allowable exemption to being vaccinated.

OSU’s COVID-19 Safety and Success website will be regularly updated with new information on the requirement, including frequently asked questions.

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  1. Is OSU willing to accept the responsibility if things go sideways in a few years? A number of doctors are warning about possible long-term side effects from the experimental vaccines. If those doctors’ warnings are correct then OSU is helping destroy the lives of many students. Aren’t they doing enough of that with some of the garbage they indoctrinate students with?
    If you want to get a vaccine, then do so. But to force others to do so doesn’t seem to be the right way to go until you can prove that the long-term side effects are not real. That will not be known for a few years. Remember VIOXX. Big pharma lies, and the FDA is corrupt causing tens of thousands to die. But now you can trust them.

    1. “a number of doctors” eh? – you do realize that you can’t use science to justify your disbelief in science, don’t you? – it just makes you look like another foolish cult member

      1. Tell me all about it in three years, Tizo. I know how big pharma works and if it goes sideways for you all you will get from them is absolutely nothing. Would you buy an automobile if you knew that if it exploded due to a bad design that you had no recourse? But that is exactly what the vaccine manufacturers have. Total immunity. So do you think that the most money-hungry companies on the planet are really going to be trying to put your long-term health first or their profits?
        I dare you to actually read up on VIOXX and come back and tell me how honest big pharma is. Or go read Dr. Donald Light papers on “Institutional Corruption” between the FDA and big pharma. Then come back and tell me I don’t know what the “science”. BTW I design medical devices. What do you do besides calling people cult members who point out scientific facts to you?

      2. On point TioZo. The spreading of lies about vaccines is killing people and keeping Oregon and Deschutes County shut down. Bravo for OSU-Bend.

      1. Sorry Soze, I don’t care for Trump. So maybe just maybe you are not all-knowing and wise like you think you are. I just know big pharma and I know the FDA as I have had direct interactions with both. They are corrupt and will do anything for money. Do you honestly think they didn’t know VIOXX was going to kill people? Do you think Genentech didn’t know that Avastin didn’t actually help the cancer patients as they claimed? I knew Avastin was worthless for most all cancers before it came on the market as I actually read the study that Genentech put out in order to obtain their approvals. It was obvious that Avastin was worthless for treating most all cancers. But despite that Genentech got FDA approval for a drug that took many people’s life savings and tormented them as they died. These are the people you want me to trust now, just because they say so? I read actual medical studies. Not what the news says they say, but the actual studies. Do you all knowing one?

  2. The shot is only approved for emergency use! It’s illegal to make people get this shot without full FDA approval. I see major lawsuit’s coming.

      1. OSU is a “State College”- not private… this is not part of the entrance requirements and will surely be challenged in court.

        1. I disagree with the vaccine requirement, but I can tell you from personal experience at OSU, you have to submit your vaccination records to attend. OSU has a list of required vaccinations and if you don’t have them, or if they’re not up to date, you won’t be allowed to enroll in classes. I’m sure the requirement will be challenged and it will be upheld, similar to the other vaccinations requirements they have in place.

        1. Wages, peer reviewed library, critical thinking ok, tuition, transgender bathrooms, access to clean drinking water, freedom of speech, access and knowledge of birth control, abortion, and sexuality preference etc….

    1. I’d suggest Oral Roberts University…..with luck, they can see the 900 foot tall Jesus that Oral claimed he saw. Anti-vaxers and evangelicals go hand in hand.

  3. All companies and government agencies that require this concoction will be immune from lawsuits. Let that sink in.

    “Your body, our choice.” – Oregon

  4. So now the kooks are saying people have the ability to make their own choices? Which is it, can we make our own choice or can’t we. Because you can’t have it both ways.

    1. Exactly, which is it? Is it my body my choice or not? Are you saying you are anti-choice for women who want an abortion for I am not even though I don’t like the idea. I say it is their body their choice whether abortion or the vaccine. The thing I see is forcing someone to get the vaccine is more like forcing someone to get an abortion. Are you in favor of that? So once again, is it my body my choice or not?

      1. Nobody is forcing you to get the shot or go to OSU. If you don’t like their Covid policy, I’m sure there’s a good private college to attend. Probably won’t be a state college though because most of them will open up based on the available science and state health dept guidelines just like OSU.

  5. This is an experimental injection, not a vaccine. It does not prevent infection to self or others. It is under emergency use, which requires two years before full approval. They can not enforce/mandate anyone to get this injection until it passes its two year trial. Further more, why in the ******* world are people acting so silly with something so experimental??? Would any of you allow a doctor to operate on you with no malpractice insurance? Would any of you fly in a plane made by a first time manufacturer with a poor track record? This is insane at the best…..the injection only reduces symptoms, which further creates asymptomatic individuals. Still required to wear a mask and social distance. What is the point of injecting myself with something that was only tested by these first time manufacturers (i.e. in house), whom hold ZERO liability if you get injured or worse, die from it? There is ZERO evidence of the historical affects from these as these are brand new to the market (definitely can’t argue that one). Wake up people…….this is big pharma dominating the news, narrative, etc. The is the biggest sham in history and the sheep line up at will. Very sad for humanity to just walk to the line like pigs to the slaughter house.

    1. I challenge all those who do not question the vaccines or the companies behind them to read about “Institutional Corruption” between big pharma and the FDA.

      Big pharma is much more interested in their bottom line than they were ever interested in your health. Once you read Dr. Light papers, then come back and tell me how much you trust them especially knowing they got a sweetheart deal arranged so that they have zero liability if their vaccines cause any harm.

  6. Colleges can require any vaccinations they want to require. Don’t want the shot – go to another school. Pretty simple. Anti-vaccination people can just go the way of Darwinism for all I care anymore.

  7. OSU has a new policy which is “No thinking for yourself. All who attend OSU must totally agree with what we say. Repeat the pledge. OSU is all-knowing, all-wise, and would never do anything wrong.”

    1. Gee, I didn’t see that quote in the article anywhere. Sorry, snowflake, I see the drama of it all is taking its toll on you. Be careful! Everyone is trying to take away your ability to think for yourself, make you a victim. Even the nasty OSP making you wear a seatbelt, use a hands-free phone while driving, and for Pete’s sake, use a turn signal every single time you change direction? How dare they! After all, you know where you’re going. Why should you have to tell anyone else? Does OSP think they are all knowing, wise, and would never do anything wrong? Pfft!

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