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University of Oregon, Western Oregon U. to require COVID-19 vaccinations for students, staff in fall

(Update: Adding University of Oregon announcement)

EUGENE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The University of Oregon and Western Oregon University on Monday joined a growing number of colleges and universities across the state to require COVID-19 vaccinations for on-campus students, faculty and staff this fall.

"The science is clear: the COVID-19 vaccine effectively eliminates the chances of death or serious illness in nearly all COVID-19 infections," UO President Michael Schill said in a public statement.

"Requiring vaccinations is critical for public health. It will help us to reach the highest level of protection possible, reduce infections, limit many of the disruptions of COVID-19, and safeguard the community we live in." Schill said. "It will also allow our campus community to return to the in-person and on-campus experience that is the cornerstone of academic success, student experience, and research innovation."

Under state law, students will be exempt from the requirement "if they have a medical or non-medical reason" such as a religious, philosophical or other belief," he added.

Earlier Monday, Western Oregon University announced that in preparation for a predominantly in-person fall 2021, COVID-19 vaccinations will be required for students and employees who study or work in person at either the Monmouth or Salem campuses.

The vaccine requirement, among other efforts, was announced Monday to current students in a virtual information session focused on COVID-19 planning for the 2021-22 academic year.

Other schools to require vaccinations include Oregon State University's campuses (including OSU-Cascades in Bend).

“We know our students and employees miss the vibrance of in-person campus life, and we want to return to that while also supporting the overall safety of our communities. Vaccination is an important step toward pack immunity so our Wolves can be together again,” said WOU President Rex Fuller. “In the meantime, we’ve been doing everything we can during spring term to make vaccines accessible to members of our campus community.”

In the virtual session, Fuller emphasized that the details of the vaccination requirement plan would be further refined through engagement with many campus stakeholders, including WOU’s Reopening Committee, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, the Associated Students of Western Oregon University (ASWOU), and the university’s two unions: SEIU and the Western Oregon University Federation of Teachers (WOUFT).

Because WOU is one of Oregon’s most ethnically diverse university campuses, Fuller also pledged to engage the campus’s University Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (UDIAC) for advice and suggestions as the plan is finalized.

“The details of the plan require the input of our faculty, staff, and students, through the lens of science, data and public health expertise.  It would be short-sighted to rush the details of a vaccination requirement without hearing from the WOU community,” Fuller said.

In order to incentivize students to get vaccinated sooner rather than later, the university also announced a program in conjunction with the WOU Wolfstore that gives students $25 to be used on textbooks, supplies, gear or whatever they choose.

“My hope is that this incentive program encourages WOU students to get their vaccination and rewards those who already have. It’s important we do our part to support pack immunity in our Wolf community,” said Associated Students of Western Oregon University President N.J. Johnson. “We encourage students to get their first vaccination as soon as possible so they will have their second dose completed before the conclusion of spring term.”

Free vaccinations are available in the Pacific Room of WOU’s Werner University Center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Walk-ins are welcome from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Or, appointments can be made with Salem Health. WOU has hosted the Polk County clinic for Salem Health since February 2021.

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      1. Yeah no! if restaurants choose to exclude you! that’s their right, I never said government mandates and they will never mandate it anyway! But nice false tantrum!

          1. Because you’re a special needs case. I would accommodate you if I had a business open to the public. Are you vaccinated? I strongly support exempting vaccinated people from mask requirements, especially given the real world efficacy results of the vaccines.

              1. Li’l Tucker, a private business can impose any rules regarding dress or behavior it wishes, as long as it is not doing so in a way that targets a protected class as defined by the Civil Rights of of 1964. There’s your law.

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      2. Public universities currently require the same vaccines to attend classes in person that are required for high school students in Oregon. It comes as no surprise they would add this vaccine to the list. University’s want to meet in person and having students vaccinated creates the best option to keep them open.
        I wonder if there is an option to take classes remotely if not vaccinated. This would create additional opportunities for students. Maybe it’s already offered for those not vaccinated for the previously required vaccinates. Does anyone here know?

        1. high schools don’t make it mandatory and this “vaccine” is not fda approved. Go take your little beta male butt and walk down the street with 2 masks.

      3. The headline is a false narrative. It should read UofO and Wester Oregon University want to require vaccination but cant’t due to state law. Under state law, students will be exempt from the requirement “if they have a medical or non-medical reason” such as a religious, philosophical or other belief,” he added.

    2. 1000’s of lawyers are already fighting these “mandates”. Totally illegal and once businesses start losing money, they will rethink their communist mandates. More than 60% of the population will NOT get vaccinated. OSHA already stated that if any employer mandates a vaccine for employment and an employee get’s sick or adverse effects that the company will be responsible under workman’s compensation.

      1. Never said mandate, you made an assumption clown! There will be vaccine passports and if businesses decide to accept them and exclude you, good for them it’s there right isn’t it?

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        1. If you’ve got the experimental gene therapy jab, good for you! Why does it matter to you then if others have chosen not to get the shot?

            1. We are using science. You are a test study to see how effective and dangerous this new type of vaccine is for us educated folk. Thanks for your service to mankind.

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        2. Considering Israel only has 58% vaccinated and they supposedly ran one of the best vaccination campaigns in the world, I think your 20% is a pipe dream.

    3. Thank you for being a test subject during the introduction of these “vaccines”. Look forward using data based on people like yourself that got the shot in the arm to make a educated decision WHEN the FDA approves them.

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        1. Just because he is pointing out that it is in EUA does not mean he is going to get the vaccine if and when the FDA gives final approval. That is your own hang up.

    1. “I would recommend it, and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it — and a lot of those people voted for me frankly.”
      “It is a safe vaccine, and it is something that works.” Former President Donald J. Trump, March 16, 2021

  1. What ever happened to “my body my choice”? The survival rate of this virus is super good. Yes it’s out there and yes there is a chance to get it, but controlling the people is wrong. My dads in his 70s and is getting the shot. Good for him since he has held issues. I’m in my 20s…. I don’t need this vaccine and the fact they are forcing people to do that is mind boggling
    … you all make me sick.

    1. These vaccines were developed in months. Vaccines of past were studied for years if not decades. It’s one thing for those of us that are 69-70 & up to Vaccine but what about unknown long term effects to kids, & 20,30,40 yr olds? Who will gannentee they WILL NOT have side effects down the road with this? There is no way I would want my child to take this until proven safe.
      It is considered an experimental drug!

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      1. They are making it so we have to get vaccinated I order to travel and also college? Yes, I can just stay home in my bubble. I get they arent “ making “ people do anything, but once you start controlling the people and forcing little Timmy that’s in his 3rd year of college to get a drug that should have took a lot longer to make, then that’s were the issue is. It should be the persons choice. They are making it not a choice for people

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