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Man refuses to wear mask at Bend donut shop, has altercation with manager

'I'm arguing with a grown man that simply had to put on a little piece of cloth.'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Wearing masks isn’t new, but with new guidelines, old issues are resurfacing. 

Dallas Lowery, manager at Sweetheart Donuts, said a customer came into her shop without a mask Friday morning.

"It gets more frustrating, the longer it goes on, because this isn't new -- masks didn't come up yesterday,” Lowery told NewsChannel 21 later. 

She explained to the man that her store on Southeast Third Street in Bend gets too busy to check vaccination cards for every customer. So to keep everyone safe, they are still enforcing a mask rule.

"Not because we want to, not because we think it's fun, but just to keep our customers and our staff safe,” Lowery said. “If my staff gets COVID, we can't do donuts."

Lowery said the man left the store to get what she assumed was a mask.

However, he then came back with his sleeve over his face.

Lowery explained that wasn't good enough, and the man could use the drive-thru if he was truly opposed or had a medical issue preventing him from wearing a mask. 

Then she says, it got ugly.

"He got frustrated and he left … He used some vulgar language about me leaving the store,” Lowery recalled. 

"I luckily had two other customers in the store that thanked me for enforcing this and not allowing people to do what they want simply because they want to."

Lowery said with the new Centers for Disease Control and Oregon Health Authority updated guidance, allowing vaccinated people to keep their masks off in certain areas, she's noticed an increase in opposition.

"There's no need for that,” Lowery said. “We're adults. I'm not arguing with a 2-year-old, I'm arguing with a grown man that simply had to put on a little piece of cloth."

The guidelines set out by the OHA state if you are fully vaccinated and a business chooses to check vaccine cards, you don't have to wear a mask.

However, if a private business chooses not to check cards or to continue a mask policy, both vaccinated and unvaccinated people have to follow their rules and wear a mask.

Lowery says she doesn't mind explaining the store's policy, but will not tolerate someone being disrespectful to her or her employees.

"I understand having to answer questions about our mandate,” Lowery said. “I understand some people want to know why, but you don't have to be rude. And that's where I draw the line." 

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



    1. The State of Oregon and every county has allotted thousands of dollars in free tax payer money for PPE ! Are we to believe that Manager Lowery doesn’t have a single extra mask on site to provide for a customer ??? And that Manager Lowery’s only solution was for a customer to “get out- and take your filthy germs with you” ??? If I’m the owner here- I say offer up sensitivity training or a quick goodbye for one “manager Lowery” !

      1. Sounds like I won’t be going to that donut shop ever. If Dallas is so worried about her staff getting COVID then she should encourage/require them to get vaccinated. It is a “stupid piece of cloth” that does little before you’re vaccinated and serves no purpose after you’re vaccinated. The manager could have taken a lesson from customer service 101 and asked to see his vaccination card.

    2. I don’t understand why maskholes push their mental illness on us Patriots!? If you want to be a maskhole and wear a mask that’s your choice but if you want to be normal and not wear a mask then that’s fine. But leave us Patriots alone! Enough with the hasassment!

      1. A patriot wears a mask wherever they are asked to. A rude pos whines and cries like the baby they are. Having a temper tantrum because you are asked to do what the private business asks you to do is just plain ignorant, rude and childish.

    3. Those masks weigh under 1/4 of an ounce, right around 3 grams. If you can’t handle that you’re not just a wuss, you have no business leaving your house, driving or………….voting.

  1. This woman manager has a MASSIVE misconception about masks. It is NO LONGER about “keeping everyone safe”, it is about forcing a tyrannical rule and making sure people follow your ideology. It CANNOT possibly be about “keeping everyone safe” because those who want to be “safe” CAN GO GET THE VACCINE and make themselves safe. How hard is this to understand?!?!

      1. If her employees get sick, obviously they have not been vaccinated. Shame on them. I will not wear a mask to protect those who WILL not protect protect themselves by getting vaccinated. If employers are going to ask for proof then they better show proof that all their employees, including themselves, have been vaccinated as well. If not, they can go hug a root. The govener dosen’t have the authority to grant a private citizen or business the right to pry into your private medical history. It’s none of their flippin’ business. BTW, YES, I got vaccinated. Didn’t have to because I spent 7 days in the critical care unit due to covid plus another 3 weeks in a transitional care unit rehabing from it. For those who cannot get vaccinated, I am among the safest people to be around. I am basically bullet proof. I will not get it nor will I spread it.

            1. A very very tiny percentage of the population simply doesn’t have the immune system to work with the vaccines. However I’m perfectly willing to get vaccinated in order to help that small population not get as much exposure. She probably got it from someone like Kate Clown.

              1. 6% failure rate ! 3x’s higher than the death by rate attributed solely to this virus- if I were you- I’d keep that mask- them gloves- and your distance till well into summer- throughout the Fall and Winter- then try again next year Mother’s Day- just like Fauci said… you remember that guy- denied the virus was man made in a Wuhan lab… that is until yesterday- where Flip-Floppin’ Fauci is now starting to come clean ! Seems he’s found a friend in Biden- and won’t be going to jail anytime soon ! Liberal Dems stick together- no matter how high the body count !

            2. But absolutely possible: Common questions
              Is it possible to get COVID-19 multiple times?
              Cases of reinfection of COVID-19 have been reported but are rare. In general, reinfection means a person was infected (got sick) once, recovered, and then later became infected again.

          1. I’m curious to know and have some questions I’d like to ask. When she first got covid was she sterilizing everything she touched and was she double masking (as suggested) before she contracted it? How severe was her first case, let alone her second? Many people have been hospitalized but with no eminint threat of of death. How long did she wait before getting the vaccine? I was told that you must wait 90 days after you’ve had it for the vaccine to be effective. I’ve read there have been some breakout cases, though, very few, without any data to explain what possibly may have caused it. Double masking, gloving up daily, chronic sterilization of everything only hinders and prevents you natural immune system to fight off and build up a defense. Of course ones age, eating habits, physical fitness, any underlying conditions, having a low white blood cell count, etc., etc., surely plays into it. I did everything right and I still caught it. And I got it from the DCSO. And no, it wasn’t because I was being arrested. (LOL) All in all I’m sorry she got it twice but glad she pulled through ok. This is a nasty evil virus that the Chinese Government allowed to escape out of Pandora’s Box. Does she still continue to struggle with the chronic fatigue? Mine was so severe that they weren’t sure if I was going to make it or not. I was told by medical professionals between getting it and being vaccinated I will not get it nor will I pass it on. They want my blood for the antibodies my body is now producing. Thus, I’m basically bullet proof.

      1. Are they still calling it a pandemic ? Why then is Kovid Kate re-opening the state- especially when the deaths per million population is three times higher than it was under President Trump ??? I think some of you are more than soft… “science deniers” is more like it !

    1. Tyranical rule, lmao. I guess people shouldn’t wear seatbelts either, oh the tyranny. Get a life jxblaster, your guy lost bigly, get over it already. Make sure you send that stimmy money back, sad.

    2. You can still get covid even if vaccinated FYI, slim chance but possible just the same. Its not ideology, it is science. And certain populations have been recommended not to get vaccine at this time, eg those with autoimmune disorders or undergoing cancer treatments. So yes, continuing to wear your mask in public spaces is respectful and helps to protect others. Do whatever feels right otherwise, at home . If I can wear my mask for 8-10 hours a day at the hospital where there are over 40 covid patients currently, you can put yours on for 5 minutes to order donuts.

      1. Actually in two separate observational studies of COVID vaccination ( one in Israel and the other the UK) there was a .o1% chance of getting COVID after full vaccination. This means that if you are exposed to 10,000 scenarios where you would otherwise become infected you would only get infected one time. And the infection is mild or a symptomatic. Then infecting someone else is even more unlikely. This is why the CDC came out and said “the risk is negligible if you are fully vaccinated”. This is fantastic news and we should all be celebrating. You, as a nurse, need to get your facts straight before voicing your inaccurate opinion

      1. Her business ? Her rules ?? Whatever happened to the Ex. Orders mandating business closures- are you saying that those were unnecessary- that because its your business- you make the rules ??? Oh my- such a weak argument- completely out of touch with what small Mom and Pop businesses have been going through… which is- the complete loss of their ability to run “their” legal and licensed business ! Another Kup of Kuya Krud (KKK) fer sure !

      1. Donuts are terrible for us and help contribute to the worst medical ailment in the US which is obesity. Maybe she should close down and quit harming our health on a daily basis. It’s her obligation to lie responsible for my health, right?

  2. Well that didnt take long but this is what the governor demands so we will be seeing more stories of this ilk now cue someone from the z staff as bghw would say to come in and praise brown for being a sensitive and nurturing soul

  3. Lord…this is news? Did she actually contact KTVZ to tell her story? Glad a donut shop manager got her 5 minutes of fame. Will never go there. Well, in other news, I’ve been in many, many businesses here locally after declaring independence from masks and no one has said a word. In fact, everyone has been extremely nice. Everywhere from big box stores, to restaurants, to small local businesses, everyone has been fantastic and welcoming. I say this because I know there are others like me that want to talk the mask off but are fearful, the worst thing that can happen is you may have to leave, you won’t be fined or arrested. I was a little worried about all the beta males that would throw a hissy fit, but true to form the BETA MALES won’t do a damn thing.

    1. No… sadly.. the idiots refusing to wear masks is not news anymore. They can thank the rest of us who wear masks for the economic recovery we are seeing.

      1. You are correct, not news. Not sure why ktvz even talked to her. LAUGHING…you can thank brown for the economic collapse that we are recovering from.

        1. Ah yes, Kate Brown the governor of Oregon caused a national economic collapse which the entire nation is coming from.

          Pass me whatever you’re smoking, homie.

          1. Funny as the states that didn’t shut down actually had little to no adverse economic conditions until the feds decided to pay people more to sit at home than work.

            1. Actually, the states that shut down the least- complained about it the most. Funny how that works, huh? You get more Trumpers, you end up with more entitled people who complain about things that don’t even affect them.

          2. Actually- the lockdowns- shutdowns- nd hysterics all began on the west coast. The cruise ship in Cali- the Nursing Home infections in Wa. And Brown colluding to just go along- officially closing schools before elderly care facilities… the calendars don’t lie.

      2. Hahaha what recovery??? The most job openings in the history of America and no one taking them or the government tanking our economy with trillions in handouts?

        1. Please educate yourself on masks, they do help. I won’t try to explain because if you still don’t understand the basic science by now, you never will. Do you bow down in the direction of Mar-A-Lago twice daily as well?

      1. OH Scientist…..I have a couple of questions for you. Do you wear 2 masks as the cdc recommends? Also, will you ever walk up to me in a store when I don’t have a mask on and call me 12 year old beta Karen? Or will you cower from the ALPHA MALE???

        1. lol, from the tenor of your comments you’re a 12 yo… Keep telling yourself you’re an alpha if it makes you stronger than you are…

        2. Silly clown 🤡! Yr beta fish is showing! Lol Soo sad, but funny too! Plz don’t stop! I use your post to recruit first time voters to vote for Kate… Your Governor!!! Hahahahaha jokes on you weakling!😂 Keepem coming silly clown! #pandemiccomedy

    2. I to have not had any problems with not wearing a mask. Lots of pleasant people in all the businesses I’ve been to. But when the first business asks me to wear a mask or show proof I’ve been vaccinated, the answer to the masking will be no. The response to showing proof will be, show me proof that you and your employees have been tested and/or vaccinated for syphilis and I will show you that I’ve been vaccinated for covid19. (Yes, you can get syphilis without having sex and you can spread it without knowing you have it.)

    3. I can’t think of a single business that would want someone like YOU within a mile of their store. No shirt, no shoes, No Morons!

      1. That’s a private business, during a pandemic chosing what’s best for her business. Wow. Warped view u have of freedom w a screen name like that. Read more books. #usa forever!

      2. What about a businesses riget to follow rules and customers respecting employees? So disrespectful and uncaring just prove your point.

      3. Science? The science is that even vaccinated people can still get and spread the virus. Also the science that you can still get it and spread it even though you are wearing a fake mask. Bandanas, T-shirt material, or even the hospital style masks are not sufficient enough to stop microscopic particles like a virus. Purchase some hospital style masks and read the label. Even the CDC admitted this with their own study report. The report stated that mask have prevented the spread 1-1.5%. That figure is negligible. And how they came up with that figure is beyond me. So don’t use science in your augments.

      4. Her business, her choice and if you don’t like it, you are free to go elsewhere for your donut. Or do you feel she should run her business the way you think she should and that it’s your right to get in her face about it?

        1. Her business, Brown’s choice. Brown put the burden of checking vaccination cards on the business, as you read (maybe you go straight to comments) The owner did not see that as practical. So no, not her choice. Brown wanted to keep the mask mandate without appearing to go against the “new” science that you do not need to wear a mask by placing an unreasonable burden on the business. Knowing full well that most would simply choose not to deal with it.

  4. no law against being rude. I’m sure every business has a story about rude customers. Also, if worn properly a sleeve does meet the criteria of a face covering. I wasn’t aware stores get to decide what type of face covering is worn.

    1. You are 100% correct. It didn’t look like that donut manager was wearing 2 masks as the cdc recommends…BARNS why didn’t your amazing reporters ask her about this?

    2. So you allow people with no shoes and no shirts who are rude to yourself and your customers at the pub while you do nothing and tell them “it’s fine, please continue to being rude and run off the rest all my valued customers”? If worn properly, would a jock strap across my chest meet the criteria of a proper shirt? You are not able to eject people for being awful or dangerous to your staff and customers? Your whole premise is so disingenuous.

      1. What “danger” are you no promoting- all aghast about- going into girly hysterics over ? The Wuhan Virus ??? Last time I checked it was still designated by the CDC-OHA- and WHO as a mild virus with a 98% survival rate- no different than the common seasonal flu. Just when are you going to get control of your emotions- yer scaring the children !

    3. That is bogus and anyone with any intelligence knows it. If you can see the sunlight through your shirt sleeve, or any other woven cloth, you will do nothing more than spread your germs. It does not and will not protect you or others from anything.

      The covid19 virus is 1.5 microns in size. Therefore, your shirt sleeve or any other woven cloth would have to have a thread count with a spacing between each thread no greater than 1.5 microns to truly protect you and others. I know of no woven cloth with a spacing like that between each thread. The same goes for the bandanas and the gator masks. A total sense of false security.

      1. Hey.., hey.., back up there Hummmper. It’s the Democrats who are creating the racism here and they’re doing it intentionally. It’s the Democrats who always pull the race card. Look at the Democrat racist Lori Lightfoot, who won’t interview with white reporters. And how about the Democrat racists known as the Squad. And lets not forget Maxine Waters whos is right up there with the Squad and may very well be the worst of the worst. Open your eyes to realize that racism comes in all colors. Which, technically, excludes all whites and all blacks because white and black are not colors, they are shades. Once again the Democrats are using the English language incorrectly only to suit their narrative of racial divide. The Democrats are creating the racism here and nobody else.

        1. Hummmp has a very limited vocabulary, and no creativity when it comes to insults.
          Obviously he/she has trouble with basic reading skills too because he/she keeps randomly using the same wore out insults, even when they don’t pertain to the conversation…

      2. You mean like a maskless Nancy Pelosi- just three days ago- from Newsweek and Across America (cept the Z21 portal who chose to ignore this story)- “Critics Slam Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Hypocrisy’ After She Walks Through Crowd Without Mask”… BY JASON LEMON ON 5/20/21 AT 5:13 PM EDT… Your link to what’s really going out there…

    1. This is how a manager treated a valued customer???? Customers are always right….expect in a pandemic in which you need to get tested to see if you have it .

        1. You can’t force anyone to get vaccinated. Period! End of discussion there. This is a very gray area of uncharted waters. Whether employers can persuade their employees to get vaccinated by telling them, you are not being fired but you are being sent home without pay because the company cannot afford the risk of them becoming infected and then infecting their customers and possibly getting sued for negligence.

          1. You can’t force ppl to get the shot, but you damn sure can make it a term of employment. Ask any college around here if you think I’m wrong.

            1. Actually- I know you are wrong… temporary OSHA guidelines say nothing about mandatory vaccinations. Masks/face shields/signage/availability of hand wash stations… Yes ! But there is no legal requirement for first time employees to prove vaccination status ! Feel free to reveal the College or University you are referring to… so we can notify OSHA for an unscheduled visit !

        1. First of all your governor does not have the right let alone the authority to authorize the private sector to pry into anyone’s personal medical history. Business owners DO NOT have the right to pry into your personal medical history.

          Everyone has an expected right to privacy when it comes to medical history. Would you be willing to disclose whether you’ve been tested, and if positive, vaccinated for syphilis? Would you be willing to disclose that you were once committed to a mental hospital due to a psycho meltdown? Would you be willing to disclose you cannot have sex anymore due to a medical condition? If you aren’t willing to disclose such personal information, it is more than reasonable to expect people not to share whether they have been vaccinated or not. It is still medical information that is between them and their doctor.

          1. HIPPA:

            The misuse of HIPAA

            One of the things that has been mentioned in both the vaccine controversy and in resistance to mask mandates is HIPAA. That’s the acronym for a 1996 federal law that includes a medical privacy provision that went into effect in 2003.

            HIPAA is one of the most misunderstood health laws in the country, says Spector-Bagdady, who has studied medical privacy extensively.

            “Very few people actually understand what it means. They think it provides comprehensive privacy protections for health information in all circumstances, which it simply does not,” she explains. “HIPAA only governs certain kinds of entities – your clinician, hospital, or others in the health care sphere. It does not apply to the average person or to a business outside health care. It doesn’t give someone personal protection against ever having to disclose their health information.”

            “…Reading the CDC and EEOC guidance together, employers are able to require employees to provide proof of vaccination, with dates of the final shot in a 1- or 2-shot series, in order to be relieved of the requirement to wear a mask while indoors. Employees who refuse to mask-up without proof of vaccination may still be subject to disciplinary action absent an accommodation.”
            (Some state legislatures are trying to change that of course, as the context of the article says):

            1. Carmen Roe, a legal analyst thinks it will be up to courts to determine whether businesses are able to ask for vaccine cards. It runs a very serious risk of interfering with federal privacy laws that are currently on the books. These have never been tested in the way these vaccinations are testing them. She also believes that it will not turn out well for any business who tries to force someone to produce this information before entering. Now, as much as I do not agree with masks, if a business is requiring everyone entering to wear a mask regardless of vax record, I will respect that and not spend my money at that business. Again, Barney, you only report one side of the story.

              1. I linked to a law review text that made clear things could change. Not sure how we were to track down the person who left, but if we heard from him and he wanted to go on camera, I bet we’d try to make that happen.
                We’ve told all sides of this complex set of issues many times, including random, unscientific (but NOT ‘cherry-picked’) man/woman on the street.

            2. I’m not talking about HIPPA Barney. I’m talking about a basic right to personal privacy. Nobody has the right to pry into your personal medical history making it public. That’s between you and your doctor. Now, if you’re telling me that HIPPA excludes individuals from that level of privacy, then I want to know how many times you have been vaccinated for syphilis, when you got herpes or better yet I want proof that you have been tested for syphilis and to show proof publicly that the sore on your mouth isn’t caused by syphilis. I also want to know when you got your sex transplant. That’s the right to privacy I’m speaking about. You nor anyone else in the private sector has the right to pry into anyone’s personal medical privacy.

              Now, if Pole Pot Brown wants that kind of control, then she can assign her government employed lemmings to the entrances of every business so when a person goes through the door they will go through a private partitioned area and it doesn’t become public knowledge. A persons medical information, regardless of what it is, is not to be made public regardless of how harmless it may or may not be. It is up to the individual, not Big Socialist Government, as to whether or not they want to disclose publicly any portion of their medical history.

              So, Barney, when DID you get your syphilis shot? And if you won’t tell me, then I have to assume that sore on your mouth is syphilis. You do know that you can contract syphilis without having sex, don’t you? And I also have to assume that you have syphilis and don’t know it because you haven’t been tested for it.

              These are all hypotheticals directed toward you as an example of the privacy I’m referring to. I’m confident that you have none of these conditions…. Or do you… we will never know because it is personal and private. They didn’t do this during the AIDS epidemic and back then people were dropping like flies.

              1. Stop being idiot. Anyone can ask you a question about your health (or anything else), and you’re free to not answer them if you think it’s a privacy issue.

                They are also free, with some exceptions, to refuse you service based on your answer.

          2. Why cant you people respect businesses and theirvemployess? That’s what it comes down to , not what Brown is doing its what you are doing to people!

          3. There’s nothing prohibiting you from sharing your information with someone else. Nothing. The laws prohibit your doctor from sharing your info without your permission.

            1. “There’s nothing prohibiting you from sharing your information with someone else.”… But why would you ? I mean you clearly have a low IQ… so why run around town telling everyone ???

    2. The blind faith and acceptance of allowing your Government this control is what is beyond belief. With the exception of very rare cases, the “new” science is that if you are vaccinated you do not need to mask. Those pesky “entitled”, people expecting the science to be followed….how dare them.

  5. Employee’s simply just trying to work and put food on the table have had to put up with these self-entitled anti-masking Karens for almost a year. Childish.

    1. “Karen” didn’t sign the Executive Orders in Salem to shut down the State economy… that was “Kate”… do try to get the spelling right !

    2. Why are dirty needles placed in a bio hazard box after use, but a mask infected with a deadly virus is used over and over in a day, handled by the users, placed on a car seat? Do doctors re-use gloves? Fauci and all his other little power grabbing minions have not required that you place a mask covered in Covid 19 in a bio hazardous material container ever, because this is about the coercive power of the government, not our health.

  6. ‘You’re a grown man that simply had to worry about a little piece of cloth.’

    fixed it for you.

    CoronaVirus isn’t a threat. Self righteous business owners are.

      1. So what has Biden enacted to make sure it won’t happen again ??? I mean- I see where Franken Fauci has now decided to “contemplate” the origins as being a man made virus- in a lab… possibly one he funded… in Wuhan China ! Do try to keep up- there are lives at stake !

  7. A shame that happened. I’m sure he drove off in his jacked up, smoke belching truck festooned with Trump flags.

    Sadly, this is what happens when the state expects business owners to be first the mask police and now card police. More such altercations are coming.

    1. Average way to stereotype….I bet you drive a Prius and drink soy and have a man bun and think the wrinkled **** is smart. This will keep happening more and more, but the thing is the huge majority of businesses owner’s and workers won’t say anything. Most workers have been told to stand down.

    2. AverageGuy, you and ALL people that say things like this are the ones HELPING with the country being divided. I drive a lifted Diesel pickup and yes it’s built for fuel economy and it’s loud, i did not vote because I felt that the people running was not what I would want in office. But I’m not going to put someone down for there opinions or beliefs. At some point someone has to start to respect people and show love to the ones we don’t see eye to eye with and maybe it will spread throughout the human race, then maybe we could sit down and talk about different ideas and compromise on a few things to start with. All parties understanding that not everything is going there way but if we work together all can be accomplished. I put a mask on when I go into a business and no I’m not vaccinated and have not decided if I will or not.
      I see so many people that are hated in the world to day, because different opinions, what they look like, what they believe in, how they dress, for there music, or just because of who they voted for. Most people think everyone should do and think what they do, but if we stop and think what if we had to do and be what the others wanted how would we like it? How about we try and stop putting people in a group that could not all be the same. I have seen all types of cars with trump stickers and seen lifted trucks with biden stickers. When will loving the human race come back and being ok with someone not thinking or being or doing what our opinion is. It really sucks that people can’t see the same hurt and hate they trying to stop that they are pushing in a different direction onto others.
      When are we going to be human and be Respectful to one another and not against each other, let’s try to extend a hand out to help instead of to push down. Everyone says mental health issues are out there and from what I know and seen mental problems don’t pick one person out of a crowd and say that looks fun. The WORLD needs to become one and it needs to start somewhere NOW!

      1. One place to start: (I only post this on occasion when folks seem to be searching for something, as I had been for many years, of a groundswell, a movement speaking of hope beyond the blame, hate and divisiveness, as I was. Are they perfect? Heck no. But they have been a conduit for me to many similar efforts, from to the National Institute for Civil Discourse. All realizing that depolarization doesn’t mean kumbaya moderate fuzziness, but tools to re-engage in respect and civil dialogue, and their podcasts are very enlightening – to think in new ways, despite the “how DARE you give the evil other side a platform!” etc.

      2. This was one of the more thoughtful and interesting replies I’ve read here for quite a while. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I for one found them thought provoking, and it made me consider my own anger issues I’ve been unsuccessfully dealing with here when interacting with some of these guys. I will continue to think about what you’ve said, and will also try to dial it down a bit as I know hatred does no one any good. Thank you, sir. Stay safe.

    1. Really- all your “donut” business ??? High in sugars- saturated fats- artificial flavors… the same recipe that leads to diabetes- obesity- clogged arteries… go ahead Beta- knock yerself out with your political statement… I’ll kickin’ back chewin’ on a home grown apple- might even slab some all natural home-made peanut butter on it too ! Damn- some of you is beyond dumb !

    2. Richard’s used to have good donuts but something changed. We haven’t been
      in there for over a year, but the last couple times we did go there the
      donuts left a greasy taste in my mouth. I know of a couple local businesses that
      no longer have Richard’s donuts in their stores.
      We like Sweetheart donuts better but it sounds like the manager was looking for
      her 5 minutes of fame. I’m sure that they weren’t the first business to have
      problems with customers because of the mask situation. It certainly wasn’t news worthy.

  8. Anti vac and corona isn’t real here. However most of these businesses have no control or say about guidances or regulations. Stop taking it out on them. Don’t like there rules go somewhere else. Retail workers have taken a beating for protecting their business all year. Take it out on your government, vote and make an impact and difference.

    1. Then they should close their doors and let Kovid Kate take kare of them ! Their miserable attempts to stay open are sending all the wrong messages… either invite the public in- as is- or shut it down and take your grievances to Browns office !

        1. Good luck with that ! For an old geezer who sits around all day watchin MeTV- stuffin’ yer grill with cheetohs- and strokin’ the stool kat- I doubt you could muster up enough oomph to kick a beach ball without pullin’ a hammy! I’d say yer closer to “kickin’ the bucket” than kickin’ anyone out of a place of business ! Meeoooowe !

  9. Of all people, donut makers should be vaccinated given their critical role in society. Get your workers vaccinated is what I say.

    1. First of all, it’s a freedom of choice, no pun intended. Secondly, how does a doughnut shop play a critical role in society. I’d really like to hear this one when firefighters, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, trash collection, mail, etc., etc., comes to mind first. Doughnut shops are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to critical roles.

      1. It is freedom of choice. He could have chose to use the druve thru or other options that were available. The business owner chooses to do her business in the manner she is while choosing to offer other options for those who choose to not do as requested to enter. Choices are made within the options presented. He chose to be a tool and he chose to decline the available options. Therefore, he chose to negate the business owner’s choices. His behavior did not resolve anything because he chose to make a choice that was not optional. Seems the only choice here that was violated was the choice for the owner to conduct business in a productive manner that worked best for her business circumstances. This was a temper tantrum and he chose to throw one.

      1. N-P and as a business owner if you require your employees to get the vaccine as a condition of employment, OSHA has stated that YOU will be responsible for any negative effects of the vaccine because YOU required it. Watch for the new TV ads to hit soon.

        “Have you been harmed by a Covid-19 vaccine that your employer required you to take? Call now and we can help?”

        Now you are out of business just due to the court costs of fighting the case.

        Directly from the OSHA website.

        “If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related. The adverse reaction is recordable if it is a new case under 29 CFR 1904.6 and meets one or more of the general recording criteria in 29 CFR 1904.7.

        Those of you who would like more info on your responsibilities regarding Covid-19 vaccines may want to read what an attorney has to say.,work%2Drelated%E2%80%9D%20by%20OSHA.

  10. “… I’m not arguing with a 2-year-old, I’m arguing with a grown man…”

    Sounds like the comments section on any given KTVZ article these days.

      1. N-P read the article again. The owner of the donut shop is making everyone wear masks because they don’t have the time to check people’s vaccination cards. Remember “Reading is fundamental.”

    1. Chauncey. Take a science class. Follow your own advice.

      The science clearly shows that masks, especially the masks most people are wearing, are useless against a nanoscopic virus such as Covid-19.

    2. You claim science? Science says masks don’t work unless a perfect seal exists. Kind of like when your mom tells you to turn the tv in the basement down so you close the door half way.

  11. Imagine being so delusional and insecure that you think wearing a mask in a pandemic is so damaging to your rights you’re gonna boycott any place that still enforces a mask policy afterwards.

    Enjoy drinking coffee and Kevista and literally not shopping at any other store in Bend. Go ahead, stick to your guns. You’re right and everyone else in the world is wrong. Boycott business that still enforce mask policies.

    Stop buying groceries. Stop eating at restaurants. Stop doing anything anywhere that still requires masks.

    HINT: You literally can’t. All you can do is leave a pathetic raging comment on here and sulk like a child. You have no idea how much joy that brings me knowing how miserable people following rules that save lives makes you.

        1. Yeah, but have you been in there? The mask/distancing is a complete clown fiesta. Walmart was much more civilized. I actually don’t care about masks, but people need to stay the heck several feet from me for forever on, now that I know it’s possible I’m not okay with people in my space any more.

          1. Should be easy Keyser, I can’t think of a single person who would want to be near you. We will stay away from you, just be sure you wear a mask for the rest of your life so we don’t have to look at you either. Thanks!

    1. HINT: You really can. You seem to have no clue about what the internet offers. It’s not just a conspiracy n’ porn machine. You have no idea how much no one really cares what brings you joy.

  12. Much better than Cuppa Yo where staff told customers on Thursday they weren’t requiring masks anymore without any comment on that requiring full vaccination.

    Basic science is clearly too much for a lot of the crowd here. Not wearing a mask in businesses helps who? How? Viruses spread more easily in droplets of liquid that a mask can help contain … shocking right!

  13. Vaccinated? Then why worry about someone not wearing their mask? Not vaccinated? Wear a mask if it makes you feel safer. How safe are you wearing a mask? Answer this simple question . . . Why do the people who work with the virus’s wear over pressure suits, breathing filtered air, in a controlled environment lab? If a simple N95 mask was sufficient, wouldn’t they rather be wearing those?

    1. Damn Scooter. What’s the thinking here? If you step in dog crap, you might as well roll in it because it’s already on your shoe? You is dumber than a sack ‘o rocks.

    2. My goodness, the old Trumper line about how masks don’t work, I would explain masks to you, but if you can’t understand by now you never will. Working in a lab with the live virus is different than real world transmission where it is in your spit.

  14. Actually wearing the sleeve is no different than wearing a gator which people wear all the time in lew of masks. So I dont understand the refusal. But its her store and she can do what ever she wants. There are plenty of other places that sell doughnuts that dont require masks. He should have just gone there.

  15. When I go in a business I follow the rules of the business owner. Their house, their rules, just like it is in my house. If I don’t like their rules, I don’t go in their business.

  16. Those must be some good donuts to loose all self control over😂 I guess some people are forgetting this is still a free country that allows store owners the right to refuse business to anyone.

  17. First get your employees vaccinated. 2nd we are all adults if you chose not not wear a mask and are unvaccinated you take the risk. Many americans chose to not be vaccinated for many diseases their choice and we have no idea. Masks as is obvious are not the answer otherwise Oregon wouldn’t have a problem. States unmasked are better off.

  18. Mowed the yard yesterday.

    Then enjoyed slice of strawberry cheesecake from Ray’s.

    Got vaccinated months ago.

    Still carry / wear my mask as needed.

    Life is good.

  19. I posted a comment yesterday that has bee removed. I am very puzzled why it was removed. All I said is that I am exhausted by all the negative towards people who choose to be vaccinated. It is a personal choice. Live and let live. Are my words requesting personal choice now “hate speech” or “racist?”

  20. Sorry. Poor editing. Correction to earlier comment. “ Are my words requesting personal choice be respected now considered “hate speech” or “racist?”

  21. Had this person who caused such grief over a mask been with COVID positive people, perhaps his perspective would be different. He had other options available. He did not have to act as he did. Behavior such as his is not preventing anything. It’s causing more issues.

  22. I wear a mask where required. I do not wear one because of the science. for the science clearly shows that masks do not stop the spread of Covid-19. This is why new cases per capita are the same whether masks are mandated or not. This is also why masks were not required in any previous viral outbreak. The scientists know that masks do NOT stop the nanoscopic Covid-19 virus and how masks are being handled by most people actually increase their chance of getting Covid-19.

    Here is a surgeon’s take on the masks.

    Here is what the CDC actually knows about masks, and this is directly from the CDC website.

    From the above info on the CDC website.

    Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. (sic)

    There is NO science behind the mask mandates. NONE. Texas knows this. Florida knows this. But our governor has now pitted the citizens of Oregon against each other because of her very poor understanding of the science of viral spread.

    But I will continue to wear a mask that is useless against the spread of nanoscopic viruses like Covid-19 just so that I do not cause those already in needless fear to have more fear. If you want to get help with your fear, read some actual science and not the anti-science propaganda our governor is pushing.

  23. Its always the same village idiots here who want to make issues with drama because they don’t seem to have lives or common sense. Just don’t go into a business if you don’t like their policy? We have to have guidelines because people don’t seem to have any common sense and the posts here are a excellent example. Stop whining, grow up and stop making fools of yourselves. If you feel so repressed and controlled then you are more than welcome to leave and complain somewhere else.

  24. If you want to wear a mask great but if you continue to harass us that don’t wear a mask then get used to confrontation! Just mind your own business and we’ll all be just fine!

      1. Shop owners in Doosh Kounty Oregon have had access to free PPE- including masks- for months… this was the most recent offering- April 26th 2021 as reported by COD and Z21… “City of Redmond to host free PPE pick-up event for businesses”……Community Billboard By KTVZ news sources Published April 26, 2021 9:17 AM-… I can’t help but wonder why Noah Chast didn’t ask the Donut Hole in charge about this ! Noah- he buddy- I know yer out there- and you follow me like a school girl with a crush… what happened ?

    1. Another victim like “Wish” you poor “Basic” thing. To bad masks don’t cover stupidity. Who was harassing who in this story?

  25. You could fill a thick book with all of the ignorant comments on here. Just goes to show how uneducated and ignorant a giant portion of central Oregon REALLY is. No wonder we rank so low in education. Time to send all of these people to Floria and “The Greater State of Idaho” LMAO

  26. Thank you, Dallas Lowery. In the course of my work life I wish I had had bosses like her–someone to look after the interests of her employees and to realize that the success of the business is tied to the well being of the work force.

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