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    1. Most people are kind and supportive. More people care than do not. Everyone gets tired. That’s human. Most people are doing all they can to protect the community in my community and I love them all the more for it. No one is a sheeple on either side. Some have been discouraged to protect themselves and others and it has cost us. But we understand their confusion and fear. No one is going to put you in a concentration camp on our watch, for instance. Vaxxed people are not sheeple or stupid. The science is clear. It’s okay to be scared, but please do no harm. Do no harm. Wearing a mask protects others more than yourself. Your masked neighbors are signaling they care about you, even if you don’t care about them. I know not one person who wants you harmed, sick, disabled, or taken out with medical debt.

  1. Hahaha. Dumbest thing I’ve seen since we roped off playgrounds. “Don’t want to cause conflict”. Hahaha. Tattoo your forehead that you got it. Hahaha

  2. Where do I even start with this?!
    1) STUPID
    2) Why are you giving her a free commercial?
    3) Do you have to show proof of vaccination to order?
    4) Virtue signaling
    5) Are these for the people still going around wearing masks? (Outside, Alone in a car)
    6) Her son is not 16.

      1. this got a free commercial because news agencies want to drive a wedge and point out how evil those that are unvaccinated are. just like when we started feeling good with the cases down they bring up the delta variant that is like the virus but on steroids. Fear sells and their is bucks to be made off of it. At least they haven’t gotten to the point of rounding the unvaccinated up yet as would be a civil rights issue i’d think.

      2. They did it because 80% of people living in this county are vaccinated, because we have brains and are not Nazis. Capitalism is about selling products to people who would want to buy them, if you want to sell your confederate flags perhaps consider moving to Idaho and don’t let the door hit you on the way out Jethro.

    1. 7) If I pass someone on a trail (or anywhere) it’s none of their business whether or not I am vaccinated (I am).
      8) Depending on your eyesight and the graphics, HOW CLOSE do you have to get to someone to read their shirt/mask/waterbottle/hat/flip flops(where your feet cover the message) ?
      9) Why would anyone want to advertise their private medical info.?
      10) If you believe vaccines work and get one, why do you think you need to wear a mask saying that you’re vaccinated?

  3. Omg! What an idiot. Watch the video. Didn’t she take the freaking vaccine to protect her from unvaccinated people? She is living in fear, I feel back for her 16-year-old. MSM, lying news people, Google, Twitter, Fakebook, & corrupt celebrities, congrats, who got your sheep. Gates must be loving this, he will get his 70% no problem!

  4. So this is news, but people vandalizing veterans memorials on memorial day isn’t? KTVZ you are pathetic and should be ashamed of yourselves. Stuff like this is why our news media is a complete and utter joke. I hope you sleep well at night you communists!

      1. Here ya go Barn. I know its hard, but if you type in in your computer you should be able to find it. Since you clearly don’t know how to do your job then I will help you.

        Don’t throw the local crap at me either because you publish “news” stories all the time from other cities in the state. You really should retire, or resign because you are an absolute disgrace.

        1. Back last month, eh? OK, well, we get most of our state news from AP, and never saw it there or on the Portland-area affiliate stations we follow. Nor in any news releases.
          If you had told us, or I/we had seen it back then, may well have posted it. But now, it’s pretty old news.
          Believe what you will, I am blessed to still be a key part of our organization and draw unrequested but very kind support, respect and gratitude from many in the public.
          Lord willing, I’m not going anywhere.

          1. Pathetic. Next time something news worthy comes up I will let you guys know. Maybe you can come do my job for a little bit while I do yours. You must sleep so well at night.

            1. Hey Barney the little weasel Eric supports you. I guess you have at least one fan. The spineless keyboard warriors always stick together.

    1. I hope LOSERS like YOU get intubated If anyone deserves that procedure it’s YOU. I simply took a photo of all our families cards showing we got both shots. No inconvenience to whip out my phone and pull hem up if asked.

      1. Eric don’t talk to me. You clearly don’t have the mental capacity. If you weren’t so stupid you would realize that your comment isn’t even relevant. Did I say anything about it being an inconvenience for anything. Why don’t you go read my first comment. Maybe you will actually get the point of the convo between myself and this moron that calls himself a journalist. Your such a weak human that just needs to be put back in your place. I volunteer!

  5. 22.00 for a face mask that says they are vaccinated. Thats the New Bendite for ya. I can see it now, person wearing a mask, flipflops, a tee shirt, a hat, carrying a tote and wattrerbottle… all for the low low introductory offer of 157.00 just to let everyone know they are vacced.
    Nothing wrong with them selling the stuff, thats capitalism, but they might as well just get a tattoo on their forehead.

  6. So seeing the same conspiracy theory Trumper comments here. Did you hear the latest GOP/FOX Tucker Carlson lies? The FBI organized Trump’s Insurrection. If you believe that seek mental health help immediately.

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