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Oregon reports 2 more COVID-19 related deaths, 212 new cases; weekly report shows case decline


(Update: Adding OHA weekly report shows fewer cases, hospitalizations; deaths increase)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- There are two new COVID-19 related deaths in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll at 2,790, the Oregon Health Authority reported Thursday.

OHA also reported 212 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday, bringing the state total to 209,973.

Vaccinations in Oregon

OHA reported Thursday that 10,824 new doses of COVID-19 vaccinations were added to the state immunization registry. Of this total, 7,482 doses were administered on Wednesday and 3,396 were administered on previous days but were entered into the vaccine registry on Wednesday.

The seven-day running average is now 5,406 doses per day.

Oregon has now administered 2,564,438 first and second doses of Pfizer, 1,752,116 first and second doses of Moderna and 172,177 single doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.

As of Thursday, 2,421,075 people have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 2,217,891 people have completed a COVID-19 vaccine series.

Cumulative daily totals can take several days to finalize because providers have 72 hours to report doses administered and technical challenges have caused many providers to lag in their reporting. OHA has been providing technical support to vaccination sites to improve the timeliness of their data entry into the state’s ALERT Immunization Information System (IIS).

To date, 2,965,545 doses of Pfizer, 2,245,440 doses of Moderna and 299,100 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered to sites across Oregon.

These data are preliminary and subject to change.

Updated vaccination data are provided on Oregon’s COVID-19 data dashboards and have been updated Thursday.

COVID-19 hospitalizations

The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across Oregon is 100. which is six fewer than Wednesday. There are 28 COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds, which is three fewer than Wednesday.

The total number of patients in hospital beds may fluctuate between report times. The numbers do not reflect admissions per day, nor the length of hospital stay. Staffing limitations are not captured in this data and may further limit bed capacity.

More information about hospital capacity can be found here.

St. Charles Bend reported seven COVID-19 patients as of early Thursday, one in the ICU and on a ventilator.

COVID-19 weekly cases and hospitalizations continue to fall

The Oregon Health Authority’s COVID-19 Weekly Report, released Thursday, shows a continued decrease in daily cases and hospitalizations.

OHA reported 1,189 new daily cases of COVID-19 during the week of Monday, June 28, through Sunday, July 4. That represents a 13% decrease over the previous week.

New COVID-19 related hospitalizations declined by 40%, to 66, from 110 the previous week.

There were 19 reported COVID-19 related deaths, up from seven reported the previous week.

There were 62,307 tests for COVID-19 for the week of June 27 through July 3. The percentage of positive tests was 2.9%.

People 70 years of age and older have accounted for 38% of COVID-19 related hospitalizations and 74% of COVID-19 related deaths.

Thursday’s COVID-19 Weekly Outbreak Report shows 22 active COVID-19 outbreaks in senior living communities and congregate living settings, with three or more confirmed cases and one or more COVID-19 related deaths.

Reaching out to forestry workers for COVID-19 vaccinations in Jackson County

With over 20 reforestation companies in the Medford area, Jackson County worked with local and state partners to contact local forestry companies about offering vaccination services to their employees and set up clinics at easily accessible locations. The workers are mostly young men who come from Mexico with temporary visas.

 “We are very happy to report that we served over 250 forestry workers over several weekends," said Angelica Ruppe. “We had bilingual and bicultural volunteers. Attendees were surprised to receive a food box and a gift certificate provided by Rogue Food Unites and tacos from “Tacos de Volada” truck. We saw a lot of smiles and heard many jokes”.

Learn more about this effort on the Oregon Vaccine News blog. To volunteer with a vaccination effort, visit Medical Reserve Corps or SERV-OR.

Cases and deaths

The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported Thursday are in the following counties: Benton (4), Clackamas (23), Columbia (4), Crook (2), Deschutes (10), Douglas (5), Jackson (18), Josephine (15), Klamath (8), Lane (7), Lincoln (4), Linn (13), Malheur (3), Marion (23), Morrow (1), Multnomah (13), Polk (2), Tillamook (7), Umatilla (21), Union (2), Washington (17), Yamhill (10).  

Oregon’s 2,789th COVID-19 death is a 66-year-old man from Multnomah County who tested positive on June 22 and died on July 6 at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. Presence of underlying conditions is being confirmed.

Oregon’s 2,790th COVID-19 death is a 72-year-old man from Klamath County who tested positive on June 23 and died on July 6 at Sky Lakes Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations  

To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine situation in Oregon, visit OHA's webpage (English or Spanish), which has a breakdown of distribution and other information.

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  1. Millions of doses of the vaccine given- more than 200,000 Oregonians with natural immunity- yet here we are- another day of 200+ new cases- on track for 1000 per week- and deaths attributed to underlying conditions on the Wuhan Bat Virus page. Clearly nothing Kovid Kate has done has been effective… this virus will never go away- there will never be a 100% cure- it will rise up again with these kinds of numbers every winter… so whatchu gonna do ? “Stay Home- Stay Stagnant- Go Broke” ??? All because CNN hated DJ Trump ??? Damn nation of fools !

  2. Not a nation of fools.
    But there are plenty of fools out there. In my opinion, they are the ones choosing to not get the vaccine and then probably going about business as usual – aka no mask. Those choosing to not get vaccinated are risking getting COVID. Their choice. For those who have the vaccine, it feels pretty safe out there. Although, I still choose to wear a mask inside crowded places, like Costco.

    I think our governor opened things up properly. Most of the state chose to protect themselves. The reason for the steady positive cases is because of people’s decisions to live a risky life. Too bad for them…..

    1. Dang right! If you pull up the John Hopkins Map and look at US/Admin1/Incidence Rate you will see that Oregon’s 4978/100,000 is less than half of almost every other state. We earned that by keeping our families/friends/neighbors safe when we all wore our masks and kept 6′, and when we all Cowboy’d Up and got the shot. Oregon continues to prove itself the coolest state in America, and I’m damn proud to live here.

    2. Here’s your smoking gun on Kovid Kate… Anyone who tests positive in a hospital setting will go through the contact tracing questions… the questions revolve around whether or not you have been around anyone within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes in the day… the question never asks about mask use. In essence- telling anyone with a brain- that the OHA- OSHA- and Brown are more interested in bloating numbers- than actual mitigation of the virus. Why is mask use not important to the contact tracing format ??? You need to seriously think about this before declaring Brown as your savior !

      1. Wishy, what would you do with a brain if you had one? The purpose of contact tracing is to try to identify those who are infected or who came into contact with an infected person, not to determine how they were dressed.

  3. Blah, blah, blah, Kovid Kate, everyone did everything wrong, yet if people like BGHW and others had their way more would have died. Now no vaccines! It’s government control! Problem is unvaccinated Trump supporters are dying because they haven’t been vaccinated over political reasons. How stupid is that? We are losing needed votes for our Orange Cheeto because we are not vaccinated. Get the shot now, Republicans are losing registered voters daily because many wised up, we can’t lose any more. Get the shot and live to vote.

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