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Dozens of Seattle bars/restaurants require vaccination proof

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SEATTLE (AP) — At least 60 Seattle bars and restaurants as of Friday began requiring customers to prove they have been vaccinated as a requirement to eat or dine inside as the highly infectious COVID-19 delta variant spreads through Washington state.

The Seattle Times reports the self-imposed mandate includes Capitol Hill bars The Unicorn, Linda’s Tavern, Rumba and Canon, and comes as the state sees a fifth wave of infection.

At least a dozen bars temporarily closed last week after their employees tested positive for COVID-19 or came into contact with an infected person. That led many bar owners to announce over social media that vaccination proof will be required to dine or drink on their premises.

“No shirt, no shoes, no vaccine, no entry,” said Linda Derschang, who owns Linda’s Tavern and Oddfellows Cafe + Bar on Capitol Hill and King’s Hardware in Ballard. “This is about protecting our staff and protecting our guests.”

The bar industry can’t afford to shutter again because of the pandemic, and everyone needs to do their part, she said.

Because establishments are making their own rules as relates to proof of vaccination, the self-imposed restrictions vary.

With the delta variant hanging around, it’s likely that the list of Seattle-area bars and restaurants that require proof of vaccination will continue to grow. A list can be found here.

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  1. How about proof they have already had COVID. Lots of data out there showing dangerously high immune responses with people who get vaccinated after already having natural immunity. This also disregards all the data showing essentially a zero level spread from restaurants.

    1. – when you hoot it up all about “your rights”, why does that translate into a complete disregard for the rights of others? – free country does not mean that everyone should do what you want – also, be very careful repeating all that cool “information” you have – the purveyors of that hooey will completely change their story when it no longer suits them, leaving you looking, well, the way you look

      1. “Hooey”? You mean the fact that every other virus known to man creates an immune response that gives a person natural immunity for a period of time? What are you even talking about?

        1. Ummm, sure the body develops an immune response to various viruses for a limited amount of time but first you have to survive it and if you are lucky enough to survive it then you have to live with the effects of it like shriveled up legs from polio or severe scaring and blindness from smallpox….It’s a really sad day when people like you would rather see people die than benefit from the medical advances we’ve seen during the last 100 years.

            1. John Hopkins is currently rating the world Mortality Rate at 9.3% not .4% as you keep claiming. And yes let’s be very clear, 4.3 million people have died since last year because of this virus and continue to die at now increasing rates again. (For Wishy and Clown Face, that means the graph is starting to upward trend again.) You obviously don’t consider that concerning but the educated of the world do.

              1. Oh nice dig in the end there Martha, however I would compare my education against yours any day. 😀Nice try. Your numbers still don’t change the Covid survival rate of 99.6% that has been consistent throughout. And yes if you truly believe that 4.4 million deaths that might seem a lot until you realize there are approximately 7.9 billion people on this planet. I’ll let you do the math on that one so you can realize how ridiculously small 4.4 million is.

                1. From the evidence you have presented I would not be bragging about your education if I were you.
                  For one thing youare ignoring that this is voluntary and self imposed by the people who are actually risking their capital on a business venture. There is no law requiring them to consider your face and whether you want it covered or not in their establishment.

              2. Died with covid does not translate to died of covid. The CDC reported that 6% of all deaths related to covid died of covid. 94% died of comorbidities and tested positive with the PCR test which has been stated to have the cycles set in the 40s, resulting in a mass number of false positives. The PCR test cannot discern between the seasonal flu corona virus, common clod, or any other corona virus. The PCR test tests for the corona virus, not covid, although the PCR test was never designed to diagnose, it is being used for that very purpose.

                1. Still don’t get how a virus attacks the human body, do you? How about listening to the experts instead of Q or Bunker Baby for once. It’ll prepare you for high school biology this fall.

              3. So where is Barney to demand a link to prove this statement ? “4.3 million people have died since last year because of this virus”. FACT- 4.3 million people have not died “because of this virus” ! The CDC-OHA-even Z21 does not agree with this falsehood.

            2. That’s a really poor survival rate, just so you know. You wouldn’t take a 1 in 200 chance of losing your life savings. Why would you take it with your life?

          1. Haven’t seen a single post on here from anyone standing by their belief in the right to choose that stated they’d “rather see people die”. I have seen several people that don’t believe in the right to choose say that unvaccinated people should die.

        2. That must be some substantial;caboose you have back there to hold all these “facts” Dr.Redmond.You’re a hoot! Well, not really. Someone may believe that nonsense you keep pulling out of there and lose their life because of “experts” like you.

      2. It is called individual freedom. And yes that means we are free to not be forced to have the US government inject a foreign synthetic substance into our bodies. What the hell is wrong with people? If you have the vax, great you don’t need me to have it than as if it actually works you are safe. Unless of course you don’t really believe it works, and than it makes no difference for anybody. Did we all of a sudden forget we are all Americans? I would never force anyone to take a substance they are not comfortable with yet that is just what you are trying to do. Man we have strayed far from the original founding ideals of this beautiful country.

        1. ” If you have the vax, great you don’t need me to have it than as if it actually works you are safe.”

          This is not how vaccination works.

              1. You just made my point Martha had you actually read the article you linked. 2 ways for herd immunity. Natural and vaccine. Yes they don’t know how long antibodies last for people infected naturally but guess what, shocker, they don’t know how long the vaccine antibodies last either! Heard talk of a booster yet? You better believe it.

                1. I guess you failed to read the part about how many people would potentially die before herd immunity would be achieved naturally. Let’s see, 2/3’s of the worlds population died before achieving herd immunity for the Black Plague. And booster, you must not be very old, I’ve had a booster for polio, measles, tetanus, flu and lord knows what else. What the heck are you so scared of?

                2. Your models were based on events before the vaccine Martha ! And once again- this “mild” virus is not the Plague- not Ebola- not Anthrax. If you get it- you are prescribed bed rest- told to hydrate- and here’s a box of Tylenol… the same remedy for 98% of the population- for the common cold ! Stop the hysterics- and stop posting under multiple screen names !

              2. Can’t reply to your comment below but want to help you out. The Black Plague (Bubonic Plague) that you speak of had a survival rate of about 35%. That’s a really bad comparison to COVID, no matter whether you believe in a 90%, or 99% survival rate.

                1. Martha dear, you cannot have it both ways. Either this virus spreads like wildfire as the current admin is claiming which would easily create herd immunity (if it is as contagious as claimed) or it isn’t. Which one is it?

        2. No sense arguing with an inanimate object such as yourself. Don’t get too close to the edge of the Earth and fall off! Unless you want to, as that’s what your empty noggin seems to be suggesting.

      3. Exactly. Just like how they will all change their lines when FDA approval comes to some new excuse for why they wont vaccinate. Its no different than unruly children, like teenagers convinced that following any sort of rules or working together equates to “Someone trying to be the boss of me.”. Their impotent rage at being made to follow any rule is palpable, and would be a great source of comedy if it weren’t endangering us all.

        1. The vaccines are preventing serious cases for vaccinated people and that is good news. I do worry about the unvaccinated however infecting the unfortunate vulnerable population which is primarily what they have in common with and like about Trump. They are nasty people that bully the less fortunate when given the opportunity. It’s the only way where they can feel dominant.

          1. I thought President Trump was vaccinated- in reality- by that fact- he has nothing in common with the un-vaccinated. Where do you dumbkoffs come up with your analogies- from the first four letters of that word I imagine !

            1. He was vaccinated after he was infected. Those Bunker Baby disciples that believe that they don’t need a vaccination because they thought they were infected should really follow his example, huh?

      4. Fact is they can do what they want, so show a card or go somewhere else! restaurants have the “freedom” to refuse to serve YOU! hope they do it soon in Oregon!

      5. Knowing there enough idiots out there that will keep the viruses well fed and changing, before I even left the fairgrounds after we received our second shots, I took pictures of our vaccination cards to keep them ready in the phone.

      1. Since you have zero clue how respiratory viruses work, yet demand we all get the non fda approved (I doubt you understand this terminology and the testing required to gain approval) I will go ahead and post this link for you better understand how people who have recovered from covid (like all other respiratory viruses ) have built antibodies and are protected with their God given immune system and do not need a “Vax”.

          1. Swing and a miss from the usual clowns ://,response%20after%20a%20natural%20infection.

    2. and what about the fact that the vaccine appears to have no effect in the spread of the new Delta variant as it appears they can now spread this variant and may or may not be protecting those that have been vaccinated from the disease?

    3. And what’s a “dangerously high immune response?” So high that you’re totally immune? Sounds like something that we would all prefer as opposed to vulnerable.

      1. Except for the ED and low sperm count that can be results of long haul Covid in survivors. But then, some folks shouldn’t procreate anyway.

  2. I hope their businesses tank! Damn those communist vaccinators super-spreaders, they need to stay home and muzzled up. Or how about Biden stop letting all the covid illegals in?

    1. how about President Biden gives insurance companies the right to deny coverage of covid related claims by unvaccinated morons!!! They don’t need the vaccine or coverage for covid treatment because big fat failed and fired donnie the orange told them so!!!! “operation warp speed is the greatest accomplishment in the history of medicine” “Its just one person coming in from China, we have it totally under control, everything is going to be just fine” “The virus is way down and will be gone soon” “hydroxychloroquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine” ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tooooooooooo FunnY!!!

      1. How about the vaccinated get a tattoo on their forehead or wrist as proof of the vaxx. That way they will be the only ones to buy or sell goods. How’s that sound to you?

        Side note Barney, you allowed uncle fester to post ROTFLMAO, you often delete my posts if I have LOL or HAHA because as you say a oregonian has died. Nice way to cater to the liberal trolls. You are very fair and just.

            1. Great- but that’s not what your headlines read daily… which are “deaths RELATED to”. I’ve asked you numerous times to clarify this change in vocabulary from the CDC and OHA- you have yet to answer that question- now you want to go against the company position and quote ‘worldometers” ??? My how brazen of you !

              1. We need a vaccine for women who pass on the ” Loud,ignorant foolish clown gene”. A generation too late for BGHW, but he is proof this is needed.

          1. Anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated is the lab rat. If you truly believe this is an experiment, the unvaccinated make up a very large control group.

      1. How about, I will wait for it to be tested for safety and become FDA approved. When is your booster Martha? Oh they haven’t told you yet? I hear you will need 4 shots a year.
        No Masks, No Vaxx, Now Kiss My Ass!!

        1. Lol karen!!! Toooooooo funny you now insisting the “failed, totally corrupt, deep state disaster” known as the FDA approve the vaccine!!!!!soooooo much losing!!!

        2. I wore an N95 mask 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 30 years as a Body and Fender man. You sissified peons can’t wear one for a few minutes while you are around strangers. Poor babies, it must really Suck to be you and your stupid, ignorant lying brethren BGHW.

      2. Martha! Live your life dear! If you are vaxed and it works you don’t need to worry about anyone else. If you use the argument that all the unvaxed will clog up the hospitals well I could use the same and say you need to round up all the fat people and put them in camps to lower their weight as they are clogging up the health care system with diabetes, heart disease, etc.. that is crazy of course but you guys have given these politicians power they will never relinquish. We have seen this story before and it does not end well except for the ruling class. Wake up people! The government will not save you.

        1. We need to get back big fat failed and fired donnie the orange’s super successful strategy of lying, denying and dying!!! Only a half million Americans died!

      1. Wow! Struck a nerve?

        Guess you are not one I’m passing while gliding at Virginia Meissner, or climbing up Storm King!

        You probably have two cards…medical and trail…?

    2. Little angry? Need to blame someone other than self ignorance and lack of common sense. Must be a Fox viewer with dozens of “My Pillows”? LOL!

    3. So the definition of communism includes those who care about others? I’d suggest that before you attend high school civics class this fall you purchase a dictionary.

    1. Conservatives are the least effective boycotters in the world. Generally, places are way more desirable and welcoming without you. This couldn’t be better.

    2. If you are an antimasker and anti vaxxer, then by all means PLEASE boycott more businesses. The fewer places you go the better off we all are.

      1. Big fat failed and fired donnie and his entire family got it!!! LOL!!! Fox television has required all its employees to get vaccinated also!!!LMAO!!!!

      1. You also don’t need a iq over 100 to not make fun of Redmond and take his post seriously. Half of the healthcare workforce aren’t getting the vaxx. Think about that, almost HALF of healthcare workers that are highly educated in disease and medicine are refusing the vaxx!!!! Your opinion, does not even come close to this.
        Good AND bad news for you however. Many hospitals are starting to require the non FDA approved vaxx. So you will have peace of mind knowing your healthcare workers will have the jab (and can still carry covid).
        But, the bad news is all hospitals are already very short staffed (see st. Charles) and when they demand the vaxx those not getting it will simply quit. So this, I believe will create a health care crisis as you have never seen. St. Charles has already stopped elective surgeries multiple time this last 18 months causing people to get sicker due to lack of healthcare. Wait until there are half of the staff to try to take care of these patients. You will not be able to get into the hospital to get care. If fact, right now you must be emergently sick to get admitted…..fact.

        Another point to make about healthcare workers, they are wearing correct PPE and I have not read of any staff to patient or patient to staff transmission. These healthcare workers were praised as heroes just a few months ago, but now are being fired and called ignorant.

        1. I was trying to make the same point about the percentage of healthcare workers who have yet to be vaccinated. I study I read was 25% which is a lot….you are absolutely correct about the crisis that is about to happen if St. Charles tells its 25% unvaccinated healthcare workers to get the Jab or else!

        2. “St. Charles has already stopped elective surgeries multiple time this last 18 months causing people to get sicker due to lack of healthcare.”… I heard there was a lady out in DRW holding a sign asking for medical help as St Charles has cancelled her surgery for over a year now. Just a commoner- suffering from the uncaring actions of Kalamity Kate and St Charles… This is Amerika 2021 !

      1. Yep bigoted against stupid people. We should feel sorry and make accommodation for all you idiots who are threatening to shut us down again.

  3. “No shirt, no shoes, no vaccine, no entry,”

    Can we get more of this please? If the government is too cowardly to force vaccination then we need the private sector to step up. It shouldnt be that way, we shouldnt have to depend on the private sector like this, but right now our government is failing us in every way on requiring and enforcing disease prevention and protection.

    1. You should do a little bible reading bluedanube. When are you getting your tattoo on your forehead as proof of being vaxxed?

      “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

      1. Conflating the vaccine with the mark of the beast is complete fundamentalist poppycock. In fact, Jesus would be the first in line to get the vaccine and help cure the sick. If you don’t believe me feel free to stop by Mar-a-lago and ask the actual beast.

      2. Funny how Bible thumpers are the ones who have the most darkness in their hearts? This explains a lot about your ignorance and lack of character. Sit down and be quiet!

    2. People like you seriously make me worry about the future of this country when you are so willing to give up all your freedoms and give government complete control of everything in the name of “public safety”.

    1. It’s amazing how almost all the lefists on here, such as yourself, are incredibly vitriol and all say “good riddance”. I think that’s pretty telling. No tolerance, no acceptance, no debate, no middle ground. Follow us or not at all. I’m sure you’ll just prattle off some excuses why you can’t be tolerant or accepting of others.

      1. Oh, please. A quick scan on this board will show vaccine deniers throwing around epithets like sheep, sheeple, Nazis, communists, socialists, jack booted thugs, elitists, bigots and racists. Walk on, hypocrite.

        1. You are confusing the verb forms of these words (tolerating, accepting, debating) with nouns ( Nazis, Sheeple, socialists)… Do try to work on those comprehension skills- as the English language can be difficult to decipher at times.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I hope Bend does this too. It would be so much safer for everyone but especially parents with kids too young to get the jab.

      1. The term “significant” is subjective and should not be used as a term of proof. This is a typical word salad from liberal media types who hope to “persuade” through slanted opinion instead of providing solid evidence. In my opinion- a single illegal/migrant infecting a US citizen- your loved- who then dies- is one of the 2-3 percent from the virus alone- should be subject to criminal charges- involuntary manslaughter.

        1. How about we just apply your logic across the board? People are not less dead if they got the virus from a citizen. In fact, it’s actually more applicable since the vaccine is so readily available inside the U.S., not the case in other parts of the world.

              1. False accusation.. Offensive personal attack- should be removed. That’s your third on one thread- Poster should be banned for 48 hours to think about these transgressions and violations against the TOS !

        2. You prize idiot. The term “significant” is not subjective. In fact, every single decent paper written defines what “significant” means. It’s called statistics. Just because you don’t understand what a p-value and a confidence interval are…. And that’s basic statistics for the seriously impaired.

      2. They are bussing known Covid positive ppl throughout the country. Barney, what other country is dumb enough to be doing the same thing right now? I will wait for your list.

          1. I care because the hypocrisy is thick. No one should be able to illegally cross the border and stay. No other country does that. But bussing k own positive illegals in while putting restrictions on actual citizens is flat wrong. Again, name one other country dumb enough to do that right now. Still waiting…

              1. That is quite obvious but that would not limit other countries from bussing Covid positive illegals into their country. Again, name one country that would do that right now. The constitution does not require the current admin to do so yet they do. Hmm…

                1. You’re being purposefully obtuse about US constitutional civil rights protections and what this administration is able to do and not do under those protections.

            1. No disagreement from me about illegal immigration. Every nation has a right to know who is entering its borders. My issue is with your disingenuous coupling of immigration with COVID, which you have stated over and over that you simply are not concerned about. If the virus is not an issue to you, then immigration status is a moot point vis-a-vis the virus.

              1. The virus is not an issue to most of America. Who does it attack? The elderly and health compromised (mainly obese people from the data). Does that warrant economic crippling lock downs and mandates? Of course it doesn’t. Protect the nursing home and hospitals. Plain and simple. The economic path of destruction these politicians have left is truly astounding.

                1. It is an issue to most Americans, as evidenced by the numbers of people who are being vaccinated. I’d wager a majority of Americans are troubled by the number of dead fellow Americans, too. You may be willing to write off the elderly and those with underlying health conditions (some avoidable, some not) but most of us not so cavalier. Given that the DOW closed above 35,000 for the first time ever last week and the U.S. economy is bigger than it was pre-pandemic, the numbers are not supporting your claims of an economic catastrophe.

          2. Exactly ! Why do you care about the vaccination or medical status of anyone at all ? You are now free to remove yourself from this topic !

  4. Blanket protection given by congress to Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J from any lawsuit or liability from any side effects whatsoever. That raise any red flags to anyone? Unreal. Fine with me if you fee comfortable taking a jab with no legal recourse. Go right ahead, just don’t ask me to.

    1. Read the label on a bottle of aspirin, or any OTC or Rx drug for that matter, and tell me where your legal recourse is for any adverse reaction.

      1. A company would never put how to respond with legal recourse on their product? You joking right now? That’s written into our state and federal laws buddy.

      1. A business is of course different than an individual and if you knew anything about law this wouldn’t even be a question. I can discriminate on who I let in my home based on any metric I want (skin color, gender, etc). I wouldn’t but I sure as hell could. A business cannot. Completely different in the eyes of the law.

        1. If you knew anything about law, you’d know that SCOTUS disagrees. They sided with the OR bakery in re to serving LGBTQ folks. Businesses have a legal right to “refuse service.” You can find that sign just about anywhere.

  5. Interesting question we will most likely never get an answer to – of all those who have died “of covid” how many of them would have died of something else, usually something already effecting their health? And before we can get to that answer we need to seperate those who have died “of covid” from those who have died “with covid” which is also two totally different scenarios.

    1. That will take a few years to figure out. They will look back on a jump in deaths as we settle back into a death rate similar to before COVID. COVID has definitely taken some time from life expectancy.

      1. True but biologically speaking our health care system has been propping up life expectancy past the actual biological truth. Thanks to our health care system humans can live longer with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. In the end we are only organisms just like all other life on earth. Our weaknesses get weeded out just like all other organisms. Now that might upset some when they scream how could you say such a thing about our elderly, health compromised, etc. Not saying it is not sad on an individual basis but purely on a biological science base, weak organisms will naturally get selected out. Unless you believe this is a man made created virus this was inevitable and will happen again for the amount of time the human race exists. Maybe it will be a wake up call to many to get there overall health in check for the items you have control over. Lose some weight if you need to, stop putting substances into your lungs, etc.

        1. By your understanding of what amounts to natural selection, where do people fall who won’t adapt to current situations by refusing to vax? Couldn’t they be considered “weak organisms?” We’ve been using tools to survive and adapt to our environment for millenia, including other “unapproved” modern vaxes. Why is using a Covid vax any different?

          1. Adaptation is a biological feature not a synthetic for one. Please name one FDA unapproved modern vax that you speak of that is widely distributed. You won’t be able to but feel free to search real hard.

    1. Part of her answer included that the CDC is tracking hospitalizations of breakthrough infection of the vaccinated. That’s the small percentage of vaccinated people who get sick enough to be admitted. She also said that most vaccinated who are infected, are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms. In that case, you don’t know you’re infected unless you are randomly tested through work, etc. So how do you track an illness if you don’t know you’re sick? Nobody is hiding anything. Move on to your next conspiracy. I’m sure you have a long list.

      1. Your logic astounds. Of course they are tracking who has gotten sick after being vaccinated. If they are not how would they know of any “breakthrough” case. She was flat out asked for the number and instead of saying they do not have it she asked why the reporter needed it. 100% they have that number and you know it. The lack of transparency in this admin is truly amazing.

        1. Oh, come on. You are smarter than this (and I mean that honestly). If I have the flu and stay home for a couple of days, does the CDC know it? No. If I seek medical treatment, then they could. Similarly, anyone with a breakthrough case not significant enough to seek treatment is an unknown. Asymptomatic infections are unknown. I think by now we can all agree that the CDC is not omnipotent.

          1. Than that would be the same as a normal Covid case. How in the world would they be able to track regular Covid cases and not Covid cases on vaccinated people? Of course they don’t catch ones that don’t test. No one is arguing that. Keep up please. They also don’t catch regular cases that don’t test yet they have a number for cases down to the individual. So freaking simple. Out of those cases reported how many are breakthrough cases? That is all the reporter was asking and they won’t say. Ugg, it’s not hard people.

      2. Also if vaccinated are asymptomatic than that is a huge amount of spread from vaccinated individuals. Let me get this straight. Even after you get a vaccination that was reported origInally 100% effective (obviously bogies but all 3 major pharma companies said it) you can still get the infection and give it yet will just have mild symptoms. That would mean this virus never goes away(which I believe) and we better learn to live normally with it.

  6. At least these business owners have more sense than the restaurant owner in CA who won’t serve anyone unless they prove they’re NOT vaccinated. How do you do that? Maybe they stick a spoon on people to see if they’re magnetized or scan them with a chip reader? Or maybe he relies on a family member to rat on them. Hmmm…that last strategy sounds fami!iar.

  7. Good for them. If you’re too egotistical and self-centered to take into account the health and safety of those whose jobs are to provide the services that you are seeking, then go somewhere else. Me, I’ll pick the businesses and services that look after my health and welfare as well as those of their employees.

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