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COVID-19 cases prompt closure of Sunriver pools, some recreation facilities, restaurant

Sunriver Owners Association

(Update: La Pine Senior Center closed all week due to rising cases in community)

Closure of SHARC, other facilities for at least a week; Village Bar & Grill also closed

SUNRIVER, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 cases among Sunriver Owners Association staff have prompted a closure for at least a week of some recreational facilities, including the Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic and Recreation Center, or SHARC. A restaurant in The Village at Sunriver shopping area also has closed due to a worker's COVID-19 case.

Due to the confirmed cases "and the possible exposure to other employees, SROA’s recreational facilities are closed through Wednesday, August 18," the owners group said in a news release posted Wednesday.

The closures include SHARC, the Member Pool and Fort Rock Refreshments but does not affect tennis or pickleball courts, SROA's boat launch or the community's parks.

"Recreation staff are quarantining and/or being tested at this time," the announcement said. "For the safety of staff, owners and visitors, SROA management will reassess the situation following the seven-day closure on whether we will have adequate staff and lifeguards available to reopen some facilities."

"We thank everyone for their continued support, patience and understanding during this time," the statement concluded.

Word of the SROA decision came three days after Sunriver's Village Bar & Grill announced on its Facebook page that it had decided to "temporarily pause operations due to a team member testing positive for COVID-19." The restaurant said it would work with Deschutes County health officials and "sanitize/disinfect the facility so that we may safely reopen."

To the south, the La Pine Senior Center also has been closed all week due to a rising number of COVID-19 cases in La Pine.

"No cases here (at the Senior Center), but we want to keep you safe," an announcement on the center's website said, adding that they will update the situation for possible reopening next Monday.

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