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Most C.O. basketball games continue despite sharp rise in COVID-19 cases

(Update: adding information and video)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Two games between Central Oregon basketball teams were canceled or postponed Tuesday night due to COVID-19 restraints, while others went on as scheduled.

The Mountain View boys basketball team was set to play Ridgeview when the results contact tracing for the Mountain View team postponed the game. Lance Haas, the Cougars' athletic director, told NewsChannel 21 the game will be rescheduled for a later date. The teams first league game of the season scheduled for Jan. 11 is set to be played.

Meanwhile, La Pine's girls basketball game against Trinity Lutheran also was canceled because of COVID.

The week's snowy weather and road closures also have affected the basketball season, with Tuesday night's boys basketball game between Klamath Union and Sisters to be rescheduled.

Nearly 30 other boys and girls games around the state were canceled or left to be rescheduled Tuesday night.

Bend-La Pine Schools officials were meeting Wednesday to discuss the recent guidance from the Oregon Department of Education urging schools to cancel extracurricular activities if they cannot put layered mitigation protocols in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 and its more-contagious omicron variant.

Redmond School District spokeswoman Sheila Miller told NewsChannel 21 the district will be taking a wait-and-see approach to the surge in cases while Julieanne Repman, a spokeswoman for the Bend-La Pine Schools said, "Bend-La Pine Schools staff are continuing to meet to review new state guidance."

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  1. Cancelling events because of the common cold caused by Omicron variant of a coronavirus.. what hysteria. All data points that Omicron is more similar to coronavirus variants that cause the common cold that have existed in humans for a millenia than the Delta variant.

    1. Yes! The world is being conditioned to fear the sniffles, call out sick instead of push through it as best you can, and go to the ER for something akin to the common cold or mild flu. Good grief, the weakening to an infantile level is what’s going to kill us all. Oh, and over sanitizing everything so our immune systems are weak and can’t fight off much. I’m done with it all.

  2. Only in Oregon, so many states are not even wearing masks, how long is Oregon going to stay living in fear, it’d beyond ridiculous, it’s pathetic, and to add to it, the largest exodus from a state is from California, and they are coming here, maybe if we are lucky we can steal from stores and be just like the losers to the south, which have inundated Bend, easy to tell the transplants, they refuse to make a right turn on a red light, hey morons!It’s legal here, so quit being stupid, or leave.

  3. They don’t cancel games or quarantine teams without a positive/confined case. Obviously KTVZ has not verified in order to post accurate information. I’m shocked I tell you. Absolutely shocked. But it’s entertaining to read the irrational comments. I’m happy to know common sense is still an abstract idea for some.

  4. I sense that there are some out there that are disappointed that Americans have come to their senses- are suing the Biden Admnin for over-reach- are demanding schools be opened- are flooding the Guv insisting on the financial help for their shuttered businesses and failing mortgages. The Demokrat party went to war against 1/2 the nation- a colluding media offered them a megaphone to push lies and fake science- three years now of a mild virus… and these haters are still promoting the same divisive message. Can’t wait till the miderms- toss out every Dumbokrat but lets all re-elect Biden shall we- the impeachment process will be worth the price of admission.

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