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You can now make your vaccination card digital

(Update: Adding video and OHA comments)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- You can now carry your COVID-19 vaccine card any time and anywhere a lot easier with the Oregon Health Authority's new, Oregon's My Electronic Vaccine Card.

To sign up for the card, you'll need to enter your name, birthdate a phone number or email address and a personalized PIN (Personal Identification Number). After that, you'll get a link to a QR code that will show all of the COVID-19 vaccines you've received in the state.

The electronic vaccine card is voluntary, and the state has no plans to make it mandatory, according to the OHA.

While the state dropped its mask mandate more than a month and a half ago there are still a few places that require proof of vaccination. HAIM, Tenacious D and The Chicks are the only acts at the Hayden Homes Amphitheater in Bend currently requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

The online vaccine card project started last fall and was delayed when feedback from community suggested changing the systems name.

In an email to NewsChannel 21, Rudy Owens, a public affairs specialist with OHA, wrote, "QR codes can be digitally verified, unlike paper cards. This makes them more secure and harder to produce fraudulent ones. QR codes can be scanned to show that they are valid records produced by a trusted issuer."

As far as identity theft or a person using their friends vaccination record, Owens wrote, "An entity will use its own discretion in asking for vaccination information with or without photo ID."

California and Washington also have an option for residents to carry an electronic vaccine card.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



    1. Trump kooks prefer bleach, horse deworming pills and Borax baths!!! Oh, and lying and downplaying!!! Soooooo much failing for the trump Borg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I had the same initial thought. To get into some sports events, I’ve been able to use a picture of my card on the phone. Not sure why anyone would need an electronic version.

      1. I’m eligible, have all my other vaccines. Would never be dumb enough to put a experimental spike protein into my body that doesn’t work and is not fda approved. That’s for sure.

      1. Why would you want this to be mandatory? You do realize the “vaccine ” only protects the person receiving it. Furthermore it does not prevent you from carrying, transmitting, or getting covid 19. The vice president has tested positive for covid..pretty sure she was vaccinated.

          1. Your’re right Barney. It’s also true that it’s caused serious illness and death across the United States, even right here in Oregon. With that risk in mind, you’d think the vax would be more effective.. or at least occassionally updated for the current strains. But, nope. It’s not. There’s talk about Moderna updating the vax again, but they said the same thing when Delta came out and then shelved the plan (it was not cost effective for them or any other company that still had 300 million vials of the old stuff in the network). To take that vax risk once every ten years, for something that works; Fine and Great! But to take that risk every six months (boosters) for something that doesn’t work very well, I say: No way. I had my first dose and if that doesn’t work anymore then I certainly don’t want anymore of that sorry excuse for a vax. But hey, at least big Pharma is making a killing off it.. right? Not much profit in a vax that actually works.

          2. couldn’t fight the gnawing urge to say that I 🙈. Yeah she was at least double vaxxed. Surprised the z doesn’t have a site for people to send prayers, they’re saving it for Brandon if he gets it.😷

          3. What proof? The vast majority of those who were infected experienced mild to no symptoms. I had covid and it was like a mild flew. Hardly any symptoms. A fever for a day and a cough for a few days. By the time I got covid the vaccine has warn off. No I didn’t choose to get the booster. Nor will I ever. As for taking my card digital. You really don’t want my opinion on that.

          4. Agreed, but why would you make people show proof of vaccination when it literally has no effect on transmission? Again, the flu still kills tens of thousands each year (more actually) and we have an annual VOLUNTARY vaccine. It does a better job and no one thinks about running around having to show a vaccine card. Its just ridiculous this is even a conversation after everything we have learned the last two years.

          5. It’s my understanding that the reason for showing one’s vaccination status (any type) is to prove that they are not a risk to others by possible contracting and spreading viruses. The covid vaccine does not prevent any of these things so why would you need to show that you have had the vcovid shot? Do you have to prove that you got a flu shot?
            It had no logical reason, just emotionally worried people.

        1. “You do realize the “vaccine ” only protects the person receiving it.”

          No, I dont “realize” that, because thats not the way vaccination works.

          1. That is the way it works when it doesn’t stop transmission or contraction of the virus. Any advantage that this vaccine may provide for some (less severe symptoms), is only gained by the vaccinated individual. C’mon man…

      2. Only Shanghai Blue Danube would want full government control over medical decisions. You should move to Shanghai, you’d love what the government is doing to citizens for “their safety”.

    1. Blah blah blah. Arnt you the one always crying that the libs don’t work? Yet here you are with the same lame “real Americans” comments all day. Get a job, bum.

    2. GOP ~ Where does it state “mandatory”. It’s an option. Did you read the article?

      “The electronic vaccine card is voluntary, and the state has no plans to make it mandatory, according to the OHA”.

  1. How about instead of wasting money on this you reinstate door to door vaccines and mobile vaccination clinics so people can actually get their shots?

    A lot of folks dont care whom they hurt or rather they live or die (Until they are the ones in the hospital.) so how about helping those of us who do defend ourselves from them with better access to vaccinations?

    1. Sister Blue, not sure whereabouts you live, but for those in Bend/Redmond access to the Covid van has been excellent – even free rides for those who wanted them. Should we bring you a pizza while we’re at it?

    2. How about you go to Walgreens, or rite aid, or Costco, or any urgent care, or fred Meyer……. Seriously, you can get a free vax just about anywhere. I suppose you will tell us that the underserved need free tax payer provided cell phones to carry their digital vax card around next.

    3. Blue~ not sure where you’ve been but there’s been plenty of opportunities for access to vaccines, mobile clinics, transportation provided for those in need, traveling nurses going to home to assist those that can’t get out.

  2. Jeezus, Oregon govt just can’t waste money fast enough. What does this accomplish that a simple picture does not? Where is it required that we do this? This is a solution looking for a problem. And another collosal waste. Sick of it yet? Have your techs go fix the terrible odfw website

  3. Will this be valid with other state jurisdictions? I think it’s a great idea. President Biden has handled the covid crisis so much better than cheeto head. We wouldn’t have seen almost a million Americans die if he had told the truth from the beginning. Instead he lied to the country causing death, division and economic collapse.

      1. They dont realize there would be no vaccine if it wasnt for President Trump making it in the first place. Now they lie and say biden made it.

        1. Trump isn’t bright enough to make a pot of coffee for himself. Yet, you give him credit for “making” a vaccine? You really are brainwashed, aren’t you?

      2. You mean the guy that used the Obama era system in place for Ebola and covid type viruses. That was already in place under Obama. The emergency protocol for dealing with pandemics was tossed in the trash by cheeto head. Which is it orred? The vaccine works or doesn’t? You and the rest of the GQP just can’t keep your stories straight. sad.

    1. I prefer you with gravy. But seriously if they have things their way they’ll 🐝 another dilemma more than likely they’ll try to enact lockdowns for so they can push the 📬 in 🗳️ ing for the midterms.

  4. The 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH 6TH VAX is safe and effective and Joe Biden is the most intelligent articulate President in the history of the United States. I saw an article from a Socialist country north of us that said driving while alone and masked shows your enlightened progressiveness and superior intelligence not to mention amazing virtue signals that other drivers are sure to be amazed by. I do not feel we were all clowned when we helped big pharma make billion off of tax payers. Our economy post covid is also amazing with super low interest rates, a steady supply of willing workers, low fuel costs, a very stable stock market and zero inflation under the leadership of the whole Biden administration. In addition FREE SPEECH was never affected when doctors and others questioned why so many died from the vax.. suffering blood clots, many young athletes having heart attacks and other permanent health issues. Also Barney Fife from KTVZ is right in sharing links that prove Big Pharma and Big Government HAVE A LOVE FOR US BEYOND COMPARE!! Yes folks.. DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!! Comply with these agencies who have record always doing the right thing.. after all isn’t it true that big pharma has a long history of never making drugs that we find out years later caused more harm than good? In conclusion it is very comforting to also know that super powerful dictatorial governments have always treated their people with compassion, love and never lie, cheat or steal from their constituents/slaves. Well… I better get back out into my sheep herd where I belong… Bahhhhh

  5. everyone bow down to your overlord and take a chip in your wrist and comply while your immune system is depleted, oh and don’t open your mouth in public or online if you have any free speech opposing views opposite the narrative.

  6. Will be interesting to see what the metrics end up being ref how many “gotta have that gimmick e-VAC tracker ID” churns up.

    This fad has run its course other than in Oregon, California, and Washington – whose “progressive” state management appear more like the 3 Stooges than common sense leaders.

  7. Oregon wasted 2.4 million dollars on this little App!!! The average college computer programming grad could have done this in a few weeks max. Pathetic waste of money.

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