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Madras police hunt for thief who stole Black Bear Diner catering trailer

Madras Black Bear Diner catering trailer theft
Facebook; Madras Police Dept.
The catering trailer parked at Black Bear Diner in Madras was taken early Tuesday by someone in a gold Toyota Tacoma pickup, security video shows

Pickup seen on video towing it away; later spotted heading west on Hwy. 20

MADRAS, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Madras police and other agencies are searching for whoever stole a catering truck from Black Bear Diner early Tuesday that last was seen being towed on westbound Highway 26 by a gold Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.

Police responded to the reported theft from the restaurant on Southwest Fourth Street, Detective Sgt. Steve Webb said. The responding officer learned that at about 6:30 a.m., the trailer used by the diner for catering services was stolen from the east side of the building.

The trailer stolen is very distinguishable, police said, in that it is a single-axle trailer and has been “wrapped” with a Black Bear Diner design that is brown and orange with photos of bears on it as well as the words, “Madras, Oregon”, “Black Bear Diner”, “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, and “Dinner.” 

There is no license plate on this trailer and no other identifying marks.  Inside the trailer is about $20,000 worth of equipment needed by the restaurant to conduct catering.

Around 7 a.m., an ODOT employee reported he had observed the trailer near milepost 95 on Highway 26, heading west toward Portland and being towed by a gold Toyota Tacoma.    

Police were able to obtain video that shows the pickup pulling into the diner parking lot, backing up and then pulling out with the trailer and going north on Fifth Street Webb said.  

"Local restaurants and business owners have been doing a phenomenal job in fulfilling their responsibilities in complying with the executive orders issued by Governor Brown due to the COVID-19 epidemic," Webb said in a news release.

"Many restaurants, including the diner, have continued to offer take-out and delivery services to keep doors open and individuals employed. 

"As a police department, we know that businesses, their employees and managers have been negatively impacted because of the pandemic and although any theft of property is disturbing, the theft of this item during a time when our communities are hurting is outright disgusting and once located the suspect(s) will be arrested and appropriately charged, with all information going to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. 

Anyone with information regarding this theft is encouraged to contact Sgt. Webb through Frontier Dispatch at 541-475-2201 or the Madras Police Department at 541-475-2424.

You can also call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-877-876-TIPS. You can remain anonymous, and you could be eligible for a cash reward.

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  1. Mr. Davis, the Black Bear Diner proprietor, has been very helpful and cooperative with various Madras community organizations over several years. It saddens me that his generosity was repayed in such a malevolent manner, especially in a time of financial and emotional hardships for all of us. I truly hope the trailer with all its equipment is recovered and the thief punished fully.

  2. Im afraid we will start seeing more and more criminal activity since Keizer Brown has sent the economy of Oregon into the toilet. Unfortunately since this trailer was wrapped and not painted it will be easy to remove the wrap.

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    1. How is it fair to blame the governor’s actions for an individual’s lack of morality? She has been following the same guidelines as Trump to keep as many of our citizens safe as possible, so you must think Trump is wrong, too?

      1. trump is wrong, ignored early warnings, to keep his election chances better allowed people to die for personal gain, seems criminal to me, now holdnig back ventilators for his friends? or just why would he deny them to US citizens now dying for the lack of ventilators?

        1. You are wrong- and your comments are completely off topic- which makes you a bit of a stooge for the left wing mob of mal-contents obsessed with everything DJ President Trump does or says.

          You’ll get your chance to prove your theories right in November- that is if Kreepy Uncle Joe can ever find his way out of the bathroom !

          Seriously ??? Yer pinnin’ yer hopes on “where the hell am I Biden” ???

          Bwahahaaaa !!!!

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