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Deschutes County Parole & Probation Most Wanted List – September 2020

Alford, Robert
Robert Alford, DOB 9/29/86, driving with a suspended license
Anderson, Dameon
Dameon Anderson, DOB 5/2/88, second-degree sex abuse
Baiddou, Josef
Josef Baiddou, DOB 9/5/86, coercion, ID theft
James Banning, DOB 4/30/71, coercion
Chadbourne, Brandon
Brandon Chadbourne, DOB 11/1/77, assault
Chappue, Joseph
Joseph Chappue, DOB 1/3/69, robbery, burglary, coercion
Claxton, Shawn 3
Shawn Claxton, DOB 5/9/70, drugs
Counts, Johnny
Johnny Counts, DOB 2/7/73, incest, fourth-degree assault, failure to report as a sex offender
Davies, Stephen
Stephen Davies, DOB 6/1/93, second-degree assault, drugs, unlawful use of a weapon
Delancey, Suzette
Suzette Delancey, DOB 9/15/64, drugs
Dennis, Samuel
Samuel Dennis, DOB 6/23/97, unlawful use of a weapon, attempt to elude police, drugs
Hendriks, Sarah
Sarah Hendriks, DOB 12/5/85, assault, criminal mistreatment, drugs
Matthias, William
William Matthias, DOB 9/25/92, criminal mischief
Johnson, Korrin (1)
Korrin Johnson, DOB 8/30/89, forgery
Martinez, Acacia
Acacia Martinez, DOB 12/27/88, drugs
McCurdy, Kimberly
Kimberly McCurdy, DOB 5/5/91, supplying contraband, drugs
Michael Murrin
Michael Murrin, DOB 4/3/67, sex abuse
Perez, Spencer (1)
Spencer Perez, DOB 9/13/92, burglary, unlawful use of a weapon
Tyson Rausch
Tyson Rausch, DOB 12/23/98, coercion
Gary Powell, DOB 11/5/73, felon in possession of a weapon
Rechner, Stephen
Stephen Rechner, DOB 9/6/78, second-degree sex abuse, failure to register as a sex offender
Robichaud, Joshua
Joshua Robichaud, DOB 11/24/74
Robinson, James
James Robinson., DOB 11/29/81, drugs
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval, DOB 4/11/98, sodomy, drugs
Sapp, Amy
Amy Sapp, DOB 9/24/79, first-degree forgery, ID theft
Steele, Kenneth
Kenneth Steele, DOB 3/2/62, assault, failure to register as a sex offender, drugs
Tefft, William
William Tefft, DOB 11/15/93, fourth-degree assault
Torre, Joseph
Joseph Torre, DOB 10/22/88, forgery
Vallier, Jesse
Jesse Valler, DOB 8/6/79, attempt to elude
Winningham, Nathan
Nathan Winningham, DOB 7/27/86, assault, strangulation, ID theft, weapons

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Here is the list of individuals wanted by Deschutes County Adult Parole and Probation for September 2020. Contact the agency at (541) 385-3246 with any information.


KTVZ News Team



          1. And she is still here. I under stand your above post Barney. I checked out her facebook page and she is also known to have black hair as well. These are old photos so I’m sure the drugs have taken a toll on her looks.

    1. A link? You mean to report seeing one of these folks? No, there is a phone number listed on the page though. (If you weren’t seeing images, we had extreme tech issues they are working to resolve, I’m seeing pix now.)

  1. Isn’t it amazing how pretty much each of these people just have that look to them…wires crossed in their heads it shows on their faces. Won’t be long before AI can just scan the face and know it ain’t right…

  2. Due to the protest of the arrests of the two men that had warrants and were detained by ICE, I think we should let all these people go, They are members of our community and need our protection. The Bendlanders should be all up in arms about this list!

  3. The only reason the socialist liberals are not out there protesting on behalf of the criminals on the list is because they are not illegal from other countries. Otherwise, they would care less about the crimes they have committed and more about the assumption that ICE or law enforcement would only be after them just solely because they are illegal aliens.

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