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Deschutes County Parole & Probation Most Wanted List – May 2020

Tamariah Adams
Tamariah Adams, DOB 7/15/93, drugs
Arce, Steven
Steven Arce, DOB 10/20/87. attempted assault, weapons
Baiddou, Josef
Josef Baiddou, DOB 9/5/86, coercion, ID theft
Banks, Daphne
Daphne Banks, 8/19/77, failure to register
Banning, James
James Banning, DOB 4/30/71, coercion
Chadbourne, Brandon
Brandon Chadbourne, DOB 11/1/77, assault
Curtis. Christa
Christa Curtis, DOB 2/21/71, drugs
Dobbs, Kyle
Kyle Dobbs, 1/7/89, assault/drugs
Erickson, Brian
Brian Erickson, DOB 8/25/75, theft/burglary
Evanoff, Shon
Shon Evanoff, DOB 1/24/74, coercion, drugs
Gardner, Norman
Norman Gardner, DOB 11/22/66, assault
Glover, Stan
Stan Glover, DOB 5/2/83, drugs, attempt to elude, DUII
Hamilton, Steven
Steven Hamilton, DOB 3/1/66, drugs
Hendriks, Sarah
Sarah Hendriks, DOB 12/5/85, assault, criminal mistreatment, drugs
Hubschmitt, Sebastian
Sebastian Hubschmitt, DOB 20/20/94, attempted robbery, assault
Kostelecky, Lillyanne
Lillyanne Kostelecky, DOB 8/19/97, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
Lewis, Gregg
Gregg Lewis, DOB 11/24/71, drugs
Matthias, William
William Matthias, DOB 9/25/92, criminal mischief
McVey, Bobbi
Bobbi McVey, DOB 8/19/71, drugs
Michael Murrin
Michael Murrin, DOB 4/3/67, sex abuse
Perez, Spencer (1)
Spencer Perez, DOB 9/13/92, burglary, unlawful use of a weapon
Tyson Rausch
Tyson Rausch, DOB 12/23/98, coercion
Robichaud, Joshua
Joshua Robichaud, DOB 11/24/74
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval, DOB 4/11/98, sodomy, drugs
Steele, Kenneth
Kenneth Steele, DOB 3/2/62, assault, failure to register as a sex offender, drugs
Swanberg, David
David Swanberg, DOB 4/23/90, ID theft
Swanson, William
William Swanson, DOB 2/4/79, attempt to elude
Torre, Joseph
Joseph Torre, DOB 10/22/88, forgery
Vallier, Jesse
Jesse Valler, DOB 8/6/79, attempt to elude
Winningham, Nathan
Nathan Winningham, DOB 7/27/86, assault, strangulation, ID theft, weapons
Worthington, William
William Worthington, DOB 5/25/87, drugs

Here is the list of individuals wanted by Deschutes County Adult Parole and Probation for May 2020. Contact the agency at (541) 385-3246 with any information.


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          1. And she is still here. I under stand your above post Barney. I checked out her facebook page and she is also known to have black hair as well. These are old photos so I’m sure the drugs have taken a toll on her looks.

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