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Crime Stoppers offers $2,500 to identify pregnant woman found slain in NE Oregon in 1978

Crime Stoppers of Oregon

ELGIN, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A cash reward of up to $2,500 is now available from Crime Stoppers of Oregon in an effort to to help identify a murdered pregnant woman found by hunters in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon in August of 1978.

The skeletal remains of the woman and a fetus, knotted coaxial cable, zippers, a white bra or halter top, red Catalina-brand pants (size 15/16), scraps of white cloth with red hearts and ankle-high boots were discovered in and near a shallow grave straddling a wooded game trail near Finley Creek in Union County.

The body was located near Elgin on August 28, 1978. It was located by a child who was on a hunting trip with family. The family saw the remains and called police. Oregon State Police responded and took over the investigation.

The woman was estimated to be between 5’1” and 5’3” and weighed approximately 115-125 pounds. She had light-colored hair, possibly blonde or sandy brown. The fetus was estimated to be near to full-term

Investigators believe the woman had been killed in the early to mid-1970s. Redgrave Research Forensic Services has provided a composite sketch of what the woman may have looked like.

More information about the unidentified woman can be found at Volunteers with the Finley Creek Jane Doe Task Force have led the effort to identify the woman and her unborn infant.

Crime Stoppers of Oregon is offering the cash reward of up to $2,500. Tipsters may remain anonymous.

If you wish to submit a secure and anonymous tip regarding any unsolved felony crime in Oregon, visit or download the P3 Tips app for your smart phone or tablet.

Crime Stoppers of Oregon is funded entirely by community donations. To support Crime Stoppers with a donation or to view other unsolved cases, visit

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        1. Okay then Negative Nedly, Then why comment if you’re so opposed to people trying to solve this? By the by, what is your “price” to get involved in this type of issue? 30 pieces of Silver?

        2. Why so Salty….. I ask..? I belive in Cold cases getting solved… if that was my family this happened to i would want to know.. Postive attitudes = Positive results…
          Just Sayin…
          Have an Awesome Day Everyone,

    1. It’s really sketchy that Union county destroyed all the evidence in 1990. Somebody knew something and in these parts they don’t mind covering for each other.

  1. Seems to me Julie Welfin went missing around that time in that region.closer to the Columbia but was working, not sure i recall any suggestion that she was pregnant

  2. Why should anyone need to be be motivated by money to do the right thing? A person’s conscience should inform the act of sharing information with law enforcement.

    1. You appear to be a good person, not everything walking around is. For some the only thing they will respond to is money.

      With that, odds are very high on a case this old. Hell odds are the people that did it are dead by now as well.

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