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Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office seeing more daytime DUII cases

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- While DUII-related arrests have fallen from last July to this year, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office said Monday they have seen an uptick in daytime DUII arrests. 

A man who didn't wish to be fully named and works as a substance recovery volunteer shared his thoughts on why that could be happening.

"I think it just has to do with people not feeling a sense of hope," Joey S. said Monday. "There's a lot of hopelessness. I've been very blessed to be involved in volunteering with the recovery community, because there was need that needed to be filled, such as things getting back open and the whole community came together to do it.

"And a lot of people aren't experiencing that type of success or fellowship. A lot of people are just alone out there -- no job, no place, nothing to do," he added.

Comparing statistics between this and last last summer makes for a mixed picture.

Last July, there were 21 alcohol-related DUII arrests by Deschutes County deputies, while this year there were 14, a 30% decline.

But for Crook County deputies, the Fourth Of July holiday week saw an uptick, as there were four DUII arrests this year, compared to one last year.

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  1. The “uptick” is cops pulling over people under 30 who happen to have burned cannabis in their vehicle. They ask if they’ve smoked and they arrest and release them. DUII’s are a scam, a way to make money.

    1. Oh yes arresting DUII’s is such a great way to make money. The arrest totally pays for the officers time to write the report, go to an implied consent hearing, court and it even pays for the deputy DA. What are you smoking

    2. you sound just like the drunks who get duii’s, i was targeted. that cop didnt know i’d blow 3 times the legal limit until after he pulled me over. if you were smoking dope in your car you deserved every bit of that duii for being stupid

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