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‘I was sobbing’: Bend hikers find dead cat, doe, dog and fox in Badlands Wilderness

(Update: Adding video, comments by couple)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- On Monday night, during their nightly walk in the Badlands Wilderness area east of Bend, a Bend couple encountered something that brought them to tears.

Sampson Sansgaard and Tonya Ross say they found a dead, cat, pregnant doe, dog (a younger, female pit bull) and a fox, in the same spot.

“Very upsetting," Ross told NewsChannel 21 Tuesday. "It’s very sad, and it’s disturbing.”

Sansgaard told NewsChannel 21 the dead animals were not there the night before, and there were "fresh tire tracks" near the animals' bodies, with no signs of roadkill or bloating.

“I did not respond well to the sight of it," Sansgaard explained, standing near the spot where he found the animals. "I was sobbing. That didn’t need to happen to them."

The couple reported the discovery to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, which then informed Oregon State Police.

“I don’t want to remember this ever again," Sansgaard said. "So I probably won’t come back much any more. It’s not a good memory for anybody to have.”

NewsChannel 21 has reached out to OSP for any information or word of an investigation.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



      1. Yeah I know people are way to sensitive about seeing dead animals. It’s all part of life. Does one sob every time they see a deer on The side of the road after being hit by a car? Toughen up just a bit people.

        1. Someone poached a pregnant deer and dumped it with a couple house pets and a fox and you think that’s fine? Right…. I’d be curious to know what it takes to turn you off or what your house looks like for that matter. Not all of us are cool with revolting.

                1. Lol, you liberals just can’t wait to call people MAGA supporters, any and every chance you get. Quite ridiculous and juvenile.

            1. – what are you trying to tell us about fox hunting season? – about your perspective on gratuitous killing and wasting of animals? – what are you trying to sell?

        2. Dman ~ arent you the tough guy.

          FYI ~ it’s called valuing life ~ all creatures (man, critters, wildlife etc).

          How about you practice a bit of empathy.

          Same for you “Your face”. Suffering is not cool.

    1. The story stinks more than the carcasses that were piled there waiting for dead stock removal or it was the site of an above ground burial! These are federal lands. ODFW nor OSP has jurisdiction in this situation. It is unlikely OSP was even contacted. Below is a great paper from the USDA regarding carcass disposal on federal lands.

    1. A sick person that is potentially dangerous. Would be interesting to know how the animals died. Hope they catch the creep before they kill more animals, get bored with that and move on people. Sick behavior usually escalates. Shame on anyone trying convince anyone thar this is “normal” and “fine”. Dumping them in a heavily trafficked where they’d surely be found is concerning as well.

      1. Okay dude you’re spiraling. Animals die. They die a lot. The county carcas collector is a full-time job. They have a specialized truck and crew dedicated to that job. Not all animals die on county jurisdiction. When animals die on private land, it becomes the responsibility of the landowner to dispose. There are a dozen plausible scenarios here that do not involve a “sick creep who kills for thrill”. Your assumption about people who think otherwise is out of line.

      1. Right. It was a question which is why it was followed by a question mark. Had it been in the article I wouldn’t have asked it. I’m sure the report this evening will give more details.

    1. Just like last month the wolves, fox and birds, I bet it was poison. The farmers hate wolves and will do anything to rid of them and never get caught.

            1. Yes, it has. But it’s sporadic. I try to check trash a few times a day, most stuff there is deleted content, but … it’s some sort of issue with WP Comments, which we’ll probably be moving on from it anyway, maybe even back to Disqus, or another option under consideration. Guaranteed it won’t be perfect either.

  1. Without hearing more details my first thoughts are, “Well this just got weird”. It’ll be interesting to hear what is learned in this investigation.

  2. At this point who knows. No bullet wounds? Assuming its not an experimental UFO abduction or a Doe, Dog and Fox involved with a drug cartel or political party this is weird. Strange how 3 very different animals in same spot.

      1. – just because you have no connection with any feelings about other organisms doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to criticize anyone who may, distasteful as such characteristics are to people like you – does demeaning “them” help you feel ok about your proclivities?

  3. These details are getting wacky! Now the headline lists 4 animals but the man on the video describes finding all 3 in the same place. Lots of churn happening in this story.

  4. Interesting in the tv story tonight they said it could have been a fox or maybe a coyote. Either way whomever dumped them there is a dumbass. Are they dumping there because they don’t like the woke hikers? You’re still a dumbass. Person that found them is not going to hike there anymore because of bad memories. Put on your big boy pants.

    1. In the badlands, along with all federally managed public lands and most private rangeland its common practice to gather carcasses into one area for the purpose of disposal by someone working deadstock. Its apparent that’s what this is. When did BLM end this practice? And being as this incident happened on federal land, why wasn’t US Forest Service law enforcement contacted by Oregon fish and game? Did Fish and Game tell you they called OSP or was that the hikers? The news reader did not specify.

        1. Guess to some people me choosing not to watch means I need big boy 👖. Well I wear a 44 so they aren’t pup ⛺ size. Whomever is getting their jollies from it. I have two sweet ginger cats at home and I’d protect them even though get beaten up bad in the process.

      1. If it was on BLM land then it would be BLM Law Enforcement that investigates some cases on BLM land however with the doe involved it would be more appropriate for State Police Fish & Wildlife to look into the case. ODOT will pick up road kill deer and dump them off a side road out on BLM land and the animal is normally consumed rather quickly but they would never dump it in a human user area.

  5. Last Sunday my daughter and I went for a hike out by skull hollow campground. About 15 feet off the road she stepped on a small trap meant for coyotes or Fox’s . after prying the trap off her foot we watched in disbelief as a man and woman were pursuing a coyote with a pistol and paying no attention to the fact that his field of fire was the road in front were hikers and mountain bikers were at the time. The coyote got away. I’m so sick of people being irresponsible jack a** out and about.

    1. Could have. Looks like the area these folks are in are right by that gravel pit at the bottom of horse ridge. That area is not really Bad Lands but more Bad Lands adjacent. There are lots of trails and roads out there between Hwy 20 and the Hooker Creek gravel pit just north of there. It is also just west of the dry canyon trail head. Seems from the info provided by this article that no one has tried contacting ODOT.

  6. This is most likely a ODOT dump spot, there are many in Central Oregon, when ODOT picks up animals that have been killed by vehicles on the roadways, they take them out to a out of the way area, and they dump them, then wild animals feed on the carcasses, the alternative would be to take them to a landfill, and let them go to waist?

  7. From the situation described to the posters here this entire episode is disturbing. It sounds likely it was a dumpsite from ODOT? Mistake #1 if this truly is within the boundaries of the Badlands next to a popular trail. The dumpers too (?) to find a more appropriate site? The comments mocking anyone who would find this sad and disturbing. Not everyone finds the fact that “animals die all the time” devoid of emotion. People “die all the time” too. So are we to mock you (IF) you are found crying when your mother or child passes? It is an odd combination to find but considering there were buildings in the video they could have been road kills and that is sad for all the animals involved for many of us. Hoping it isn’t some collection from one sick individual but if it is hoping they will be caught and charged. Last I knew it was illegal to dump ANYTHING on public lands.

  8. After reading all these comments, I hope I never end up in front of a Jury in Deschutes county if this is the knee-jerk(s) reaction from not having enough information to formulate a decision on.

    1. Oh come on, what do we need courts and jury’s for? We can have a trial by feelings right here! I’m inventing a game. It’s called jump to conclusions. I’m going to start selling a mat.

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