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Wyden sets June 1 online town hall for Deschutes County residents

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) –  Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., announced Friday five upcoming live on-line town halls hosted by People’s Town Hall  for residents of Lincoln, Tillamook, Deschutes, Wasco and Hood River counties.

Heading into these upcoming virtual town halls, Wyden has held 1,017 town halls statewide in fulfillment of his pledge to hold at least one town hall each year in each of Oregon’s 36 counties.

“I’ve kept my promise to hold annual town halls in each of our state’s 36 counties because Oregonians deserve every opportunity to have regular and open conversations with public officials,” Wyden said. “It’s an honor representing every part of our state and thanks to Oregonians’ dedication to direct democracy, I had my 1,000th town hall in Oregon this year. I’m committed to continue providing these opportunities for any Oregonian to ask me any question, and I very much look forward to these upcoming town halls in Lincoln, Tillamook, Deschutes, Wasco and Hood River counties.”

"Our democracy is stronger and better when lawmakers meet regularly with their constituents, and we congratulate Senator Wyden on his 1,000th town hall earlier this year representing the people of Oregon,” said Nathan Williams of People's Town Hall, a virtual town hall series from the founders of Town Hall Project. “People's Town Hall invites all constituents in these five Oregon counties, regardless of party affiliation, to join the upcoming substantive conversations so vital to our democracy."

The upcoming virtual town hall schedule is as follows:

For Oregonians in those counties who want to submit questions for Senator Wyden, here’s the link.

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    1. You got that right. How convenient it is for the pasty faced Wyden to hold these virtual town hall meetings from the cozy confines of his own home in New York. How stupid are the people of Oregon that keep voting for this reprobate to remain in office?

      1. Demokants in Oregon are amazingly stoopid- as they consistently vote against their own best interests- then brag about it ! As a result- neighboring states like Idaho have top 10 US economies and projections coming out of covid- Oregon graded a solid “D” ! Even Washington’s economy is head and shoulders better than Oregon’s- as our state turns down industry after industry- only to have Washington nab the gold mines ! Maybe Ronnie can explain why mini reactors work in Eastern Wa… but won’t work in Eastern Or.

      1. Ok, you have the resources, and the staff lets see how many day’s Ronnie has been in Oregon this year, and how many day’s he has been in Oregon the last five years, lets see the story.
        Should take 25.5 seconds.

      2. ……but never mind?? Barney, the guy is not even an Oregon Resident. If he were a Republican you would not shrill for him and would quite mind.

      3. Google search reveals he is worth 38 million in 2012 and been i DC since 1980. Time for him to go, but 90% of you Dems voted for him in the primary.

          1. Barney, nobody here said that. ……but you came quickly to defend the ‘Oregon Senator who is not an Oregon resident and lives in New York’

            1. Of course he did and took 7 minutes too but that’s fast the 🪖 s for the left are they’re quicker than a fat actor at craft services in betwixt shooting scenes on a movie set.

      4. A 5 second Google search also shows he’s not a resident of Oregon. Anyone representing Oregon should be a resident atleast common sense would say.

    1. It’s called big money. Wyden worth almost 40 million says it all. Democrats love their money more than anything else despite what their bleeding hearts tell you.

  1. Angry Demokrat haters constantly whining about the rich- completely ignore this Wyden goof who rakes in millions in big pharma kick-backs- lives in NY- doesn’t do diddly dog poo for Demokant Oregonians… who can’t vote him back into office fast enough ! Someone explain the appeal of this cult like cycle to me.

  2. A vote for this guy from the morgue is to kiss your way of of life bye bye. The worst Republican is better than this New Yorker. Virtual meeting is the way this guy likes it because he is scared to go face to face with the people. I remember meetings in Lapine with this guy he brought the grade schools in to try and save him and he would not answer questions or comments from the audience unless the request was written up front. Oregon get smart

  3. Ron Wyden now knows what the rest of America suspected- no denying the facts- that Hillary Clinton and “HIS” Demokrat party interfered with not only the 2016 elections but also the next four years of the DJ Trump Presidency. Wyden was a vocal proponent of false information and is on record having participated in two fake impeachment trials that ravaged the nation. Ron Wyden knew through private briefings that the FBI had no case of Russian Collusion with the Trump campaign- yet Wyden went along with the harassment and non stop lies… Oregonians demand that Ron Wyden step down- resign- or face a recall. Here’s another story not reaching it to the Z21 news desk…

      1. I checked that link for comments- Zero ! Biggest news story of the decade- and it gets ripped off the front page before anyone can comment on it… why is that ?

        1. To others with open minds: As always, the automated feed of the CNN Wire continues on, with no false ulterior motives in most people’s minds. I was just refuting the “no coverage” untruths with a 2-second Google to find 2 stories on this very site, which of course gets no “thanks, I was mistaken,” only a twist of the blame attacks some people sadly live for.

    1. Ron Wyden has been found guilty of shouting “Fire” n a crowded theater- and now he needs to explain why ! Barney Lerten loves to lecture us about the limits of free speech… yet the Democrats in Congress and the media violated their own parable- as it has now been proven that the FBI “knew” that the Steele Dossier- (funded by Clinton and the DNC) was fake… Yet Hillary abused her authority and demanded that the story be released as factual ! Hillary yelling “Fire” ! Our colluding US media (including Z21 who allowed this site as a megaphone and speakers) ran with this lie for five years- while making up more lies along the way… Ron Wyden is guilty- The FBI is Guilty- CNN and their affiliates are guilty of violating their place in the US Constitution. We now know- there was no fire- DJ Trump was harassed and bullied for years- the media ran with a fake story instead of investigating- failure to do their basic job for political reasons- people were hurt- injured- lives destroyed- reputations ruined (especially at the Z)… Now how you gonna fix it- I want Ron Wyden to resign !

  4. Oregonians demand an explanation from Wyden… “February 05, 2020… Wyden Votes to Remove Donald Trump for Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress… Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today released the following statement on the U.S. Senate’s vote to acquit Donald Trump on two articles of impeachment: “Today I voted to remove Donald Trump, for his abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. His whole defense amounted to a fiction. The president was not fighting corruption in Ukraine, he was causing it.”… Ron Wyden is a lying hypocrite- as the whole Steele Dossier was “fiction”- and Ronnie boy knew it ! Ron Wyden must resign or face recall- Oregonians have had enough of his partisan poliics.

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