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  1. Even if we voted “NO”…the State will do it anyway….which by the way, is grounds for using the second amendment…When elected officials negate the will of the people, as she did in giving the mexicans oregon driver licenses

      1. Donald J. Trump’s hair growth medicine, Propecia causes

        memory problems
        attention difficulties
        slowed thought processes
        mental cloudiness or brain fog
        $70,000 to the American people in his tax “deductions”

        AND the worst Presidential debate in history.

        But definitely not as bad as mushrooms which grow here naturally. So sad.

    1. “grounds for using the second amendment” – You’re a joke and so is Barney Lerten, for allowing yet another one of your treasonous threats to be posted here.
      Have a nice day, you rotten liar.

        1. That’s a crock of pure unadulterated crap, and you dam well know it. You think that’s funny to voice your opinion on someone and censor that persons posts? You censor things I have said that DIRECTLY quote our founding fathers, you’ve censored posts quoting OREGON STATE LAW, You’ve censored countless other totally lawful posts and if they weren’t, by god you woulda called the cops

          1. I don’t care if you quote the founding fathers or quote state law. Comments are never deleted for such reasons, and as you know, 100s of your posts are allowed every week. Threaten promote or encourage violence, they are not allowed, for ANYONE.

  2. Gee- first it was marijuana- now mushrooms- what’s up next… poppies or coconut leaves ??? Well done Kate Brown- keep the locals doped up and obedient !

  3. When drugs are legalized, they can be taxed and fewer non-violent charges lead to fewer bodies in jails that cost taxpayers money. It’s a no-brainer.

  4. “Data showing psychedelics’ promise in mental health caught the eye of the FDA, leading the regulator to declare the psychedelic psilocybin as a possible breakthrough drug and giving it “unmatched credibility,” explains Champignon CEO Dr Roger McIntyre. To date, two psilocybin-based drugs have received FDA breakthrough designation – ATAI’s investment portfolio company COMPASS Pathways for treatment-resistant depression and the Usona Institute’s for major depressive disorder. The European Medicines Agency has taken a similar approach to psychedelics in the past few years.”

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