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Pollock defeating Heckathorn; DeBone takes GOP nod; most money requests pass; Crook Co. school bond losing narrowly

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Some High Desert incumbents easily fended off challengers as Central Oregon’s primary election results flowed in Tuesday night, but in one hot, high-profile race, appointed Jefferson County Sheriff Marc Heckathorn was losing to challenger Jason Pollock.

Heckathorn, the former undersheriff appointed to the post last year after Sheriff Jim Adkins retired, brought a third, low-profile candidate, Rick DuPont, into the race, dropping of his candidacy form and filing fee at the county clerk’s office, saying he did so to ensure the new sheriff could be chosen in May, not November.

But early results showed Pollock – who recently won a stunning endorsement from Adkins and DA Steve Leriche – had garnered about 52% of the ballots in Tuesday’s first returns, to 44% for Heckathorn and just under 4% for DuPont.

Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone was easily defeating Republican challenger Scott Stuart, 78-22% in the initial count, likely to move on to a fall race with sole Democratic candidate Oliver Tatom.

Things were tighter in the three-way, non-partisan race for Jefferson County commissioner Position 1, with challenger Mark Wunsch topping incumbent Mae Huston, 38-35%, followed by Laurie Danzuka with 26%. If no one gets 50% of the vote, the top two finishers head to a November run-off.

In the other Jefferson County Commission race, incumbent Kelly Simmelink was handily defeating challenger Sabria Rios, 69-31% in the first round of ballot counting.

In Crook County, Commissioner Brian Barney was easily winning his re-election bid, with 72% of the early vote in the non-partisan race to 20% for challenger Corey Whalen and 8% for the second challenger, Doug Muck.

As for money measures sharing the ballot, Redmond’s $40 million bond to replace its small, aging police headquarters was passing 56-44%, while a similar, $7 million measure to upgrade Sunriver’s Public Safety Building was winning strongly in the early vote, 70-30%. And Cloverdale Rural Fire’s five-year local option tax to add needed staff also was passing easily, 68-32%

But the largest money measure facing Central Oregon voters on Tuesday, Crook County Schools’ $66 million bond measure for maintenance updates, upgrades and repairs, was losing by just 177 votes out of more than 6,000 tallied, 3,100 no votes to 2,923 in favor.

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  1. LEAVE IT TO CROOK CO. LOL. Stay dumb, keep your kids dumb, so in 20 years you can wonder what went wrong and shake your fist at the sky and question your god.

      1. Yep, the “smart” folks love to blame the smarter folks for their own failures. Stay dumb and vote for ignorance. Your party expects it of you.

    1. Not completing Maintenence updates are going to make the kids dumber? Crook County will have to come up with a proposal of needs. There is not enough people to throw a significant property tax on for wants….

  2. Heckathorn blamed former Sheriff Adkins for “gross mismanagement for years” and then expected an endorsement? I guess he found out.

    1. LOL! Not only that Dupont takes 261 votes away from Huckleberry that he could deperately use right about now. He reaps what he sows. Considering how Shabbily Huckleberry treated the City Councils in Culver and Madras, I am surprised he got any votes at all…

  3. Marc got his wish for an early finish. Looks like the people were able to see through his dirty pool 🎱 tactics.. Good luck Jason. Now Dupont and Marc can sit around wondering what went wrong with our idea?

  4. Gotta love the party that willfully votes to stay ignorant. But hey, what would you expect from a group of people that bases their values on a book written by barbarians 3,400 years ago? You know, back when folks thought the earth was flat and the only people with ‘rights’ were white, entitled men born into royalty. It’s okay, stay dumb republicants.

    1. Yea, you tell em. Look how smart the dems are and all they are doing to Make America Great Again. The dems are responsible for highest inflation in 40 years, highest gas prices ever, shortages of just about everything, complete debacle of withdrawal in Afghanistan-which resulted in many lives lost, riots in all major cities, highest crime rates ever in just about all major cities. Yes, the smart dems have done such a great job.

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