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Crook County voters narrowly defeating school district’s $66 million bond measure

A day later, the margin of defeat is 143 votes out of more than 7,100 ballots cast

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A nearly 50-50 split on the Crook County School District's $66 million bond measure is not surprising to Jason Carr, the district's communication director.

“Asking for folks to spend money on anything related to a tax increase, even for people who support schools is something they may think twice about," Carr said Wednesday.

On election night, almost 52 percent of the nearly 6,000 votes counted were opposed to the measure that was proposed to improve eight schools and the Ward Rhoden Stadium.

As of Wednesday evening, the ballot count was 51%, or 3,637 opposed to 3,494, or 49% in favor -- a 143-vote margin and a total of 7,131 votes.

Planned improvements included a new roof for Crook County Middle and Crooked River Elementary, a new sports surface at Brothers Elementary and new restrooms at Ward Rhoden Stadium, where Crook County High School plays football and runs track and field.

Those were improvements voter Lisa Tillery was not willing to pay more taxes to back.

“My husband and I are on a fixed income, now that we are retired. It was not something we felt that we could support," Tillery told NewsChannel 21.

The measure would add a 10-cent tax per $1,000 assessed value. Tillery said she would have to pay an extra $298 a year if she voted in favor of the measure.

Larry Nelson voted in favor. His granddaughter is a senior at Crook County High School.

“I am hoping that there is a tremendous amount of votes that will come in late that will sway that bond," Nelson said.

Carr told NewsChannel 21 if the measure is unsuccessful, the school district may come together with an alternative proposal that may be more appealing to voters.

Tillery said a much cheaper alternative -- at least half the amount of current proposed tax increase -- would make her consider voting yes in the future.

Carr said an alternative could come as soon as November or next spring.

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Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



  1. That’s because people in Prineville value their money. This is nothing like Bend (yet) and we hope it never will be. Bend is a disgusting filth ridden town filled with pot shops, breweries and houseless transients. Prineville not so much as the leaders here care about the youth growing up seeing all that godless crud.

      1. We don’t care about your greed and money there Beej. We care more about our kids than that. All that money in Bend and ynd you have the enormous amount of houseless people because of your greed and voting every feel good programs in pricing out your own community members. You people need to wake the heck up as you are the problem. How many more taxes can people afford? WAKE UP!

    1. Keeping rural American children under-educated is exactly what I expect from you. You value money more than the future of children and I will pray for you.

        1. I have a renter on prineville and my mom lives there and since her neighbor had his lot appraised at 400,000 she probably can get that or a little more.

      1. Nice bigotry Yada. If they want a bond to pass, next time ask for less. P-Ville is not infested with Democrat transplants who vote yes for every bond measure without questioning the price

  2. Bravo Crook Co., stay dumb, make sure your kids follow in your footsteps. In 20 years they can ask god why they’re still broke and then blame everyone else for their ignorance.

    1. You think Crook County residents are broke ? Come on out with some of your high brow Bend cash and try to buy a house… gonna take a 1/2 mill to even get you in the driveway !

        1. Median home price in Crook County is $530k… Redmond- $545k-$530 ! The topic is being broke… Out in Crook- I just don’t see it- and they don’t have to deal with the traffic- the homeless culture- the drunks in the microbrews- the hipsters- Karens- and me genners that make up Bend Oregon USA !

          1. I’m not sayin’ it’s good or bad. I was refuting BGHW’s assertion that someone with “high brow Bend cash” would have difficulty trying to buy a $500K house in Crook County. Since Bend homes are now being listed for >50% higher than that, it’s obviously not true.

            1. And I’m saying those living in Bend’s numerous homeless shelters- on the streets- creating illegal campsites… are the least of Crook County Oregon’s problems- Liberals need to know when to shut their yaps.

        1. Nope… “now” amount of education whatsoever… not like you brainiacs out in Duhshoots ! Cripes folks- even can’t make this stuff up !

    2. Nah, we don’t want our kids growing up greedy, thankless, and pronouned like you bendites. Way more to life there TDS guy than money by a long shot. Lots of money in Bend yet people houseless all over, same with California blue cities. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure your GDP isn’t worth the toll it takes on your community. Stay brainwashed TDS guy.

    3. @TrumpsTinyHands: I’m a liberal in Crook County who came here from Canada via Seattle. You are the one who sounds ignorant and “dumb”. There are so many decent people in this county that your narrow mind focuses only on the fact that you make assumptions that all of the people in Crook County voted for Trump. It’s people like you that do a disservice to the State of Oregon and the Country (Yeah-I am also an American Citizen now). Take a good look in the mirror. I’ve likely got more education than you do and I challenge you to a face to face meeting so that you don’t hide behind “your tiny hands”.

  3. Tillery would pay $298 a year only if her home is appraised at $2.98 million dollars. More likely it is a $298,000 home which would have only cost her $29.80 a year in additional taxes.

    1. I bet she didn’t even bother to do the math. And the “fixed income” excuse that certain tax-averse folks like to use is B.S.; ‘never understood how they think they can get away with that line. Isn’t just about everyone “fixed income”? Most people can’t just barge into their boss’s office and demand more money anytime they want; you get what you get. And there’s nothing to stop a retired person from getting a part time job and earning extra income; I’m sure there are open shifts at the Prineville McDonald’s. People choose to be retired. Even so, Social Security gets yearly adjustments to the CPI, so if you get SSI, your income ain’t “fixed”. Bottom line is that her kids are grown and the condition of school system doesn’t affect her.

    2. Aren’t you a delightful optimist! No, guarantee it’s 2.98 million. The “fixed income” comment she made is just *kisses fingers* the cherry on top sealing this fact. Only the entitled and monied who don’t want to be parted from it sing that song as an excuse. Honey, EVERYONE is on a “fixed income”, not just well-off retirees – it’s called “hourly wage” or “salary”, depending on where you work.

    3. Yeah you look at it that way bud. That’s $29.80 for this one, what about the other taxes imposed for all your feel good programs? It’s a sickness that spreads like a cancer as evidenced by Bend pricing it’s own citizens out if house and home. Prineville not so much. We don’t have people begging for money on our streets, shooting drugs up by the school, breweries everywhere, pot shops on every corner. Bend invites nothing but the best.

  4. Crook County residents won’t go down without a fight ! Asking local residents to pay higher taxes- for what amounts to a glorified baby sitting service- after Kate Brown eliminated pretty much all academic standards for graduation- is an insult to tax payers and a great disservice to the children- who’ve already been scarred by a life of participation trophies and fabricated ideologies about role/career identification (Not everyone can be a third-baseman for the Dodgers- just because you identify as one) ! Brown has messed up the state beyond repair- Crook County residents have had enough of her and all the Demokants in Salem.

    1. BGHW ~ from experience…CCSD admin can be arrogant with closed minds. Cliquish and not welcoming to those who don’t fit their good ole boy norm. They do not think outside of the box. They tend to be judgemental of certain groups.

      Fact ~ prior to 2017 they did not offer any Spanish materials for parents / students and yet Barnes Butte offers a bi-lingual learning program.

      1. False fact – spanish materials have been available for decades. Fact- spanish and french languages were taught in the 70’s. You are correct about the arrogant and closed minds – and not so far off on the cliquish part. If you are not part of the alternative lifesyles groups and willing to teach sex to the grade schoolers they don’t want to hear you.

        1. Century ~ wrong. CCSD did not have Spanish materials until 2019. I speak to materials for parents (not language courses). I know this to be true based on personal experience. Nothing on their website, no handouts for parents ~ zero take home materials. Period. And…they were called out for it.

          You can argue with me till the cows come home I don’t care.

      2. If you don’t like it stay away. We’ll do everything we can to stop that kind of progress. We don’t want it and we don’t need it.

      1. You clearly follow websites-radio stations and far left postings that I don’t… is there a bit of English in that gobbeldygook comment of 8chan-Q-anon ??? As for the Bible- yeh- read it… and the Qu-ran- and various parts of the Pali Canon, The Gita, and Rig Veda… I sense that outside of a few Dentist Office copies of Goofus and Gallant- the remainder of your spiritual readings is limited to the Tao of Pooh and the occasional readings off a Stevie Nicks record sleeve ! You seem most ignorant to your purpose in life- you are a wandering mass of limited gray matter who belittles others out of fear and hate- poor you !

  5. I mean.. you can’t fix stupid, right? They’re almost all Trumpers in Crook County (aptly named I might add). You can throw money at problems but that won’t fix some of them. Look at the Covid scenario. We threw money at it, but that didn’t fix the problem. Trumpism is just like the virus in that sense. You can throw money at it all you want, but it will never go away until it is gone for good. You can throw all the money you want into Prineville schools, but you’ll never fix the conservative ignorance that plagues Crook County. With that said- save your money Prineville; It won’t do y’all a darn bit a good anyway! Fact.

    1. Yes because we have all the houseless here, the school shootings, the mall shootings the massive amounts of crime. Apparently it’s you that doesn’t know what their talking about.

  6. Blame or accurately assessing failed responsibility and stewardship? It’s an adult concept to be sure so your better off kissing her ring and playing xbox🤠

  7. Once again these comments have degraded into a blame game and name calling. Is it really that satisfying? Instead of complaining constantly why don’t a few of you make some concrete suggestions on how to fix what you see as the problem? Like perhaps, not linking school funding to property taxes all the time. I don’t have the answer but here are a few suggestions that are going to annoy you. Perhaps the wealthier communities could fund the less fortunate ones through some sort of tax redistribution. Oh wait, that would be called socialism and we certainly can’t have that. Or perhaps wealthy corporations like Amazon can be taxed to help fund the schools that produce all their highly paid employees. Oh wait, that sounds a lot like socialism too. Or perhaps we could have a special tax on all those overpaid high tech employees moving to CO to work remotely and drive up real estate prices so no one else can afford to live here. The true cause of homelessness and affordability on the entire west coast. Again, socialism and not acceptable.
    Some day the people of this country will realize that we have been practicing some form of socialism for over a hundred years. They are called social security and medicare along with several others. Very popular programs to say the least. Let er rip guys. I deserve it for commenting on all your ugly and unhelpful posts.

    1. Taxing the rich will do absolutely nothing save for appeasing people that have no clue what’s going on. The rich will NEVER pay a dime of those taxes as they’ll pass them on to the consumers. Try again.

  8. The irony is in the woman thinking her property taxes would go up 298.00 a year with this school bond. A quick search for her address finds a property assessed at 310,000. Ten cents per $1,000 would be a 31 dollar raise in taxes. Perhaps she’s a product of the schools she’s refusing to fund.

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