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Dry docks: Low C.O. lake water levels cause problems for boaters, Forest Service

'This is the first year the docks did not reach the water'

LA PINE, Ore (KTVZ) -- Another impact of Central Oregon’s ongoing drought: low lake and reservoir levels are causing issues for boaters.

David Krueger said his boat has taken a bit of a beating this year.

"There are rocks now that are usually way under water," Krueger, who fished at East Lake on Sunday, told NewsChannel 21 Tuesday.

The Bend resident often takes his boat fishing in East Lake, in the Newberry Caldera, but this year has been a little more challenging.

"It's the lowest I've ever seen this time of year, and I typically fish it all summer long," Krueger said.

Central Oregon's drought conditions mean the lake is even lower than it was in the fall.

Scott McBride, the monument manager with the Deschutes National Forest, said, "We place the docks as we do every spring and this is the first year the docks did not reach the water."

The East Lake Campground boat launch dock does not currently reach the water of the lake. That’s because sections of it have been combined with the next boat launch, the Hot Springs Ramp.

At the remaining launches, Cinder Hill south and north, the docks reached the lake, but may not for the entire summer.

"It's possible that sooner than typical, launches become less than ideal or completely not functional," McBride said.

Already, the conditions have caused problems for Krueger.

"Water came up inside of my -- I have a four wheel drive truck -- came up inside of the doors of the truck, because we had to get that deep, that far out to get the boat off,” Krueger said.

McBride added that the conditions make it even more important to “Know Before You Go,” so you can be prepared when you show up at the lakes.

The Deschutes National Forest also warns about low lake levels at Crescent and Odell lakes.

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



  1. This might be annoying for pleasure boaters and their boat dings, but I would focus more on the local life and death issue of wells running dry all over the area, not just the south county but the east side too- its not the best way to keep real estate prices high but it is good journalism

    1. I’d suggest that an article like this IS good journalism, in that it might get the attention of someone who is ignorant of what’s going on. And it appears that it caught your attention so it worked.

      1. Exactly, if the drought was a capitol building i would storm it so hard, hit it in the head with a fire extinguisher until i got what i wanted… which is more water not a new civil war, just to be clear!

          1. Trumpers attacked the capitol police and stormed the capitol and coo were assaulted and one died! Only a total scumbag would try to defend that! Why do you hate cops so much?

            1. Completely off topic- Try to find an opinion on this- or move on ! “Dry docks: Low C.O. lake water levels cause problems for boaters, Forest Service” Cmon Lerten- get control of this site or join the Dumpster and move on !

          2. Did you know the dirty dems are stealing water from all over the US and shipping it to Canada in the former oil pipelines using money they got from ransomware attacks? Yes Canada is stockpiling our water and using it for various purposes including: driving up the price of water in the US, watering marijuana crops, watering trees for increased maple syrup production, and creating a false climate crisis. Mark my words, Canada will soon launch a takeover of the US by stealing all of our water. It has already begun!
            They are also sending the stolen water to the Mexico border to keep the flow of migrants refreshed. And sending it to Hollywood to fill the swimming pools of pedophile celebrities.
            And if you made it this far into this comment, then you can see how easy it is to create conspiracy theories. Any mouth-breather with a keyboard can come up with crazy stuff and put it out in the interwebs and it is surprising how many people just believe crazy stuff. Reputable sources matter and there is such a thing as journalistic principles, which 99.9% of the garbage on the internet/social media does not adhere but is unfortunately where people get “news”.

      1. Yes thats the point, its not just affecting shallow south county wells or south county lakes, but all the reporting focuses on the south county for some reason?

    2. With your infinite knowledge and wisdom, you should I will suggest you start a competing journalistic venue of your own, and put KTVZ out of business, or are you just to lazy, and you just want to spend every waking moment of what ever life you have left, knocking them instead?

      1. No I love ktvznn21, thats why I’m so demanding of them, I am a strong no-nonsense parental figure that shows my love with strict discipline and punishment of failure- its how we were all raised, right?

  2. Interesting that he turns it into a fishing issue. These last few years I’ve been getting great mileage from my float and my kayak.

  3. I live in La Pine and people just don’t get it, I don’t know if they are oblivious or just plain ignorant, but folks down here are watering their lawns, my neighbor waters her lawn every day, even during the rain that we got down here yesterday. I guess they think that our current water crisis will not affect them.

  4. You think this is bad? just wait until August! hopefully all the south county wells don’t run dry or we will really have a problem! you can live without fishing!

  5. The Western US has been in a drought for 22 years, and it is getting worse each year. The annual temperatures keep rising too.

    It is almost as though there is some kind of reason behind all of this. Could it be God punishing US for abortions, Democrats trying to ban assault weapons and forcing our children to marry gays?

    Or is it possible that there is some kind of systemic, scientifically documented cause that is altering our climate?

    Since I am an idiot who posts comments on KTVZ’s site, I’m going with “Hillary’s emails”.

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