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Gov. Brown visits fire-hit Santiam Canyon towns, thanks first responders

Gov. Kate Brown visit Santiam CAnyon fire area
Gov. Kate Brown's office
Gov. Kate Brown talks with official in destroyed area of Santiam Canyon during visit Wednesdsay

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday visited the front lines of the Beachie Creek Fire, stopping in Lyons and Gates and expressing gratitude for the efforts by so many to battle the flames and protect lives.

The governor received a fire briefing from the Incident Management Green Team at the Beachie Creek Command Post, met with National Guard members at highway checkpoints, and visited the Team 13 Incident Command Post in Gates, which had burned down while crews worked to protect homes and evacuate Oregonians from harm’s way.

“In my meetings today at the Beachie Creek Fire, again and again I was awed by the brave, dedicated, and empathetic people who have been doing anything and everything it takes to help their fellow Oregonians,” Brown said. “Thank you.”

She was joined by Senate President Peter Courtney, Adjutant General Michael Stencel, Oregon Military Department Deputy Director Dave Stuckey, Oregon Department of Forestry Chief of Fire Protection Doug Grafe, State Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple, Oregon Office of Emergency Management Director Andrew Phelps, Incident Commander (Green Team) Les Hallman, Incident Commander (Northwest Incident Management Team 13) Brian Gales, and State Forester Peter Dougherty.

Photos and video from the Governor’s visit are available here.

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  1. Its that time again for……Ask an Idiot!
    What caused the massive wildfires in Australia? “Kate Brown”
    What caused record high temps in California ? “Kate Brown”
    What caused drought conditions on the west coast? “Kate Brown”
    What caused a record number of huricanes this year? “Kate Brown”
    How can we fix this? “Recall Kate Brown”
    Name a lying buffoon you admire who molests women: “Donnie!”

    1. So by your asinine statement if you own a house outside of town and it was surrounded by trees and brush you wouldn’t cut that back make a little fire line around your property you just let the old growth take over and if there’s a fire let ut burn right cuz there’s no need to manage your property and keep it fire safe

        1. Kate won’t work with Donnie- she’s the neighborhood hater- the Karen- who bad mouths everyone around at the expense of healthy living conditions… Kate’s the know-it-all that refused to cut her grass- pull her weeds- trim her trees… those caught fire off her unattended BBQ ashes that she put in a plastic bucket on the back porch- that went en-fuego overnight… and now she wants to scream at the neighbors as her house burns down !

          Good politicians work with both sides of the aisle- Kate Brown doesn’t ! Kate Brown is an example of how not to be effective in Government- her track record don’t lie !

      1. Hmmm… About two two weeks after moving into my home I was sent a letter by ODF outlining how to protect my home and property from wildfires. Since then, every year there are news articles outlining the same. I’d be interested in hearing from you as to specifically why you can’t create a defensible space around your home.

          1. According to ZNN21- for three months now- they were the “Summer Block Party” folks just out to have a good time !

            You mean they weren’t ? Like Duh !

              1. So on June 12th 2020- CNN didn’t run this story through the Z21 portal ?

                “Speaking to CNN host Chris Cuomo, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan compared the protests to a block party. “We’ve got four blocks in Seattle… that is more like a block party atmosphere.” She added, “We will make sure that we can restore this but we have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time.”

                Gee- I must have you all confused with some other CNN affiliate !

                1. Maybe so, but all such stories expire after a certain amount of time. I’m sure it was very early in the situation. Way too busy/behind to look up the timeline. But most folks know situations evolve. Some, the blamers, hold their earlier words against them. It’s like the lack of differentiation between the many much-despised “peaceful protesters” and the late-night rioters. Lumping all together is so much easier.

      1. Nope. Just like Portland where the only people getting tear gassed are the
        idiots that refuse to stop their absolutely worthless protesting, violence
        and arson… Of course there may have been a few innocent people that were
        in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they got some of the fallout from it…
        I have no doubt that Brown would have tossed a canister herself, if that’s what
        it took to make it to Gates so she could do her photo op. Some times it seems like
        she is creating issues just so she has a reason to have another photo op…

  2. I guess she couldn’t be bothered to visit the Holiday fire, McKenzie river area.
    It’s only 120 miles, and it’s not like it would take an entire day out of her nonproductive schedule because there are several places they could land the private jet she uses…

  3. Oregon’s government, starting with the Governor, is as good as anywhere and better than most. We should be proud of ourselves for voting for such good public servants. I’ve been all over the world, and Oregon is my fav place on Earth, love it here. Looking forward to some of the haters picking up and moving to Udaho.

    1. That makes sense you’ve been all over the world and you didn’t like it there so let’s come to Oregon and elect people to make it look like and work light the places that you didn’t like👏👍

      1. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime
        Mark Twain

    2. Anyone, I don’t care which side your on that say a Governor that lets citizens destroy public and personal property as well as throw projectile at police officers as has been going on in Oregon’s largest city for months does not belong in our state! You can’t possibly think that’s ok.

      1. I agree, and that does go for ALL political parties… Anyone that has so little respect for the cities and the people that live in them, has absolutely no business living here, and they certainly have no business being an elected official that is entrusted with making intelligent decisions that are in the best interest of the people…

        As far as people thinking it is ok, obviously the obedient and loyal leftist subjects of Browns do think that the rioting and destruction is ok, just like their leader.
        Otherwise they would be complaining and demanding that she actually do something
        and stop the ridiculousness, but they don’t…

    1. My criticism wasn’t because she visited the area. My criticism was because she should have already visited that area, and all of the other areas in the state where there has been large areas of devastation from the fires. That’s what a truly concerned Governor would have already done…
      My criticism was because it was a visit of convenience by only going to the area closest
      to her compound, and because like most things she does, it’s done purely for publicity
      and as an excuse for another photo op… This is nothing new though because she has done this since she first got into office.

        1. I’m definitely waiting to see what, if anything, she will be proposing
          to help all those folks out that lost their homes. It’s the first thing
          I look for when I look at the news in the morning…
          It will be interesting to see what happens because she made the statement
          a couple days ago that she was letting a couple different agencies come up
          with ideas.It sounds like she won’t have anything to do with the process.
          I don’t have any faith in her ability to make intelligent decisions to begin
          with, and things don’t always go well when we count on others to do our job,
          but hopefully the people will be taken care of in a timely manner…

  4. When is she going to leave her bunker in Salem and visit the business owners, police, and residents of downtown Portland?

    Which has been and remains a disaster zone that cried out for federal aid…aid she rejected time and time again.

    Imbecile Kate. Too little too late.

    1. She won’t because she doesn’t give a crap about those people, and she proves it daily
      by refusing to actually put an end to the destructive behavior in Portland so that the
      legal, law abiding citizens lives can return to normal, and they wouldn’t have to continue
      living in fear, and watching their businesses and home being destroyed for absolutely no reason…

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