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Scenic Saturday sunrise on the High Desert

Sunrise south of Madras Justin Dobkins
Justin Dobkins
A beautiful sunrise south of Madras, looking at Grizzly in the distance
Sunriver morning Jamie Cordell
Jamie Cordell
Placid water for a scenic Saturday sunrise in Sunriver.
Sunrise walk east of Madras Sandy Filbert
Sandy Filbert
Out for a sunrise walk east of Madras for a special Saturday sunrise.
CRR sunrise Ken and Cindy Albrandt
Ken and Cindy Albrandt
Colorful Saturday sunrise from Crooked River Ranch
La Pine State Park sunrise Bonny Bowens
Bonny Bowens
Sunrise glow at La Pine State Park on Saturday
NW Redmond sunrise Larry Cole
Larry Cole
Pretty sunrise from NW Redmond
Bedroom window sunrise Becky Lash
Becky Lash
A day is greeted by this pretty sunrise view out the bedroom window
Sunrise view from Pilot Butte Cheryl Loomis
Cheryl Loomis
A dazzling layer of sunrise colors seen from Bend's Pilot Butte
Sunrise Steve Grediagin
Colorful sunrise beckons eyes skyward
Crooked River sunrise Mark Griffith
Mark Griffith
Dramatic sunrise from the Crooked River on Saturday
La Pine sunrise Michele Kogler
Michele Kogler
A gorgeous La Pine sunrise
Sunrise south of Madras Justin Dobkins
Justin Dobkins
Sunrise out for coffee Robin Huntley
Robin Huntley
A stop for coffee brings a glorious sunrise into view
Sunrise with Buddy Tamra Byrd
Tamara Byrd
Sunrise Kris Mayfield
Kris Mayfield
A panoramic vista of sunrise color Saturday morning
Sunrise near Sunriver Kellie Corpus
Kellie Corpus
A blaze of sunrise color on Saturday near Sunriver

An especially scenic Saturday morning sunrise prompted many of you to share photos with us. Feel free to add yours from the share tab at KTVZ.COM! 

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